When You Realize That Something Has to Change and NOW


I sometimes think about what people think about when they see me wearing my baby girl and doing an Instagram story.

“Why is she back to work so soon?”

“Why is she working with her baby?”

“Why hasn’t she taken a longer maternity leave?”

I know it’s not my job to wonder what other people think, and that it’s a total waste of energy! I also know that the ways I think others are judging me, are really just the voices of my own self-judgements.

The self-judgment says, “Jillian, you should be farther ahead by now. You should be further along by now.” Can you relate?

Sometimes I forget just how far I HAVE come. Sometimes I forget what life was like five years ago when I wasn’t able to buy a washer/dryer and had to hand wash my son’s cloth diapers in the bathroom sink.


Before we had visitors to our home, we (my partner and I) would quickly wash the poopy diaper inserts by hand and then hang them to dry. I believe we had a grand total of three cloth diapers to start out, so no matter what, they had to be washed everyday, or we didn’t have any diapers for the next day.

My partner had just started a new job in NJ at a health food store at something like minimum wage. It was going to be temporary until he landed a higher paying blue collar industry kinda crane job — like the one he had in Louisiana before my pregnant self was like, ‘f this place I can’t do it!’

You know, some part of me doesn’t actually want to have to work at all. That part of me wants to be completely provided for, without having to lift a finger. I’m still trying to figure her out.

We soldiered through tough months, but we also got to work changing.

Changing our beliefs. Finding gratitude. Changing our thinking patterns. Opening our minds to new information and new ways of perceiving money (and life, really).

My income at the time? Was dependent on physical labor, and my body was tired from nursing a tiny human and being up all hours of the night.

I felt irresponsible. It hurt. All the times I would get to the grocery check out counter and ride the anxiety roller coaster, fearing that my card would be declined. Feeling the suspense as the little machine would roll the dice for me.

Approved, or declined.

What would we have to put back? The coconut oil?

Getting everything I needed wasn’t my reality. How could I possibly figure out how to get what I wanted? How could I possibly figure out how to live that free feeling life I saw in my mind, and that I saw others living?

Some women have to bring their babies to day care or to a baby sitter so they can go back to work. At that time in my life, with my first, I will own that I chose to scrape by so I could be home with my son.

It was a) be at home with him and scrape by, or b) find someone to ‘watch’ him aka raise him, while I worked.

I chose what I chose.

But I also promised myself that I would find a way. That I would create streams of income not dependent on my real-time efforts. That I would figure it out, and that I would take action every day, for as long as I needed to.

Life now? Eight weeks after my second daughter arrived here on planet earth? Five and a half years from the time I gave birth to my first?

I work from home — sometimes from the yard, or from the kitchen counter. I get to serve incredible women. I’ve built a business around my joy, love, and passion for writing.

I create money via products, programs, and services that excite me. I’ve made hundreds and thousands of dollars online (since the birth of my business — with a small readership/community), and I’m empowered when it comes to creating money with my soul nudges and ideas.

This time around, I was able to hire a postpartum doula to help me transition into life as a mother of two. I was able to REST so much more (I’m still kinda resting as I write this).

Is my life perfect? OMGOSH — no. I have plenty of challenges and lessons and areas in which I’m growing. I’m human. But I’m not sitting around waiting for a windfall anymore. I’m not wondering HOW to get there. I’m also not launching my products and services to crickets like I was in the beginning!

When I said, I would figure it out, I meant it. For me, figuring it out involved investing tens of thousands of dollars into mentorship and education — often when I didn’t actually have the money. But that’s a topic for another day…

The message here today isn’t about that, the message is that developing programs and products that you can sell, that aren’t dependent on your physical energy in real-time, can take you into a new dimension, and offer you a total paradigm shift.

This is what I want for every woman, in whatever way best serves her — that she can rest when she needs and wants to rest, that she can work (using her gifts) in ways that make sense for her as a partner, daughter, and mother.

That she can create, and live within, an environment that supports her cyclical nature.

Big Love,


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If you haven't been feeling on-point and on fire with your business and career growth and goals at this time, if you feel like you're slacking, or not making enough progress, if you feel like you've dropped the ball (or two), and it doesn't feel good, I'm writing you today to let you know that's all okay, and that it's safe to let yourself off the hook.

You're motivated and driven, I get it. You have a list of your top priorities and you want to feel on top of 'em. I know what it's like because I'm right there with you.

There are times in life when the relationships in your life need extra attention, where you need extra time to process and feel, where the 'work' is largely interpersonal, and it's important to recognize that, even in business and career, it ALL comes back to relationships.

All of it.

I know on some level you know this, but that maybe you just need a reminder. When you're preparing to die (if you have time to reflect) are you going to ask yourself "did I hit my business goals for 2019?" or are you going to ask, "did I love as much as I could? Did I express that Love to the people in my life? Did I transcend the karma I was given to transcend? Did I fulfill my soul contracts?"

Soul contracts.

That's what business and career growth always boil down to anyway, for everyone, whether they realize it or not. If you're here reading this with me, you get that this thing we're called to create is deeper than goals and metrics.

You get that you're contracted to prompt transformation in the lives of others. That there are certain people out there WAITING to be stopped and struck by what you have to say. That your words, experiences, lives, and the art you make of it all is meant to reach others, shift others, show others.

It's as if you shook hands on it before incarnating, you know?

"Hey, on July 17, 2019, I agree to write this blog post, and you agree to read it" and BOOM — I give, you receive, and we're both shifted from that place, from that work.

Contract fulfilled.

It's easy to forget that relationships are what it's all about when you're thinking about what you can do to up your Instagram Stories game, double your email subscribers, write that next salespage, promote that thing, and serve the people inside your offerings!

It's easy to forget that this is true. It's easy to forget in the midst of all your inspired ideas, I know. But today, I'm here to remind you, that tending your relationships is important business, it IS business, and nothing is separate.

If you're feeling behind, you're not.
If you're feeling like a slacker, you're not.
If you're wondering when you'll feel 'on-top' again, decide to feel on-top right now by shifting your perspective, and allowing 'the work' that you've been doing, to be enough.

There is a cosmic order of things, and it's safe to trust and relax into that order now.

Big Love,


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You may not know this about me (or maybe you do), but I’ve been writing books and pushing them to the back of the drawer (aka the book graveyard of my computer) for YEARS. 

It’s not the talent, skill, or devotion that I lack, it’s the accountability. 

Apparently, being accountable to myself is not worth as much as being accountable to YOU! I don't exactly know WHY this is, but it's proven itself true for me again and again. 

So, I decided to set up a fool-proof way for me to not only finish this current book project, but to publish it, for you first, and then for everyone else out there in the world I can get it to.

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What’s inside this book? 

Well, the working title is The Vital Mother, and so far there are insights and stories I wish I would have heard/read/known BEFORE a) getting married and b) becoming a mother 

I was truly delusional about:

+ what marriage actually was
+ what motherhood would be
+ what changes motherhood would make to my financial life

And these things affected, well, everything.

I want to help women thrive creatively, and financially, while being the women and mothers they want to be. That's the mission.

So, here’s how it works: 

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Big Love,



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