Hi Beautiful,

I'm Jillian.

I help Spirit-led entrepreneurs, and female leaders, just like you, magnetize meaningful money in their lives and businesses, so they can experience more freedom and fulfillment.

I do this by helping women harness the power of their sacred sexual energy, one of the most overlooked pieces of the manifestation process. 

. You have self-imposed limitations that you're here to transcend. As you peel back the layers, and step more fully into the Truth of who you are, you liberate not only yourself, but all those whose lives you touch.

I believe female leaders are weaving a new story with their work in the world. I believe the medicine you bring to planet at this time is your deepest fulfillment.

I can help you to embrace a path of deeper abundance + affluence by helping you tap into the divine intelligence of your body. I can help you to invite a higher quality of support into your life, by learning to Love yourself as your own best friend (and Lover).


In learning to access more of your feminine essence you will naturally begin to attract those exhilarating opportunities, bigger pay days, more fulfilling Soul-aligned work, and the natural unfolding of your highest good in this world.

Your true essence is one of incredible magnetism. That’s the mystery and power of woman. Do you want to attract your Soul-desires into manifestation? Do you want to live your wildest dreams? Do you want to make an impact with your Soul-work, while designing your most incredible life?

Can you let it be easy?

Can you accept support from all directions?

Can you open to your Highest Good, for the Highest Good of All?

Can you commit to yourSelf and your process before all else?

Can you believe in your Wholeness?

In 2010 I dove deeply into the study of massage, bodywork, yogic philosophy, and holistic healing. I found myself as a healer as I healed myself from ancestral wounds, unexpressed emotions, and religious dogma.

My massage + energy healing sessions were often referred to as an art form, and at the height of my in-person practice, I was booked 2-3 months in advance. I found a special love for working with women.

In 2012 I had my first initiation into the mysteries of the Womb through my studies with the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage. Not only was I purging my energy-body of old programs, but I was guided to lead my clients through their healing, too.

When my partner and I conceived our son, I lessened my healing work so I could rest and enjoy pregnancy. When my son was born, I lessened my 1:1 work even more, until I was lit up like a fire in the night to bring my work online where I could reach more women, and write my heart out.

Here I Am.

Photo by: In Her Image Photography

Photo by: In Her Image Photography

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More About Me:

I grew up in the country of North Jersey. I love the back roads and the change of seasons.

I was an English major in college and realized the romantics were right. I dropped out to become a massage therapist and through that work I've witnessed the healing power of letting go.

I stepped into the field of lightwork at a young age, and found tremendous fulfillment in serving others by channeling healing energy through my hands.

I’ve studied with thought-leaders in the fields of yoga, spirituality, women’s health, and holistic healing. The most valuable lessons I’ve learned are those day-today life experiences we all traverse.

I help women develop positive relationships to the divine-design of the female body. I’ve helped hundreds of women find the path back to themselves.

I talk to my ancestors. I believe there's a wisdom inherent in the natural world and it’s my divine responsibility to listen.

I want Soul-centered leaders to be wildly wealthy and deeply fulfilled.

I'm a writer. A mother. A chai lover. An INFP. I'm an avid reader. An artist. 

Photo by: In Her Image Photography

Photo by: In Her Image Photography

Professional Bio:

Jillian Anderson is a Writer, Healer, and Business Strategist who has studied + practiced Women’s Health, Spiritual Healing, Plant-Spirit Medicine, and Ancestral Healing extensively with leading experts. She's a certified Abdominal Massage Specialist (ATMAT), bodyworker (LMT) and energy-healer, with advanced training in mind-body medicine. 

In addition to her foundations in mind-body medicine, Jillian has studied the art of coaching, heart-based business principles, and has discovered the healing shifts required to create freedom + fulfillment in a Spirit-led business.

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