Hi, I'm Jillian.


I’m a writer, healer, and a transformational coach, who helps mothers rock their purpose work online, so they can be the mother they know they came to be, and heal the ancestral patterns of their lineage.

Being the mama you want to be requires that you are fulfilled creatively. It also requires that you have the support you need and want — support requires a smart relationship with money.

I am most known for my six-week group program, Permission to Prosper, where I help women transform their relationship with money, by accessing and harnessing the power of their sexual energy.

I have a background in bodywork + women’s reproductive wellness and I’ve proudly worked with over 250 clients across 53 countries to help them heal the patterns of their ancestry (and that’s not counting the thousands of clients I have worked on in-person).


I could write you pages about the karmic agreement that propelled me into my life’s work, but what’s most relevant is this: from a young age I knew exactly what I didn’t want to be as a woman, and I set forth on the path of UNBECOMING.

I dropped out of high school and started college early. I became an English major (writing is my favorite). I figured the romantics were right: emotion trumped reason for me, every time. I trusted my emotions and followed them into school for bodywork and massage, and began a deeply satisfying career helping others heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

My gifts expanded with each client I worked on and I started to specialize working primarily with women after training to become an Arvigo Practitioner of Maya Abdominal Massage. This work helped me heal an untold amount of trauma and ancestral pain, and it helped me shine that healing into other’s lives.

At the height of my career in bodywork and energy healing, I was booked 2-3 months in advance, and seeing 35-40 clients each week. I loved the work. But it wasn’t long before my right shoulder was screaming and I was totally burnt. In order to maintain the income I had grown into, I needed to do things differently — but I didn’t know how.

Flash forward to 2013, the year my first son was born in the blue bathtub of our lake house cabin. It was a planned unassisted home birth — one that was short, intense, and pleasurable. At 8:21 a.m. as my son was suddenly before me, I awoke to the reality that one day I’d be dead — we’d all be.

The birth/death portal moved me to start writing, and not long after my son’s arrival, I started the blog and began to express myself, my ideas, and my experiences on a global scale. It felt SO good each time a woman would email me to say, “I’m going through that, too. Thank you” and I kept on writing.


Suddenly doing work differently was no longer an option, it was a necessity. I had NO idea what it would be like to become a mother. I had no idea that every single cell of my body would revolt at the thought of going ‘back to work’.

I wanted to be with my son, and I wanted to guide his earliest and most impressionable years. It wasn’t worth it to me to go back to work, and as a family we made some drastic sacrifices to make that happen.

The day he was born was the day I was born. Since, I have transformed the way that I create, the way I work, and the way I earn.


If you’re going to be the best mama you can be, you need to dial three things in:

1. You must devote yourself to your creative desires despite your energy being limited (your creative fulfillment FILLS everyone else).

2. You must learn to do work + money differently, so you can be held by the support system you know you deserve. And the support system you deserve requires that you do money differently.

3. You must stay VITAL and connected to your JUICE (your sexual energy). Your juice connects you to the muse, and also keeps you magnetic to all the wonderful things you’re meant for.

I’m here to support you in becoming the woman and mother you know you’re capable of becoming.

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Big Love,


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Some of my accomplishments in creativity and business are:


+ Strategizing successful five-figure launches for my clients and my own business (to email lists with under 2,000 subscribers)

+ Consistently hitting publish (even when I’m afraid).

+ Writing a kick-ass book proposal that got the attention of my top agent within 48 hours of sending the query

+ Co-facilitating IGNITE the Retreat in Tulum, Mexico

+ Helping my dozens of 1:1 clients write sales copy, and promotional material, from their hearts to attract their soulmate clients and readers

+ Building an intimate and amazing team that supports me in my creativity and business growth

+ Connecting with people I admire and consistently re-discovering that we’re all just humans looking for Love,  Expression, and Fulfillment.


Beyond the metrics and the milestones...


The biggest blessing I have?

I get to spend more time with my son than the average working parent. I get to enjoy slow mornings with my people. I get to have mid-day, mid-week, picnics in the forest.

I can travel freely to beautiful places that inspire me. I get to spend my time writing and serving other women who want to create the same kind of fulfillment and freedom in their lives.

All the numbers can’t add up to the feeling of space that I have created in my chest, by addressing my own operating patterns around work, and money.

I have done (and am still doing) the work, so that I can live and serve better. The work that I have done, has allowed me to create an earning potential that feels unlimited, and a life that feels deeply aligned with my values.

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how to create money and meaningful opportunities through the science of your orgasmic nature:

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