Are you a soul-guided entrepreneur who Wants to Take YOUR Business to the Next-Level, SO YOU CAN finally enjoy the freedom and fulfillment you've been working so hard to create?


Are you ready for a big leap, some real-deal business strategy, and the sacred road map that's going to take you straight into the heart of your vision?

if you want a fully activated, and turned ON career and life, without the constant hustle and overwhelm, lean in...

You have a unique contribution to make to the collective — a contribution that only you can offer, and yet...

The business you started, to express your healing gifts in the world, doesn't feel like you thought it would. 

On your best days you believe this path is true for you, and on your worst, you wonder if you should pack it in and get a 'real' job. 

You're putting in the time, and effort, but coming up short with enrollments and sales, again and again. 

You wonder if there's something that other entrepreneurs are doing, that you don't know about, that's bringing them the results that you want.

Deep down, you know that your gifts, services, and skills are worth much more than you've been charging, but you're not sure how to position yourself properly to consistently attract new readers and enroll your Soulmate clients. 


the 1:1 Soul-guided 6 month Business Coaching package
to elevate your creative Work in the world


Make an additional 1k, 5k, 10k a month (or more) through work that excites you

Transcend Old Patterns in Relationship to Pleasure + Money

Powerfully Grow Your Readership + Refine Your Positioning in the Marketplace

Discover How to Balance the Masculine + Feminine Essences of Your Business so You Can Stop Burning Out and Start Experiencing more Ease + Financial Fulfillment

Learn Practical (Non-Sleezy) Sales and Copy writing Skills so You Can Consistently Attract and Enroll Your Soulmate Clients



Hi Beautiful,

I'm Jillian Anderson — 

a Transformational Coach and Business Strategist for female entrepreneurs, and it wasn't too long ago that I was scraping by on 2k a month, and scrounging for change to buy Kombucha, in my car, outside of the health food store.

I was walking my path, and was committed to a life of service through my gifts, but I couldn't figure out how to create the consistent income I desired.

I wanted what I saw so many others creating: that freedom-based lifestyle that allowed flexibility, massive creativity, and unlimited income, but... 

I was living behind my computer, trying every strategy under the sun to make it work, while secretly fearing I’d have to go back into the ‘real’ world and get a job again. 

In my fourth year of business online, I cracked the code, and stepped into an earning power I had only previously imagined. 

Successful group program launches and multiple five-figure months were something I toiled away at for years, until all the pieces came together. And now, I'd like to guide those pieces together for you — at an accelerated rate.

In looking back on those four years, I can see how powerful it would have been to invest in 1:1 support sooner. I could have saved myself A LOT of time, second guessing and self-doubt, and could have hit my income goals way faster.

Here's a limiting theme I see in my work with Soul-guided entrepreneurs:

When a woman avoids the power of systems, structures, discipline, and focused strategic planning, in her business, she is denying the masculine essence, the very energy that's here to support her to truly THRIVE.

Strategy. Profit Planning. Attuned to You Marketing. Automation. Launch Design. Copy-writing. Sales Skills. Content and Communication.

Your healing gifts and services are only ONE aspect of business. Without the right strategy and business  model, the results you want to see in your business will continue to feel unattainable and elusive.

When you don't properly employ systems and strategies, you...

+ over work for little return

+ struggle to manage the day-to-day reality of running your business

+ don't feel free and fulfilled, but overwhelmed and trapped in a box you created

+ energetically repel big leaps in your income 

+ lack the focus and direction you need to make it happen


In the 1:1 Soul-guided 6 month Business Coaching package to elevate your creative work in the world, we're going to work together to create lasting changes in your body, your mindset, and your energy around work + money.

We're also going to implement unique to you strategies, so you can create bigger results, with less effort.

Are You ready?


Here's What You Receive as we work together:

The 1:1 Soul-Guided 6 Month Business Coaching Package includes: 

+ 1 (75 minute) Deep Dive Goal Setting Session

+ 11 (75 minute) business coaching sessions (biweekly)

+ Voxer Support (10 minutes of voice messaging support in-between each session, for things that come up).

+ 1 (60 min) Completion + Celebration Call

+ A Divinely Designed Business Plan + Offering Value Ladder to match your money goals (and the action steps you need to powerfully implement).

+  Hands on feedback, support, and editing on your Sacred Sales Pages/Copy Writing.

+ One 1:1 Coaching Intensive Day in a Gorgeous Setting (details below).

 Amansala Eco Chic Resort, Tulum, Mexico

Amansala Eco Chic Resort, Tulum, Mexico

1:1 (in person) COACHING INTENSIVE DAY with jillian

It is such a joy to come together in person to celebrate our work together, and to powerfully strategize your next steps, your next offering, or your next launch, etc.

During our 1:1 coaching intensive, you will receive two hours of coaching + strategy in the morning, and two hours of coaching + strategy in the afternoon, before we enjoy spa services together.

Here is an Intensive Day sample schedule for a client who wanted to powerfully strategize her group program launch:

10:00 Meet + Check In 

10:15 - 12:00 Launch Vision + Strategy 

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch at one of on-site restaurants 

1:30 - 3:30 Launch Implementation 

4:00 - 5:00 Close the day at the spa with a 50-60 minute service of your choice.

I have 2 openings for 1:1 Coaching Intensives in Sedona in September of 2018, and two openings for 1:1 Coaching Intensives in Tulum, mexico, in early of February 2019. 

1:1 Coaching Intensives are included in the Soul Guided Business Coaching Package, or can be invested in, separately. Please email us directly at to inquire for more details. 

Note: If for some reason dates do not line up: 1:1 Coaching Intensive Days can be facilitated online. Also, accommodations and travel expenses are not included in the 1:1 Coaching Intensive, however, your lunch and spa services (including gratuity) are.

 Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ

Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ

additional Activating BONUSES that you receive: 

You'll also receive instant access to two signature group programs for at-home study:

+ Permission to Prosper, the Six Week Group Coaching Program Where Sacred Sexuality meets Money Magnetism ($497 value)

+ Increase Your Impact and Income Through the Power of Soulful Storytelling, with Anastasia Holland ($197 value)

+ A custom and intuitively designed welcome package including two business related books to assist your growth and expansion ($97 value)

+ additional access to other educational materials and resources related to sales and strategy


What Women Are Saying:



"Before working with Jillian, I knew I had a lot of money blocks and baggage but I had no idea how to start to do the work of dealing with this obstacle. I felt lost in a life that felt untapped; having so much potential and motivational energy but uncertainty in how to execute it. One of my biggest struggles was to learn how to truly sit back and graciously receive.

Now, I am capable of trusting myself to go into the "scary" places of my psyche; to have discussions that frighten me and to state my Truth. I realized that I don't need anyone to like me because I like myself! I have cleaned up and am taking responsibility for a lot of my part in the previously shame triggering money stories that I had. I manifested the funds to participate in a dream-come-true training to be a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. I'm also able to really be in my body, enjoy receiving pleasure and enjoy co-creating it with a partner."

— Emily Jameson |


"I feel more confident!"

"Before working with Jillian, I was having issues around self worth, which resulted in not being able to ask for a suitable price for my offers.

I had a breakthrough around the way my family acted with money. I realized that I had exactly the same patterns working in me. I sort of knew this already, but this time it became as clear as never before.

After working with Jillian, I feel more confident. I’m writing my newsletter in a different and more personal way. I’m sharing my fears and vulnerability.  And I got such lovely feedback from my clients — they can relate to me a lot more easily now.

The same applies to my yoga teaching style, I’m a lot more brave to talk about personal experiences. And I sent an offer out for a yogic spring cleanse for a price I feel happy with, but would have never dared to ask for before.

I have more yoga students in my regular classes, now. And I booked 12 participants for my yoga retreat in Portugal this autumn!"

— Barbara Dopfer |


"I Am worthy of my desires!"

"Before working with Jillian, I felt stuck in many aspects of life. I felt that I couldn't trust myself to make the important decisions. The decisions such as investing in myself, standing up for myself and cutting out what didn't serve me, and investing $$$ in myself! I felt lost in a life of working for others and HATING it. A life that felt untapped; having so much potential and motivational energy but uncertainty in how to execute it.

I felt unsure of myself and unworthy of my desires. It felt like a pipe-dream to run my own business. I knew I was good at what I do but I didn't feel ENOUGH to start. I wanted my business to birth so badly but at the very same time I felt that I couldn't do it with what I had. I felt that I had to attain more knowledge and experience to be worthy of my desires.

After working with Jillian, I feel I am worthy of my desires, as they are God's desires, interwoven with other pieces of the story. I am capable of beginning NOW even when I am feeling resistance. I am capable of trusting myself to go into the "scary" places of my psyche; to have discussions that frighten me and to state my Truth. 

I don't feel money is EVIL anymore. I see money as a Divine portal to birthing my God-given desires into the world. I see money in my hands as a source of GOOD. I have decreased the amount of anxiety surrounding money in my life and feel less paralyzed by numbers."

— Trish |


"The foundation of my money relationship is now solid!"

"Before working with Jillian, I didn’t even know that I had a relationship with money or know what I wanted it to look like.

So many shifts happened and a'ha moments! I now know that I have powerful sexual energy and I need not be ashamed of it. I can channel my sexual energy in healthy ways that make me feel deeply fulfilled.

After working with Jillian, money is flowing to me and I am now consciously welcoming money into my life! The foundation of my money relationship is now solid and from a place of love and confidence in myself."

— Kelly Cole |


"I have the skills + intuition to run my biz!"

"Before working with Jillian, I was doubting the way in which I ran my business.

After working with Jillian, I feel reassurance that I have the skills and intuition to run my biz in a way that's appropriate for me. 

My approach to my work has changed and while I have always loved my craft, I've come to respect and honor myself so much more.

I also became so much more open to receiving abundance and I became more aware of the countless ways it was appearing in my life!"

— Jess |


Are you ready?

This package is offered at limited availability by application only.

your investment in the 1:1 Soul-guided 6 month Business Coaching Package with jillian anderson

is just $10,997

or six easy payments of $1,897


First, I personally review your application to make sure we're a good fit. 

Second, if we're an empowering match, I send out a personal email with a link to book a free 30 minute alignment call. This is where we'll get clear on your biggest goals and desires, and also where I'll answer any Q's you might have about working together.



Q: What if I don't have a website or a business yet — is this for me?
A: Great Q! The Soul-guided business coaching package is designed for the entrepreneur who has started on her path (has a website and a message), but hasn't quite been able to 'arrive' in a feeling good place about what she's offering and what she's making.

Q: I feel this is perfect for me, but I'm afraid about the investment — How do I know this is the right thing for me?
A: It's important that you ask yourself two questions. 1. How much time, and money, am I losing by not investing in 1:1 business and coaching support? 2. What do I feel in my heart, and my body, about making this commitment and investment in myself?

Q: I want to invest in a 1:1 Coaching Intensive separately — how can I get more information and secure my spot?
A: Email us at and use the words 'Book Coaching Intensive' in the subject line, and we'll be with you as soon as possible. 

Q: What if I have multiple passion projects going and can't decide which one to focus on?
A: Great Q! This is something that we can work with. It's really important to me, that the strategies we use to grow your impact and income, feel good and true to you. 

Q: What kind of coach are you? Will you hold me accountable?
A: I'm committed to pointing out what I see, so you can improve and up-level your business in an accelerated way. That said, all of my suggestions and feedback does come from Love and service. We can discover if we're a great fit by hopping on an alignment call. The first step, before that call is to apply below. 

In Excitement to Serve You,


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