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Episode 006 of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast: Yoni Egg Medicine + Healing Ancestral Karma 

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In this episode of Sovereign Goddess, Sabrina Riccio catches up with Sacred Sexuality Priestess Jillian Anderson. The Tao Jade Egg Practice allows us to tap into our sexual energy so that we can move our Kundalini energy up the spine. As we strengthen our pelvic floor, we are able to use our sexual energy as creative energy. Building this relationship with our bodies allows us to feel and bring love to the parts of us that need it most. Listen as they share their journey of radical forgiveness to help them heal their gallbladder.


Episode 024 of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast with Meredith Rom: Next-Level Purpose, Pleasure, + Prosperity with Jillian Anderson

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Jillian Anderson inspires us to heal our root and sacral chakras, step into a life that is truly next-level and remember that yes, maybe we can have it all. It just starts by remembering our true feminine power inside...

"The most important thing anyone can do to attract more abundance into their life, is spend more time doing what they love. So identifying what turns you on, what excites you, what you're naturally good at, what's really fulfilling, like that deep deep fulfillment. Whatever that is, go into that. I promise opportunities to make money will come from moving deeper into that." —Jillian

The Sensually Embodied Woman Podcast with Amber Leitz: Jillian Anderson on the Power of the Jade Egg Practice

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Here’s what Jillian and I dish on: The importance of getting to know your body, pleasure, sexual energy, and menstrual cycle. The magic of having a jade egg practice and how to experience deep transformation from it. How to navigate postpartum as a new mother. Learn to embody your pleasure and awaken your womb and Yoni to call in abundance + more!

Passive prosperity with Korynn elliott + jillian anderson


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