A No Bullshit Kindle Review from a Loyal Paperback Lover


I did a thing I said I'd never do.

But first, I can remember summers down in Cape May, NJ where I'd wander off the beach, across the hot pavement, and into the book store.

I'd buy a book or three, and happily devour them, before I'd head back into the store for more.

Books. I was the kid who loved reading and writing assignments. The kid who read Andromeda Strain in one sitting and proceeded to gleefully write an A+ paper on it.

I was the kid who would commandeer the biggest pillow in the house, place it in her closet, and curl up with a 400 pager until I was content.

My pure love for the written word has always been.

When I was 17 I worked in a book store for a guy who was both passionate about literature and kinda old-school. He liked to blast that song by Cake throughout the store, even though it offended some of the older customers as they tried to shop for their next romance novel.

I can still remember a woman's face as the word Fuck bounced off the books and around the shelves. It was a tough business to keep afloat, even then. The enemy, Dave exclaimed often, was Barnes & Noble and Borders.

From that gig on, I always felt like a traitor when I'd stop in a big chain book store. I did it anyway. I did it for the graphics in the art section. Dave's voice would echo through my mind. "Fuck 'em, they make it hard for us little guys."

A decade and some years later, and I'm now the happy owner of a Kindle. I just bought it a week or so ago. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. Despite the cons, it may be the best purchase I've made in years.

I decided to write this post for you to give you my no-bullshit review of the Kindle, and to give you my list of pros and cons, in case you're as much a loyal paperback book lover as me, who has been conflicted.

Here are my PROS and CONS about buying yourself a Kindle (in no particular order):

3 x 367-20.png

PRO: travel-friendly. My family and I are headed to Central America indefinitely and I know I'm not going to have access to the books I want, when I want. Having the Kindle on hand means I don't need to worry about 'running out' of reading material.

CON: market control. If you're skeptical AF about new technology like I am, you will understand that Amazon is a limited marketplace. This mega corp is well, a mega corp, and that means what you readily see on Kindle is not ALL that's available. Keeping my mind free is at the top of my list, so I entered this purchase knowing that the world of Amazon is well, always changing.

PRO: The Kindle is a minimalist's BFF. I moved about 8 months ago, and right now I am moving again. I don't want to lug paper books from one place to the next anymore! It's exhausting! I mean, oviously you can pay people to move your books, but... is that what I want to do? Not really, no.

CON: you don't get to write all over the pages and highlight and earmark and all that stuff. I mean, Kindle does have a highlight function and that's cool, but it's not the same and you know it.

PRO: The Kindle doesn't get moldy. Okay, this one might seem left-field but I'm a person who has been exposed to toxic mold. If you're educated on the matter, you'll know that mold spores LOVE paper. For months after we left the cabin (where we had the mold problem) I'd crack open an old book only to suffer from a severe bronchial reaction. Yikes! After staying in denial about the negative affect some of my books were having on me, I decide to let go of 98% of ‘em, even the ones we treated with ozone. I even let go of many of my books that were unaffected in the name of letting go.

PRO: Investing in the Kindle has cut my Social Media scroll time down by 85%. No joke! I have not mindlessly scrolled Instagram since it came in the mail. Instead, I have read 7 new books and counting.

CON: Obviously EMFS. The Kindle downloads the titles you want by connecting to wifi. I will say that I'm on my phone less, so this one is just a trade-off for me, rather than an actual con.

PRO: Instant access to new titles. I freakin' Love the instant access. A friend recommends a book and BOOM there I am reading a sample. It's so FUN and easy.

Alriiiiight. Do you have a Kindle? Do you want a Kindle? Are you struggling with deciding? I hope this has helped. Let me know in the comments if you believe this to be a) treachery b) progression or c) whatever else you think.

And, yes, the link to the Kindle in this post is an affiliate link and I do make a small commission when you purchase yours through my link. Yay money!

Big Love,



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