How to Prepare Financially and Energetically for the BEST Postpartum Experience Possible

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The first time I was pregnant (in 2013) I could not see beyond birth. Everything was about birth. There was nothing else. I just couldn’t imagine life beyond it.  

Now that I am pregnant with number two (we’re due in May), I’m not as focused on birth. Birth is going to happen, and of course I want to optimize our experience, but it’s the fourth trimester I’m really planning for.

During the vital months after my first was born, I had no help outside of my partner, Aaron, who had to go right back to work because we needed his income (and then some).

I didn’t have community.

No meal train.

No frozen bone broth or soup stock.

No help with the laundry and house.

Actually, I didn’t even have a washer or a dryer yet.

A thousand people gave us onsies, and we didn’t need them. We did need more cloth diapers. But this blog post isn’t about that.

This blog post is me taking you by the shoulders, looking you square in the eye, and telling you to prepare. A supportive postpartum requires resources. It requires you shift patterns, expectations, and basically, your entire standard of living.

You deserve that support.

You deserve the resources you need, to hire that support.

Most of us don’t live with our extended family, in community. While your mother, aunt, or sister may be nearby to help out, there’s no shame in doing what you can NOW to set yourself up for the experience you most want, and there are still energetic shifts you need to make. And, just because there are people around you to help, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically know your needs and wants.

When it comes to preparing financially, you have three options:

1. Save steadily and consistently for a duration of time until you hit your goals. You may have a goal to hire a postpartum doula, or a house cleaner, or both. You may also have a goal to make X amount per month during your maternity leave, without working. Wouldn’t it be great if young women (who want to be mothers) were encouraged to save for this long before conception, as much as they’re encouraged to marry?

2. Separate money from time, so you can create sources of income that recur without you doing work in-the-moment. This is what I call a new paradigm of money — one where you receive money for value provided, and not necessarily for time (think: create something once and sell it repeatedly). If you’re entrepreneurial you know what I’m talkin’ about here.

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3. Rely on someone else. Some women have partners who have resources that can temporarily cover everything. Other expecting women contribute significantly to the household earnings. If that’s you, it’s smart to prepare as best you can by choosing either (or both) of the options above.

When it comes to preparing energetically, focus on the following:

1. Know your desires, and own them. There is no point in attempting to ‘find your voice’ or ‘use your voice’ if you aren’t clear about exactly what you want help with. You need to get clear on your primary role and be ready to pass the rest off to your support team. Getting clear on what you do, and don’t want, will require you speak with women who’ve gone through this transition already.

2. Use your voice. Now that you know what you want and what you don’t want, it’s time to practice ASKING for help clearly, and directly. You also want to practice asking for help without guilt. Remember, you deserve this. Growing and birthing a human is epic. It may feel uncomfortable at first to raise your hand and say, “I need ____, and I don’t want ____.” but your emotional, psychological, and physical health depend on it.

3. Get used to doing less, and receiving more. This will challenge your current patterns. It challenged me tremendously (hello, type-a!). If you’re hard-wired to produce results and your self-worth is attached to those results, you’re in for it. You’ll want to practice increasing your capacity to receive support from others with grace. There are strategies, mindset shifts, and embodiment practices I can teach you, that help with this.

This kind of preparation?

There’s emotional healing involved. Self-worth work. There are mindset shifts involved. There are risks that need to be taken, and fears that need to be overcome. Becoming a mother, or becoming a mother again, changes you into a new woman.

One of my favorite experiences with birth is that it connects you even more deeply with your purpose-work. This is because birth connects you to life, AND death, simultaneously. And when you come face to face with death, you start living with less fear, and more intention. You start to claim what you want more readily, because you realize that you won’t be here forever.

Are you excited about gaining clarity and confidence around what you want your postpartum experience to look and feel like? Are you afraid of losing your creative juice and business momentum after the baby comes? Are you feeling unsure and uncertain about how to prepare for your future, energetically and financially?

Do you want to do some deep Soul journaling with me, that’ll reveal to you what patterns and beliefs you need to shift, to make your transition into a well healed, wonderfully supported, and deeply fulfilled mother?  

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial woman who is:

  • Trying to conceive

  • Already pregnant and planning for postpartum

  • Already in your postpartum

  • A new mother

I’ve got a very special PDF guide that I’m creating for you. It’s designed to help you to get clear about the kind of support you want, and help you set up a solid plan for attracting and receiving that support. Think: planning + strategy meets energy-work. Think: your vision all mapped out in one beautiful place.

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Big Love,


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5 Preparations for a Better Postpartum

During my first pregnancy, I read every birth story I could get my hands on. I sought the counsel of doulas, midwives, and wise women. I read articles, watched births, and combed my mind for limiting beliefs and fear-based patterns so that I could have an empowered birth experience. I had an empowered birth and then I had a serious postpartum reality check. Here are five ways to make your transition into motherhood easier.

1. Read up on breastfeeding. I wish I had known what a ‘good latch’ was. I wish I had a wise woman to kindly show me how it’s done. I thought it would come naturally and easily. Thank God for the woman on youtube that saved my life. I suffered two purple, cracked, and bleeding nipples for many days before my son and I figured out the art of breastfeeding. I thought if I could birth a child that I could do anything. It hurt so much I could not bear to try one more time. My partner suggested the topical use of colloidal silver. I used it, diluted, directly on my nipples and they returned to a healthy normal state in less than 48 hours.

If you birth in a hospital you will likely have a lactation consultant to help you out. If you birth with a midwife you’ll also have wisdom and support. It doesn’t hurt to start reading about breastfeeding now. Read up on the benefits, the potential challenges, and the experiences of other women.

2. Prepare yourself for the hormonal roller coaster. Keep eating those raw whole food supplements (or better yet those real whole foods) and check into the benefits of placenta medicine. I will encapsulate my placenta next time around. I did eat some of my placenta raw, covered in honey, for the first three days after childbirth. I saved the rest in the freezer for a fruit tree planting ceremony. Consuming the placenta helped me heal tremendously but next time around I will encapsulate so I can take the 'happy pills' until I feel balanced. I cried a lot postpartum. I cried because my partner went back to work. I cried because my son wasn’t in my belly anymore. I cried because I was happy. I cried because I was sad. Many women report experiencing the ‘baby blues’. If you are interested in placenta medicine check out this post to discover some of the incredible benefits of incorporating your placenta into your postpartum experience.

5 preparations for a better postpartum

3. Request help with the day-to-day tasks and housework. Don’t be afraid to ask! You are healing and bonding and that’s so important. I wish I had hired my sister to do our laundry and clean our house once a week for the first six weeks postpartum. Our house was a disaster and I had to learn how to surrender to our circumstances and just let it all go. It was more important for me to rest and bond with my new baby than to worry about the daily needs a home and family requires. Knowing what I know now, I would hire someone to clean/help us. If hiring someone is not in your budget reach out to a sister or a close friend for some postpartum lovin’.

4. Prepare food before your babe comes Earthside! I really wish I had stocked up on my favorites. I wanted to make myself forty raw superpower hemp blondies and freeze them. I wanted one a day for the first forty days of my babes’ life. While pregnant, I read a fantastic article about a woman and her beautiful postpartum experience. She inspired me to really make the 4th trimester into a sacred experience of rest, assimilation, and exploration. Next time around you can bet I’m going to be stocked up on quick, easy, and deeply nourishing meals. Taking the time out of your last few weeks of pregnancy to make yourself some yummy treats is a really fun way to take care of yourself in advance!

5. Declare healthy boundaries with your loves ones. Some women want everyone in on the celebration and some women are overwhelmed by a lot of external stimulation. I am an introvert. I wanted to be a hermit with my new child. I did not want many visits because I wanted to focus my energy internally on my own healing. I wanted to rest and bond, undisturbed. I wanted to establish a breastfeeding rhythm and new balance. I did not let my family know my desires until after my son arrived and many of them were confused. Don’t be afraid to let your family and friends know what to expect. This is your 4th trimester, and your newborn child. You get to decide what is best for your sacred postpartum and your journey into Motherhood.

Big Love,

Jillian Xx

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If you want to:

+ Help your clients get better results

+ Free up time + energy to strategically create a group program

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