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omg! I should be selling this for like $297 (even though it’s worth so much more) — no joke.


In Jillian’s Winning Book Proposal Walkthrough We’ll Cover:

  • the #1 thing you MUST DO, and have NAILED DOWN, to write a winning book proposal that stands out to your top agent(s)

  • If you don’t want to go for a traditional deal, and want to go the self-publishing route, you STILL need the #1 thing NAILED DOWN so we’ll cover that too

  • Tips and insight on dialing your knowledge, wisdom, and know-how into a clear message (and why that often takes a LEAP of faith + how to then take that leap)

  • A screenshot of my EXACT query letter (the query letter I sent to my top agent via email)! This is what I said to ‘pitch’ myself and my idea and it’s invaluable.

  • The TOP WAYS to ensure your book idea is attractive to agents/publishers, and/or your readers!

  • and so much more (including me rambling on about all the writing tips that only a writing nerd would actually care to cover).

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I’m a writer and transformational coach, who helps ambitious women and mothers feel on point with their purpose work, so they can be the women they know they came to be.

Being the woman you want to be requires that you are fulfilled creatively. It also requires that you have the support you need and want — support requires you unlearn old patterns, and step into the energy of a totally new person — a new version of you.

I’ve proudly worked with over 250 clients across 53 countries to help them heal in various ways, and I’m so excited to bring this free goodness to You!

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