Updated Voxer Guidelines

Hi Beautiful, 

I've gone ahead and updated the Voxer support guidelines so that they feel more aligned, and I can serve you to the best of my ability. Please read thoroughly:

Once a month you can make one 'reach out' via Voxer. My recommendation is to save this reach out for very specific questions, or areas that you're stuck. A reach out is defined as an audio message you send directly to me personally, using the Voxer app. 

Voxer Do's + Voxer Don'ts:

+ Don't celebrate your wins with me via voxer. While I'm so stoked for you, I'd like you utilize the FB group for celebrating so we can all celebrate you together, woo! 

+ Do ask very specific questions to which I can provide concrete recommendations or answers for you, that'll help you move forward. 

+ Don't email me a question, and then Vox me the same question. If you vox me a Q, I will vox you back with a response. If you email me a Q, we will email you back with a response. 

+ Don't Vox a Q about meeting times / logistical Q's / tech Q's / rescheduling your sessions etc. Be sure to send those kind of Q's to us via email, because that's where I have support in answering your Q's as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Here are a few examples of a Voxer reach out: 

"Hi Jillian, I am so stuck with my sales page and I don't know whether or not I should have more than one button, and where I should place them. Here is a photo. What do you think?" 

"Hi Jillian, I'm coming up against X Y and Z as I launch this new offering into the world. What are some ways in which I can get into a better energetic alignment with receiving the results we've mapped out?" 

Thank you so much for reading + understanding the guidelines,

In Service,