Want to activate your womb, amplify your creative energy, and BREAK-the-f-through, with me, 1:1, in Tulum?

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through an intuitive combination of bodywork and coaching, DURING A DAY THAT’S 100% DEvoted TO YOU, we will move the energy that’s standing between you and the turned on life and business really you want.

Because you’re OVER IT (it being the way you’re holding yourself back day in and day out).

Because you’re TIRED of your own excuses (the excuses you seem to always lean into when new and exciting opportunities show up).

Because you’re DONE playing small and moving toward your vision with these teeny little strategic steps that aren’t actually CHANGING anything for you.


ARE YOU READY to feel like the empress of your life?


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I’m Jillian Anderson, a Healer and Transformational Coach who has worked with over 250 clients across 53 countries, and I help women increase their sense of self-worth and go fiercely for their creative goals.

I’m most known for my signature group program Permission to Prosper, where I help women unleash their earning power by working directly with their sexual energy.

That’s what the Empress Intensive is about, too. Your vitality. Your juice. Your creative power. Your invitation to move through life while feeling ACTIVATED, ALIVE, AND ALIGNED is what creates FOR YOU. This energy unleashes what no one else could ever create for you.

this day is going to elevate you.

are you ready to get out of your own way?

are you ready to unleash your new normal?

So, What’s The empress intensive Experience Like?


Picture this:

You wake up in Tulum, have a gorgeous breakfast, and plan to meet me at the Resort for your Abdominal-Pelvic Bodywork session. This healing session will inform our day together. During this session I will work to open blocked or stagnant energy channels of your body, to prompt healing and insight. I will work specifically on your uterus or womb, to increase blood flow and bring oxygen and vitality to this important energy center.

After the session, I’ll take you out into Tulum for an inspiring lunch, where we’ll talk more about the session, what you experienced, and your creative goals.

After lunch, we’ll take a 90 minute break for a nap and self-care (whether it’s laying in the sun, going for a swim, or resting in your room — you decide). Then, when it’s time, we’ll meet in a beautiful place for your 1:1 coaching and strategy session.

During this session we will utilize the information and insights of the morning, to begin to map out a strategic plan for the next 3-6 months of your business. We’ll also dive deep into your self-sabotaging behavior, and facilitate exercises to help you see yourself and your challenges differently. You will gain perspective and shifts that will continue to benefit you far into 2019 and beyond.

After this session, I will give you reflection work to fill out on your own to integrate the insights and breakthroughs of the day. Before we part ways we’ll find a cup of tea, or a snack, or a gorgeous spot on the beach to relax together, where you can ask me any Q’s you may have about moving forward.

This day is all about You. Your vision. Your desires. And, it’s about clearing away the self-sabotaging behavior and patterns that are standing between you and what you want.

Together, we’ll work to create the space in your body, mind, and life, for what you’re ready to have more of.

because if i know one thing it’s this:

moving the energy in your body and mind is a precursor to expecting and experiencing different results in your life and business.

But wait, there’s more!

On the Friday after your 1:1 day with me, I am hosting a Creative Mastermind Lunch at one of my favorite spots in Tulum. Together, during this lunch, you, me, and a small number of other creative and entrepreneurial women will gather to integrate and strategize our visions together.

We’ll talk, we’ll eat, we’ll journal, and we’ll soak in the energy of each other and Tulum. The Creative Mastermind Lunch is a $497 ticket price, but when you book the 1:1 Empress Intensive, it’s included for You.

Are you ready?

When you join me for the empress Intensive in Tulum, you receive:

  • 1 (45 min) intention setting call (2-3 weeks before our date together) 

  • 1 (120 min) abdominal-pelvic bodywork session on your 1:1 day (otherwise known as maya abdominal massage)

  • a healthy + inspiring lunch, and any snacks or teas we enjoy throughout the day

  • 1 (120 min) coaching + creative strategy session on your 1:1 day

  • 1 (45 min) follow-up coaching call for integration (2-3 weeks after our date together)

  • The Creative Mastermind Lunch ($497 value) with myself and a small number of my clients in Tulum (this will be hosted within 3 days of your 1:1 day so you can plan your travel accordingly).

So, how do you and I know if you’re the perfect fit for this?

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To qualify, you must be:

  • an entrepreneur on A MISSION to utilize her gifts fully, who struggles with consistent self-sabotaging behavior

  • ready to bring some serious magic, enchantment, and inspiration into your life

  • aware that your physical body is an incredible access point for healing breakthroughs and transformation

  • open to having your womb and belly thoroughly massaged to move old stagnant energy and to gain a sense of patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • 150% over playing small and hiding out, while secretly judging or envying the people who have what you want

  • want an integrative approach to overcoming your biggest challenges in business, creativity, and life

  • are 150% committed to acting upon the intuitions, insights, downloads and breakthroughs that you receive in Tulum

Kate testimonial photo

“I changed everything.”

“After Tulum, I was amped. I changed everything, the way I charge fees, my onboarding process, I starting making a product that I had been wanting to make, I raised my prices. I also started sharing more of myself with friends, trying to be more honest to who I am.”

— Kate George | www.kategeorgepnw.com


“I've given my first two public talks/workshops since arriving home a little over a month ago!”

“I have more confidence that I can create my dream life. I don't need to wait for it either, I can start living it NOW. I really just have belief in myself and try to listen to the doubts and the fears when they come but I don't let them control me anymore. I've given my first two public talks/workshops since arriving home a little over a month ago! I finally feel ready to be the coach and healer, I don't need another degree or more experience, I just need to start teaching and I understand that now.”

— Alexa Jesse | www.alexajesse.com


“I'm taking action and responsibility regarding my own happiness.”

“Before Tulum I felt stuck and admittedly victimized by my own unhappiness. I don't think it was apparent, I think it was something I hid very well. I even hid it from myself somehow. Now, after Tulum, I'm taking action and responsibility regarding my own happiness. I’m choosing to live differently and take better care of myself. Had I not taken the chance on Tulum I would not have taken the chance on myself. I have come so far in terms of self awareness in such a short amount of time.”

— Michelle Imparato


The empress intensive Dates that are available:

  • January 28th 2020

  • January 29th 2020

  • January 30th 2020

Your Investment:

To reserve your Empress Intensive with Jillian you can make either three monthly payments of $1,287 OR one in full payment of $3,500 (save $350 when you pay in full).

We’ll send you invoice links after we receive your application and approve your spot.

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How this works:

I only have space for 3 Intensives at this time.

If you’re a full body YES, please apply today. I will be reading your application attentively to make sure you’re a great fit for this offering. I am only taking the perfect fit women for this offering.

Once I receive and review your application, you will hear from me within 24 hours.

If you’d prefer to pay in full and save, we’ll send over the pay in full invoice.




Q: Where will the Intensive be hosted?

A: The intensive will be hosted at Amansala Eco Chic Resort. Your abdominal-pelvic bodywork session will be hosted there and then we’ll adventure out into Tulum to an inspiring place to eat lunch. We’ll determine a great location for your coaching + creative strategy session, later in the day, and will move through the day intuitively.

Q: Where should I fly into? 

A: Fly into Cancun, Mexico. When you get to the airport there are a few very easy and dependable shuttle or taxi services you can take straight to Tulum. I recommend booking your own taxi to make the drive short and easy. The shuttles stop at multiple locations to drop people off in other destinations (so they take longer) whereas the taxi will take you straight to Tulum.

Q: Do you have a payment plan option for this?

A: Totally! You can pay in full at $3,500 or you can sign up for the three monthly payments of $1,287.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: There is a non-refundable payment of $1,287 to hold your space, followed by 2 payments of $1,287. If for some reason, something happens that prevents you from being able to attend your Intensive, and you’re able to communicate this to me no later than 45 days before our scheduled date, you are eligible for a partial refund. If you cancel with less than 45 days until your Intensive, you are ineligible for a refund, and will be responsible for the full amount, unless someone from the waiting list is able to fill your spot at short notice.

Q: What is an abdominal-pelvic massage and bodywork session?

A: My abdominal-pelvic bodywork sessions are full body massage sessions that incorporate a gentle, non-invasive uterine and abdominal massage technique to increase the flow of vital life force energy (or chi) throughout the body. This work is also known as the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Massage, and is taught by the Arvigo Institute. I have obtained professional level training with the institute as well as advanced training in numerous bodywork modalities. I love this work and am so excited to serve you with it!

Q: Are my accommodations included in the Empress Intensive Investment?

A: Travel and accommodations are not included in the Empress Intensive Investment. What’s included is everything listed above under the section ‘What You Receive’.

Q: Are breakfast, lunch, and dinner included on my 1:1 Day?

A: On our 1:1 day, we’ll be eating breakfast separately (I’m not fully ready to serve anyone before breakfast, ha!) but I will be taking care of your lunch, snacks, teas, smoothies, and water throughout the day. I’ll also cover the cost of any transportation we need. We will be parting ways before dinner, so dinner is not included in your Empress Intensive.

Q: Where should I stay in Tulum?

A: You can stay at Amansala Eco Chic Resort, or any other beach front resort you’d like. I want you to be able to choose intuitively where you’d like to stay! There are so many gorgeous spots and Tulum is so fun to explore. We can email back and forth about the places you like, and I can provide any info I have about those places. There are also a number of air bnb’s in the area, some of which are super gorgeous, however, most are not located on the water. I’d be happy to share a list of my recommendations for You.

Q: If I sign on to work with you privately through the Mastermind or one of your 1:1 coaching packages, do I receive a special price on the Empress Intensive?

A: YES. You do. My 1:1 clients get access to the Empress Intensive for just $1,750. Payment arrangements can be discussed on our alignment call.

Have a Q that wasn’t answered? Send us a quick email at hello@jillian-anderson.com and we’ll be right with you!


I know what it’s like to self-sabotage the magic and success you’ve worked to create in your life.

I know what it’s like to consistently get in your own way, AND I know what it’s like to move BEYOND your patterns and RISE into experiences in your life that are totally NEW.

You can walk undaunted, into your next chapter.


Have any questions for us that haven’t been answered here? Send ‘em over to hello@jillian-anderson.com and we’ll be right with You.


A super special thanks to the ladies from Ignite the Retreat in January, 2018 for supplying me with some of these photos. An extra special thank you to Katie Stoeckeler of Something Katie Jewelry for bringing her gorgeous camera out and taking many of these shots.