Do you have books burning inside of you?

Do you day dream about expressing your highest creative potential in the world, living your dream writing life, and making a bigger impact (and income) in the process?

Photo Credit: In Her Image Photo

Photo Credit: In Her Image Photo

How long are you going to put your dream writing life on the back burner, because it all feels too big, and too hard, and too far away? 

How long are you going to avoid committing to YOUR art, your perspective, and sharing your messages with the world, because you don’t feel ready or qualified yet?
How long are you going to watch other people get KNOWN, get PUBLISHED, get PAID, and get their words and work to new people, while you sit on the sidelines and wonder what you’re NOT doing right? 

How long are you going to rinse and repeat the thought:

“she’s doing it, and she’s doing and, and I’m just as talented / skilled / knowledgeable, if not MORE and why am I not there yet?!

I know you have big work to do.

I know you can’t stand to not be on track with this big work.

It drives you mad that years have slipped by and that you still… aren’t living the vision.You have lives to impact, stories to tell, and a whole lot of art to bring forth.


Here's the thing:

If you want your dream writing life and you want to Write Your Books, You need to build an audience and community that's hungry for what you have to say. 

In today's world, it's not enough to just write your books. #truth

You need a strategy. You need an online presence. You need influence. 

A publisher wants to see that you have the power to get your message into the hands of those who need it. 

And if you decide to self publish, you still need a collection of aligned souls ready to buy your book. And they need to be EXTREMELY EXCTED about it.

Otherwise, you'll have a book, and no one to buy it.

You need to magnetize your readers!


If you want to:

+ grow your online presence at full power and full speed (no more inconsistent goofing around like this is some hobby thing of yours — ‘cause we both know IT’S NOT).

+ make money while establishing yourself as a leader in your field (no more delaying monetization until the day you are said author and leader — that sh*t stops right here).

+ become an internationally recognized writer / thought-leader / author (I KNOW you’re not maximizing the tools available to you).

+ powerfully strategize your business growth (and future book launch). 

+ set up the creative container and discipline you need to BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE. FINALLY. Because waiting is a choice you’ve been making!

... then you're in the right place and you’re about to learn about the most powerful and high-level way to work with me.

Introducing the author circle:

9 Months of high-level group Coaching for women who want the writing life of their dreams

Hey Beautiful,

If you do know me, you know the story.

You know that when my first son was born over five years ago now, that his arrival catalyzed the birth of my blog.

I needed to write. To express myself. To find a way to get what was inside of me, out onto the page and into the world. The blog was the beginning. That was 2014.

Later on, the blog turned into a full blown business because like most of us who want to create life on their own terms, I knew in my bones I could make money from this thing I had created.

It wasn’t an overnight success and I still remember my very first product launch (for a $9 digital download) where I showed up to share about it… once. One time.

I had no idea how to launch anything. I had no idea how to sell a product, or service. I was afraid to make money online, because I was afraid I would be found out for ‘making it up’ — and yet, making it up (and making the rules) was precisely the life I was after.

Back to the dream writing life: for a while there, in the pursuit of ‘success’ I created programs, products, and experiences of all sorts, while avoiding the real deep desire, of putting my writing at the center.

Eventually, I got really clear and focused on the writing and my desire for a book deal. I thoughtfully pieced together a book proposal for one of my ideas, and started querying agents. THE FIRST AGENT I QUERIED (my top agent), emailed me back within 24-48 hours of emailing her, and she wanted to talk on the phone.

She said my proposal was better than most she had seen.

She also told me she’d like to see some different sample chapters than the ones I had provided — some chapters more grounded in science. YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO REALIZE THAT I WASN’T MEANT FOR A BOOK LIKE THAT? That I’m not a scientist, an expert, a researcher — whatever. That I can’t make my writing be something it’s not, because I’m not an expert, I am just a woman who loves to, wants to, and has to write.

I am an Artist.


When I finally woke up to this, I arrived. maybe in reading this page, you’re arriving too.

Where I was once waiting for some entity outside of myself to validate my worthiness to be in front of hundreds of thousands of readers with my words and work, I now stand in a position of complete self-validation. I sit here typing (on the floor in my closet, mind you) a deeply fulfilled and focused woman.

I am in no rush to ‘get there’ because I am already there.

I already have thousands of readers, and a consistent flow of soulmate customers and clients. I did this myself, by consistently following my own intuitive nudges. I don’t need a book deal to validate my worth, and I definitely don’t need any rules that restrict what I write or how I write it, or what needs to be included, etc.

I write what I’m called to write, and PEOPLE READ IT, and then they DM me on Instagram, and every. single. time. my heart bursts wide open (unless it’s hate mail ‘cause that happens too) because MY ART IS OUT THERE AND BEING RECEIVED.


I'm OBSESSED with everything it takes to build a successful, juicy, and Soul-aligned writing career.

From the writing itself, to hitting publish, to the business strategy, and also to crafting the best book proposal you possibly can (if you’re on that path of going for a traditional book deal), I’m here for it all. 

Listen, If you’ve made it this far, I know you’re born to write, too.

And I want to help you do it.

Not because you have to. But because you’re meant for it, and made for it, and can’t not do it.


INSIDE OF THE AUTHOR CIRCLE our priorities are:

Copy of Copy of Copy of 3 x 367-4.png

Getting YOU into the frequency, energy, and strategy of consistently attracting your soulmate readers. No more waiting! No more guessing!

Copy of Copy of Copy of 3 x 367-2.png

Refining your ideas, and publishing them consistently + unapologetically. No more writing stuff and leaving it on your computer to die. We’ll be challenging each other to get featured EVERYWHERE for the next 9 months! Can you visualize it?

Copy of Copy of Copy of 3 x 367-3.png

Learning to make soul-aligned sales offers (and write rockin’ sales copy) so that your dream writing life also makes you a fulfilling income you feel deeply proud of. Because it’s nice to get PAID for work you’re INTO!

As one of the Author circle Clients You'll Receive:

+ 27 (75 minute) group mastermind + coaching sessions — 3x a month for 9 months ($11,297 VALUE).

+ access to 4 core programs (see below) that boost income growth, help you sign clients (if you want to work with clients), launch products and programs, and get your mindset and energy ON POINT. ($3,688 VALUE).

+ 2 Day Author Circle Tulum Event (exclusive to Author Circle clients). FEBRUARY 2020 ($2,997 VALUE).

+ Unlimited Instagram DM group message thread support for the duration of our 9 month container.

Wait, did you say Tulum?!


Um, yes! I did! Tulum is one of my fav places ever, and I want to gather with you there near the end of our 9 month journey together.

The details are being firmed up as we speak, but here’s what’s included:

2 Day Event: Two Full Days of LIVE, High-Level, In Person Mentorship on all things building your dream writing life.

We’re covering making your art, content, delivering said content to the world, and honestly, whatever I feel you intuitively need after working together intimately inside of the Author Circle for 9 months.

What’s included? The 2 day event includes your 2 night stay at a gorgeous eco hotel that I love (in Tulum). Your flight and travel expenses are NOT included. But you can learn more about this via the FAQ section below, and the complete and final details on this will be released to the women who say yes to the Author Circle.


You Have art to make. words to write. people to reach. a life to create — a life that is not going to build itself.

are you ready?

Enrollment for the Author Circle is on-going now through Wednesday, August 7th!

How It Works:




After previewing your application, we’ll chat via email or Instagram DM, to see if we’re a good fit. If we are, my team and I will get you enrolled to secure your spot.  


The Author Circle Investment:

9 monthly payments of $1,467

or 1 in full payment of 12k

This investment includes our 9 months together, the 2 day exclusive Live event in Tulum, 2 nights accommodations in Tulum (which includes some meals). Flight and other travel expenses are not included.

About Your Program Bonuses:

Need Help Signing Clients at 3k and Up? We Gotcha!

Leveraged Life Now ($1,997 value). This program will teach you how to attract and enroll your soulmate clients into a high-end package of your choice!

Need Help Designing + Launching a Program? We Gotcha Covered There, Too!

The Vital Mother Program: Lean Into Your Five Figure Launch ($997 value). This program covers everything you need to understand to successfully create and sell a live or digital product or program!

Ready to take an alternative approach to breaking through your money stuff? Yes?!

Permission to Prosper: the Six week Digital Program Where Sacred Sexuality Meets Money Magnetism ($497 value). This six week digital program is highly transformative and helps you connect to your SOUL and your most magnetic self, so you can begin to ALIGN and attract money from THAT place.

Want to Get Your Mindset On Point So You Can Be Prolific as EVER?

The Prolific Life Now Mindset Coaching Bundles (a Bundle of 5 Energy Coaching Videos) ($197 value).

All of this is yours when you join us for The Author Circle! ‘cause I want you to have all the resources and tools at hand.

What women are saying:



“Before working with Jillian, I was not getting paid enough for my services. I felt completely undervalued and I was trying to rationalize it all. I was overworking myself and not making enough for my hard work.

I have successfully increased my rates with confidence and feel much more supported by my business. I hired a new bookkeeping service, almost doubled my email list, and have officially brought on my first intern. Woo!

Jillian’s training and mentorship has been worth every penny!” 

— Missy Graff Ballone, Founder of Wellness for Makers

1:1 Soul-Guided Business Coaching Client


“Working with Jillian was just what I needed, when I needed it.”

“Working with Jillian was just what I needed, when I needed it. I recently worked with her in a 1:1 3-week coaching intensive and in only a matter of weeks I went from launching, to promoting, to signing up my first client for my first my premium 1:1 client offering! In our work together, Jillian had a compassionate, yet to-the-point way of telling me where she intuitively felt I was holding myself back and where I could shift my mindset to catch up with the other emotional and energetic work I’ve been doing. As an solo entrepreneur, it can be incredibly isolating at times and receiving Jillian’s support and feedback on its own was worth the investment in working with her. She shared many tips and tools with me that have helped her in her practice and having the guidance of someone who has done this herself was invaluable. 

I love that she honored my personal experiences and past traumas, but also encouraged me to show up in my work as a way to heal too. Our work has totally shifted how I show up on social media too. I’ve found a relationship with it that is my own, but also ensures that I am supporting something I care about - my business. It was truly bittersweet to wrap up our time working together, because I had received so much value to take with me moving forward, but I knew I would also miss our regular sessions together! Thank you, Jillian, for all you share both publicly and privately with your clients like me.”

— Maya Keane

1:1 Intensive Coaching Client



“After Tulum, I was amped. I changed everything, the way I charge fees, my onboarding process, I starting making a product that I had been wanting to make, I raised my prices. I also started sharing more of myself with friends, trying to be more honest to who I am.”

— Kate George |



Q: Is this for me if I don’t want to build a writing career?

A: Nope! It’s not! This is ONLY for you if you have books INSIDE you. You do not need to be ready to unleash any of those actual books, yet, but you do need to be ready to unleash yourself all over the internet with your writing, so that by the time those books are ready to come out, you’re SET UP, AND SET UP WELL.

Q: When do we start?

A: We kick off Wednesday, August 14th! Woo!

Q: What are the weekly calls like?

A: The weekly calls are where you’ll be connecting with and learning from other badass women who’re building their dream writing life. They are also where you’ll receive 1:1 coaching, guidance, and feedback from me.

Q: Am I expected to attend every weekly call?

A: Nope, you’re not! I recommend making it a priority to be at a minimum of 2 calls per month, but I decided to make 3 calls available because I know your plate is full and you might have all kinds of magic going on!

Q: Where do I fly into to get to Tulum?

A: My team and I will send you all the details on Tulum during the month of July. That way you have plenty of time to plan for your trip, woo! But to answer your Q, you’ll want to fly into Cancun, and then take a taxi about 90 minutes south, to Tulum.

Have a Q for us that wasn’t answered here?

Email us at and we’ll be right with you.