You’re ready for it:

The morning on your couch in your slippers, matcha in hand, watching your child play in the sunlight.

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You check your email notifications and watch as sale after sale rolls into your inbox from YOUR group program launch — the program you’re meant to lead.

You take a deep breath, and start to well up.

Is it okay to cry before breakfast?


You’ve worked toward this moment. 

You’ve put yourself out there. You’ve pushed the boundaries of what you thought was possible. 

And it’s all finally paying off.

You put your phone down and take another deep breath. 

This is IT. Your moment. 

And your child playing happily?

They’re about to have a REALLY GREAT DAY.

Because Mommy is having a REALLY GREAT DAY.

BUT RIGHT NOW if you’re being honest with yourself, you feel SO far from your glory morning on the couch.

You’re working a lot in your business, but not seeing as much of a financial return as you’d like.

You’re listening to a TON of business growth advice, but you haven’t actually implemented as much as you’ve consumed.

You know there’s MORE for you. You know you NEED to do things differently, and now.

You know that designing and launching a group program — a container for your knowledge, that positively impacts your ideal students, is a key element to increasing your earning potential (and your time freedom).

You’re ready to work smarter. And you’re ready to move through the self-worth stuff that’s been holding you back.

designing and launching a group program 

feels edgy though. what if you put in the work, and then it flops?

I get it.

I’m Jillian Anderson — and if you’re reading this, you likely already have a sense for who I am and what I’m about.


I’m on a MISSION to help women create lives that support their cyclical nature — a mission to help you do work + money differently.

The truth is that our culture doesn’t support women and mothers the way that it should.

And instead of waiting for the system to change, I’d rather you DO WHAT YOU CAN NOW, WITH WHAT YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN.

Back to your valid fears about launching a group program:

I know what it’s like to facilitate five-figure group program launches AND I also know what it’s like to only hit 25% of my launch goal and feel like sh*t about all the hard work and effort I put in. 

There are a number of key steps you need to take if your program is going to sell well.

We’re going to cover them in-depth, inside of my 8-Week Group Program VITAL MOTHER.




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Here’s what’s going down:

I’m going to walk you through a step by step process so that you get your couch glory moment — and sooner than you think. We’re going to cover the core foundations you need to understand and implement, to make this happen for yourself, your future, and your family.

Once you have your program dialed in, you can sell it again and again — it can become a solid revenue stream for you, that changes the way you live, work, and mother.






Core Training #1: Design a Program that Sells Well, and Changes Lives, on Repeat

  • why you’re not selling what you think you are

  • the foundational mindset work that will make showing up and promoting easy

  • how to prune your program into a process that gets your students real results

Core Training #2: Unleashing the Program Salespage

  • how to write copy that connects to your readers and enrolls your perfect-fit students

  • learn to cultivate gentle authority in your voice and your call to action

  • dig deep into your story, and the stories of your clients, to invoke emotion

Core Training #3: The Mother’s Guide to Launching with Power + Ease

  • learn my step-by-step process to get noticed, be felt, and get your program into the right hands at the right time

  • the critical stage in launching that is often overlooked (you don’t want to launch without doing this)

  • get my never before seen sales email prompts so you never have to worry about what to say and when

Core Training #4: Motherline + Money Healing

  • open your body, mind, and heart to your new money normal

  • address the core patterns of the women who came before you

  • pro-actively re-wire your new experience of work + money and understand your own self-sabotage before it occurs


8 (90 min) Weekly Group Coaching Calls:

We’ll meet every week on zoom for 8 weeks where you’ll receive live coaching, guidance, and feedback on what you’re going through, what stage of the process you’re in, and what steps you need to take next. During these calls you’ll be encouraged to bring ALL of yourself to the table. The more open you are about where you are in your process, the more I can help you move forward.


Ask me anything. I’ll be tending this group M-F between the hours of 11 - 5 p.m. Tag me, ask me, and ask the other women in the group for their feedback and support. Build new and inspiring connections and relationships. 


The Best Instagram Growth Class Ever with Artist Devon Walz (previously reserved for my Mastermind students, now available to you). This Class is RICH with tips that’ll make your Instagram presence stronger, boost your visibility, and more effectively reach new readers and future students of your program!


The Vital Mother Program is for you if you:

  • know who you serve, why you serve them, and how you serve them

  • have already established a presence online, have a growing email list, and are ready to do the work NOW

  • deeply desire to create a lifestyle (micro Universe) that supports your cyclical nature as a woman

  • are committed to doing the self-worth healing work required to achieve bigger financial results than you’re used to

What Women Are Saying:



“Before working with Jillian I struggled not knowing where to begin in terms of packaging up my services. Pricing, launch strategy, promotion and marketing were all a mystery! During the program, I realized there are very practical, tried-and-true methods that successful female entrepreneurs have used to launch similar offerings, which took so much of the overwhelm away for me.

I love having a clear roadmap, while at the same time being encouraged to incorporate my unique version of what a launch looks like from an authentic, heart-centered place. 

After our work together, I feel really confident with pricing and launch strategy. I also have a ton of practical list building and promotional strategies at my fingertips that I will be using in 2019 to help build my audience, and I'm so thankful!

 The sales page review and copywriting support was so helpful!! Also, the tech and logistics session was key, because I would've gotten so bogged down in doing research around that — such a timesaver.”

— Leigh-Anne Lui, Leveraged Life Now Student



“Before working with Jillian, I was not getting paid enough for my services. I felt completely undervalued and I was trying to rationalize it all. I was overworking myself and not making enough for my hard work.

I have successfully increased my rates with confidence and feel much more supported by my business. I hired a new bookkeeping service, almost doubled my email list, and have officially brought on my first intern. Woo!

Jillian’s training and mentorship has been worth every penny!” 

— Missy Graff Ballone, Founder of Wellness for Makers, Private Coaching Client


“I've started planning my launches for this year complete with dates and timelines.”

“I've been sitting on several products and services for YEARS but have been unable to actually take the actions to release them into the world. Every time I'd get close to putting something out I'd get stuck. But now, understanding that this is normal and that working through it is a normal part of the process of launching, I feel so much more empowered to move forward. In less than a week since that first class I've already reworked some of my offerings to be in better alignment for me. I've started planning my launches for this year complete with dates and timelines. I finally feel like launching my offerings is doable and that launching isn't just something that's for people who "have it all figured out" or are perfectly healed and have worked through all their stuff.”

— Jessica Peppler, Soulful Success Holiday Bundle Student



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Q: When does the program start?

A: The program kicks off on March 13th when the first core training drops. The first group coaching call starts the following week on Wednesday March 20th at 2:00 p.m. EST, and we’ll meet every week (at 2:00 p.m. EST) through Wednesday May 8th. All group coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded into our private student portal.

Q: How is the content delivered?

A: The core trainings will be uploaded into a private student portal for you where you can watch (and pause) as many times through as you’d like. The group coaching calls will also be recorded and uploaded into a private student portal for you within 24-48 hours of the time of recording.

Q: Do you recommend that we host our program anywhere specifically? What kind of tech set up to we need realistically to make this happen?

A: If you have a website where you can make a hidden password protected page, you can start there. This will keep your costs low, while you navigate your first launch. I’m all about keeping costs low until you verify your program’s success — that way you’re not throwing money into something without knowing you’ll receive a return. If you want to invest in a place to host your program, outside of your website, there are plenty of options for that, too!

Q: Why is this application only?


A: We’re only taking Vital Mother Program students who’re a perfect-match for this work and material. Basically, I want a seriously high success rate for all my students. If you’re feeling it, I invite you to apply and find out if you’re ready!

Q: What if I’m not a mother yet?

A: If you’re not a mother yet, you can still join us! I WISH someone had prepared me before I became a mom. Seriously, it would have changed our experience drastically if I had started to prepare (in terms of work + money) at least a year or more out. Ideally three years out. If you’re a woman who is not yet a mother, who wants to set up a lifestyle (micro-Universe) that supports your cyclical nature, you’re more than welcome to join us.


Have a Q that we haven’t answered yet? Send us an email over to and we’ll be right with You.