Soul-Guided Healers, Coaches, And Creative Entrepreneurs:


Do YOu fear not reaching the people you came here to reach?

do you fear that you're not rising into the leader you know you came to be?


If you want to...

+ grow your Soulful business in a way that feels natural to you.

+ fill your retreats, book your perfect-for-you clients, and watch your work make waves in the world.

+ wake up  to an inbox full of responses like: “ME TOO.  ME TOO. This was EXACTLY what I needed to read.”

+ write content for a sales page, newsletter, or Facebook AD in a way that feels easy, intuitive, effortless and fun.

+ magnetize a larger audience AND the cash to match, by using + expressing the power of your voice.

Then you're in the right place.


You want to be SEEN as a leader in your field, we get it.  

 You have something to say, and you want to say it in a way that is authentic to you. You deserve that.
You're sometimes afraid that you aren’t talented enough to grow this thing the way you want to, and it's just not true.
Listen, there’s a lot of noise online about how you should grow your online presence and scale your business. 
Podcasts. Facebook Ads. Webinars. Sales Funnels. Network Marketing. 


What if we told you that all of the doing, all of the digital marketing hustle, is not nearly as important as waking up and sharing a truthful and engaging story about your day?

 That the Facebook AD has nothing on the post that shares your struggles, your coffee. your loves, your migraines — your Truth. 

What if we told you that both of us have hit multiple five figure months with one simple strategy at the forefront of our business models:
 Effective and powerful storytelling — Writing that WORKS.

Copy that converts, captivates, AND heals.  
Total truth telling. 
We didn’t have gigantic lists. Or huge Instagram followings.

 We didn’t know someone who knew someone who really really knew someone that was someone.  
We had words. 
And we were strategic about what we did with them. 

Through the art of persuasive writing and impactful storytelling, we both massively grew our businesses, started booking soulmate clients FAST,  made the money we always knew we were capable of making (and then some), and started getting seen and recognized as leaders in our field. 
All through mastering and honoring our voices. 
All through writing. 
All through getting clear on what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to.   


If you want to learn how to: 
+ tell your stories in a strategic and healing way
+ write to sell (craft a compelling + persuasive sales page)
+ fill your retreats, programs, and offerings with ease
+ hone your voice + amplify your online presence
+ make the money you know your content + creations are worth by attracting your perfect-for-you clients
+ take your impact AND income to the next-level in a way that feels organic
This is for you. 

Here’s the thing: If you want to help A LOT more people with your soul-satisfying work, and make the income you know is possible for you, then you need to leverage the power of your stories. 

Actually, you don't need to do anything we say.

But if you decide to leverage your stories, you'll create way more traction in the direction of your goals and desires.
Conscious consumers want to buy from people they know, like, and trust, and YOU are responsible for establishing that trust.
We need your stories. We need to see the realest You. We need to know where you came from and what challenges you have faced. We want to connect to your humanness AND your sacred heart.
We want to read what only you can write. 

Even if you don't think you can write.

Even if you sometimes stare at a blank page and want to quit. 
If you want to make deep + lasting connections to your readers and potential clients, you have to learn to Trust Your Voice.
There’s no way around it.
You can’t outsource yourself. You can’t hire someone to be you.

Increase Your Impact + Income Through The Power of Soulful Storytelling — a workshop series with  anastasia Holland and jillian anderson.

We're going to share everything we can, to help you attract your perfect-fit clients, grow your online readership, and move others powerfully with your work, your message, and your voice. 

This is about building genuine connections. 

This is about letting the stories of your life go to work for you. 

This is where self-expression and Soul-guided business intertwine. 

In Increase your impact + income through the power of soulful storytelling, you'll learn how to make the deep and meaningful connections that successful, soul-guided businesses depend on.

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You'll receive:


Unleash Your Brand Story

1 (120 Min) Recorded TEaching Session With JIllian

(Valued at $297)


In this class with Jillian you'll learn how to:

+ identify who your ideal client really is

+ write to her in a way that's engaging, healing, and persuasive

+ ditch the 'I'm not qualified enough' mind monsters that keep you from your next big income breakthrough

+ pull your brand story from the timeline of your life, and communicate it powerfully, in an organized way that doesn't overwhelm and doesn't confuse your readers.

+ consistently magnetize new readers and clients with your message

+re-write the most important page on your website to make an instant connection with your perfect-fit people


(Class includes a printable PDF question + exercise guide to help you get massive clarity + take immediate action).


Soulful Stories that Sell

1 (120 MIn) recorded TEACHING SESSION with ANASTasia

(Valued at $297)


In this class with Anastasia you'll learn how to:

Sell in a way that throws out the sleeze and makes hitting five figure months feel EASY.

Become a master at copy writing and story telling in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

Craft a social media post, newsletter, or blog article that will not only generate massive traffic to your offerings and bring in income fast, but will also leave your audience wanting more. And more. And more.

Ditch the words that don’t work and master the words that do.

Leverage your day to day experiences to connect, inspire, heal, and convert.

Make your writing even better, hone your technique and go from shy to really freakin’ confident with your words.


(Class includes a printable PDF question + exercise guide to help you get massive clarity + take immediate action).


(Total value: $594)

We priced this workshop to be super accessible. 

The total value of Increase Your Impact + Income is $594

but for today you can get all this goodness for just $197.

We've each used our writing skills to hit five-figure months, and we want to show you how to do the same. 

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What Women Are Saying:


"I feel more confident. I’m writing my newsletter in a different and more personal way. I’m sharing my fears and vulnerability.  And I got such lovely feedback from my clients — they can relate to me a lot more easily now. The same applies to my yoga teaching style, I’m a lot more brave to talk about personal experiences. And I sent an offer out for a yogic spring cleanse for a price I feel happy with, but would have never dared to ask for before. I have more yoga students in my regular classes, now. And I booked 12 participants for my yoga retreat in Portugal this autumn!"

— Barbara Dopfer |



"Before working with Jillian and Anastasia, I didn't realize there was strategy involved in posting on social media for engagement or sales. Therefore, I posted a lot and it was quite exhausting and time consuming and I didn't see much of a direct impact from it. My social media felt more like a hobby. Since taking the course, I've started writing more vulnerably about my life's journey- the joys and the sorrows, trusting that my story is what others truly connect with. I feel like I peeled back a mask that I had put on to sound "professional" or "proper." I was amazed by how many people wrote me back through email or social media, saying my post touched their heart. I was even complimented several times that I was a great writer! I realized that my emotion, and the raw details are what others resonate with because they can relate! I had new clients sign up with my most recent launch after several of my most vulnerable posts. And the thing is- it's healing for me too!"



"Your writing made me KNOW I wanted to work with you!" 

— Jill Pollard, Founder of The Gatherer Kauai 


"She provided me with the structure I needed to bring my voice to life!"

"After working with Anastasia, I felt so much more clear and confident in writing my About page and website copy. As someone with a lot of colorful ideas and in-depth stories to tell, I was really struggling with how to string them all together in a cohesive way that would create the sales I was desiring.   She provided me with the structure I needed to bring my voice to life. And she knew exactly how to guide me in writing content that felt authentic to me and that also spoke directly to the heart of my ideal client. If you're really ready to sell your offering and want to feel connected to the way your services are packaged, I would absolutely recommend Anastasia & Jillian's workshop!"

—Devon Walz, Abstract Artist & Teacher,

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Q: What if I'm not a good writer? Is this only for people who want to write?

A: If you want to run an online business you need to learn how to use your voice, whether you think you're a good enough writer or not. This is for Soul-leaders who want to connect with their ideal readers, clients, and students. Also, Anastasia is going to be teaching some very practical ways you can improve your writing (because there's always room for improvement). 

Q: My biggest fear is that I'm not qualified enough to write what I want to write, and to say what I want to say. Is there going to be anything in Increase Your Impact and Income to help me with that?

A: YES! In Jillian's class, when we pull out your brand story, you'll get to anchor more fully into feeling more qualified to do that work that you came here to do. 

Q: What if I don't have a website or official business yet? Is this for me?

A: If you want to grow your online presence, readership, or social media following for any reason, this workshop has a ton to offer you. While at a few specific moments we may talk about website pages, know that what you learn about writing will be applicable to anywhere you're showing up online. 

Who this is for:

Increase Your Impact and Income Through the Power of Soulful Storytelling is for:

+ Soul-guided creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs who are tired of not attracting the right clients

+ Soul-leaders who stare at their social media accounts and feel overwhelm about what to say, and to who

+ Soul-leaders who are ready to feel in the flow of powerful content for their readers and potential clients


Who this is not for:

Increase Your Impact + Income is Not for You If You:

+ just want to hire someone to do all your business related writing for you


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