Black Obsidian Yoni Egg (Undrilled/No Hole)


Black Obsidian Yoni Egg (Undrilled/No Hole)


Obsidian Yoni Egg

Size: Medium, undrilled (this means the egg does not have a drilled hole).


• yin essence

• provides a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth

• reflective qualities are merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses, and blockages (ego-alert-awareness)

• brings suppressed/negative emotions to the surface

• provides strong protective grounding shield against negativity

• draws out mental stress/tension (placed under pillow)

• vitalizes soul purpose

• increases self-control

• brings shadow to the surface, to be confronted, and released.  

Read More About Obsidian:

"Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize. Obsidian is a stone without boundaries or limitations. As a result it works extremely fast and with great power. It's truth enhancing, reflective qualities are merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses, and blockages. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian. Pointing out howto ameliorate all destructive and disempowering conditions , Obsidian impels us to grow and lends solid support while we do so. Under skilled guidance, its cathartic qualities are exceedingly valuable. It provides deep soul healing. Obsidian can faciliate going back in past lives to heal festering emotions or trauma that has carried forward into the present. 

Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity. It provides a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth, absorbs negative energies from the environment [the womb space], and strengthens in times of need. It is helpful for highly sensitive people. It blocks psychic attack and removes negative spiritual influences...

Spiritually, Obsidian vitalizes soul purpose. It eliminates energy blockages and relives tension, integrating the psychological shadow into the whole being to bring spiritual integrity. It anchors the spirit into the body. This stone stimulates growth on all levels. It urges exploration of the unknown, opening new horizons. Mentally, Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion and constricting beliefs. However, it may well do this by making it absolutely clear what lies behind mental distress or dis-ease. Once this has been cleared, Obsidian expands consciousness, entering the realm of the unknown with confidence and ease.

Psychologically, Obsidian helps you to know who you truly are. It brings you face to face with your shadow side and teaches you how to integrate it. This stone also helps you to identify behavioral patterning that is now outdated. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas, bringing a depth and clarity to emotions. It promotes qualities of compassion and strength." - Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible 

Crystal Properties/Info Source: The Crystal Bible

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