Now Calling: 7 mama Entrepreneurs Who are Ready to grow their impact + Income through their Soul-Guided work in the world, in an intimate, high-touch setting.

Do you want to breakthrough your current income ceiling in an intimate high-touch setting, that values alignment and INSPIRATION, over cookie-cutter strategies that don't work for everyone?

Creating a business and a life you LOVE, on your terms, is not just something you're interested in; it's a direct mission of your Soul.

 You're ready to create a new paradigm of work and money — where you work smarter, and not harder, and spend your time in your creative zone of genius. After all, your time IS limited, and your energy is in high demand.

You know that you've been holding yourself back, in fear.

You sometimes wonder 'who am I to really have that?' or 'who am I to even want that?'

And because of that, you shy away from taking the big scary action steps, you know, will take you into new territory. 

And yet — you KNOW there’s another level for you, you’re SO close you can taste it.

Picture yourself: making a beautiful profit, rockin’ your creative life, and changing patterns in your lineage left and right, so you (and your children) can thrive on a new level.

Picture yourself: deeply relaxed and fulfilled.

Picture yourself: 

  • free to take weeks off of the constant hustle to be present with your people

  • working smarter, making a juicy impact + income, and claiming more TIME for yourself and your family

  • thriving in a new and next-level support system that allows you to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t love

A paradigm is just an operating system of habits, and it’s time to change those limiting habits. It’s time to commit to this work more fully, to move forward, to dismantle what stands between you and what you want, and it’s time to do this work, together.

If you're ready to stop pushing your dreams uphill by yourself, and ready to have the high-level support you need to a) stay accountable b) take the big leaps in front of you...

I've designed + curated something powerful for you — something that's designed to FUEL your business growth, strategize your next-level income, and hold you accountable to what you say you really want.

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6 Months.

7 motivated mothers.

Your Growth Accelerated. 

Business Strategy. Accountability. Money-Mind-body Work.

Consider this a Sacred Invitation — an invitation into the powerful and wealthy woman you know you are.

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The Mastermind, is for you if you want to:

+ shift your day-today reality with money

+ create (and celebrate) your biggest financial wins yet while deepening your service 

+ work differently so that you can nurture and parent your children in the way you really want to

+ strategize your business + Soul success with support

+ get the clarity + the fire you need to take massive action

+ step into an accelerated growth container with 6 other powerful women.

 Are you ready?


How it works:

A mastermind is a thoughtfully + intentionally curated group of individuals who're on similar energetic playing field, and have similar visions and goals for themselves. The science is this: when like-minded individuals come together with their visions, ideas, and Soul-aligned goals, they create one Master Mind, that amplifies the magnetism of all. The goal of a mastermind is to come together to become a much more powerful a transmitter of thought-energy + vibration. 

You will traverse 6 months with 7 like-minded mothers (or mothers to be). There will be strategy. Big Thinking. Breakthroughs. Collective Advising.  Accountability. We're going to work collaboratively together, to achieve aligned results. 



Hi Beautiful,

I’m Jillian Anderson, a Writer, Healer, and Transformational Coach for Heart-led and Creative Mothers, and I’m not going to bore you with my personal transformational story right here.

Instead, I’m going to tell you that I’m passionate about helping women like you set yourself up for success on all levels, because I know you have ancestral healing work to do. I know how important it is for you to heal your own stuff, so that your child, or children, can have a better start than you did.

I know how committed you are to your self-work and self-inquiry. I know how important it is for you to change. This isn’t just about your life, it’s about your child’s life. It’s about NOT passing down the stuff you don’t want to pass down, and instead, leaving a new legacy — one of connection, understanding, Love, and abundance.

We’re going to get close inside of the Mastermind. We’re going to anchor into our purpose-work. We’re going to support one another as we change our stories, for ourselves, and for our children.


I want you to feel held and supported as you go for your really big goals — the ones you’re done denying you even had. 

There’s nothing like a container in which you can talk strategy, business, money, mindset, motherhood, and Soul-work,  unapologetically, with other women with similar goals as you. Nothing like it.

Inspiration. Big money ideas. Realizations. Insights. A-ha’s. 


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When You join the mastermind You Receive:

+ We'll meet twice a month for 6 months, for 120 min sessions via zoom video ( 12 sessions, $4,997 + value) 

+ One (120 min) Celebration + Completion Call at the end of our Journey Together

+ One (75 min) deep-Dive 1:1 Business Strategy Session with me to begin ($497 value).


DATE: FRIDAY, APRIL 5TH AT 1 P.M. EST. ($497 value).

+ BONUS #1: Instant Access to my signature six week coaching program, Permission to Prosper ($997 value).

+ BONUS #2: Instant Access to Leveraged Life Now: the Eight Week Program for Womxn Who’re Ready to Charge More and Serve Better ($1,497 value). 


Your Investment:

6 monthly payments of $997

or one in full payment of $5,497

(save $485 when you pay in full).

. Fill out an application below, to get started.

The Mastermind is Application Only, to ensure the Mastermind's alignment + success. What this means: I'll be taking into consideration each applicant's unique goals and desires (in relationship to business growth, money, and Soul-work) so be sure to be honest with yourself and aligned when you apply below:

There is limited space available, if you're feeling a full-body YES, apply now.

After I receive your application, if I feel you're a great fit, I'll reach out to you via email (within 48 hours) to schedule an alignment call. This is where we'll talk details, pricing, and payment plan options. 


This will Nourish You.

This is for you if you:

  • committed — you go ALL in when you make a decision.

  • have a website, a social media presence, a growing email list and a solid understanding of what you do, how you do it, and who you serve.

  • are ready to take your work to an entirely new level without sacrificing your well-being

  • take full responsibility for the results you’re about to create.


This is not for you if you:

  • aren't interested in doing the work, and taking the steps we map out for you intuitively. 

  • aren't already online with your work and don’t have a website or email list yet.

  • aren't ambitious and ready to breakthrough / take massive action.

  • don’t consider yourself a mamapreneur


Are You ready?


“I never wanted it to end!”

“My favorite part of the Mastermind was the connection and support from the other women. I think we all can use this in our lives 24/7. I never wanted it to end! After working with Jillian and the women inside the Mastermind, I feel supported, confidant, and excited to see what unfolds from this course launch and making myself more VISIBLE!”

— Lili Pettit | www.clutterhealing.com

Jamie Alger Testimonial

“I put myself out there in new ways that felt scary !”

“Before the Mastermind my biggest challenge was implementing systems and structures for effectively and consistently showing up for my work. After working with Jillian and the women inside the Mastermind, I feel more comfortable in my skin. I put myself out there in new ways that felt scary (launching, leading several webinars, posting with a voice of more authority) and grew as a result. One of my biggest ah-ha’s and insights during our time together, is that I have to stay close to my SOUL no matter what! Soul comes first!”

— Jamie Alger | www.jamiealger.com

Aurora Testimonial

“My favorite part of the mastermind was the strength and commitment of the group and the accountability to keep going.


“Before the Mastermind my biggest challenge was bringing together my message and clarifying how to take action. I was very good at seeing the big picture, but it was hard to break it all down to start taking the small steps in that direction.

 My favorite part of the mastermind was the strength and commitment of the group and the accountability to keep going.

 After working with Jillian and the women inside of the Mastermind I feel very confident on my path and the direction I'm walking towards. I feel empowered to take action and move forward. I feel happy and fulfilled that I took the journey and am so excited for what is to come!”

— Aurora Morfin | http://flagsforanewworld.com

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"Before working with Jillian, I was having issues around self worth, which resulted in not being able to ask for a suitable price for my offers. I had a breakthrough around the way my family acted with money. I realized that I had exactly the same patterns working in me. I sort of knew this already, but this time it became as clear as never before. After working with Jillian, I feel more confident. I’m writing my newsletter in a different and more personal way. I’m sharing my fears and vulnerability.  And I got such lovely feedback from my clients — they can relate to me a lot more easily now. The same applies to my yoga teaching style, I’m a lot more brave to talk about personal experiences. And I sent an offer out for a yogic spring cleanse for a price I feel happy with, but would have never dared to ask for before." 

— Barbara Dopfer | www.yogarten.de


"Over course of the last several months, I've really embarked on a journey of healing my self-worth as it relates to prosperity, from multiple different angles. Jillian calls for a need of deep sacral chakra healing, to heal old traumas and our relationship with sex and pleasure as a pathway for achieving wealth, reclaiming power, and tapping into prosperity. Believe me when I say that I've done so much healing on prosperity, including through my own money healing course, and I've NEVER seen anyone else approach prosperity healing in quite this way.

— Sarah Petruno | www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com

Week 1 (7).jpg


“Before working with Jillian one of my biggest challenges was understanding my blocks to abundance and fully owning my own worth. Learning where my money blocks originated was so, so powerful. I now have raised my rates with my current offerings with confidence. I am also creating new offerings that are in more alignment with my soul's purpose. I am bringing in financial abundance daily that I could not have previously imagined.”

— Becca Sarich | www.beccasarich.com

Get Started here:

the mastermind FAQS:

Q: What is the structure of the mastermind calls? Where will they be held?

A: The calls will be held and recorded on zoom video (it's going to be so much fun to meet face to face virtually!), and I will powerfully direct the flow of the call to ensure that each woman receives the time allotted for her to share her challenges and ideas, and receive feedback for those challenges and ideas. 

Q: Will I receive enough attention, on my growth, and my business, within the group?

A: Yes! You will leave each session knowing the next 2-3 steps you'll need to implement in your life + business to create the results you'd like to create. I'm really good at directing the flow of calls, classes, and teachings, to ensure that each participant feels fully seen, heard, cared for, and complete in the process. 

Q: What if I have to miss a session? A: All sessions will be recorded and sent out 24-48 hours afterward. I recommend moving mountains to not miss out on a session live, but if something comes up, know that we’ve got you covered.

Q: How is a mastermind different from a group program?

A: A  mastermind group is about the equal playing field of all members, whereas in a group program, there is a structured flow of pre-planned content, and students are looking to the teacher to provide answers and information. The Mastermind is a collaborative experience.

Q: Why is this application only?

A: In order for a mastermind to run well, the group needs to be thoughtfully curated. 

Q: What if I don't have a website or business yet? Is this for me?

A: No. If you don’t already have an email list, and a clear website, then I recommend checking back for next year’s round of the Mastermind. This group is for women who've been building online businesses and platforms, and are not new to this. Make sure to be honest with yourself, in sharing exactly where you're at, and where you'd like to go, in your application. 

Q: When does it start?

A: We're starting SEPTEMBER 2019!

Q: When is the Creative Mastermind Lunch in Tulum? What’s included and what’s not?

A: The Creative Mastermind Lunch is an in-person lunch in Tulum, Mexico, in January 2020. Date TBD. Your seat at the table, and for the afternoon of Masterminding and Coaching is included. Your travel, airfare, and accommodation costs are not.

Q: Do I have to come to the Creative Mastermind Lunch in Tulum? Is it required?

A: Nope, it’s totally optional, but highly recommended! Tulum is enchanting and connecting in person is going to be one of the highlights of the year!

Q: Where should I fly into for the Creative Mastermind Lunch?

A: Fly into Cancun, Mexico, and take a taxi or shuttle (I recommend taking a taxi) to wherever you’d like to stay in Tulum. It’s about a 90 minute drive from Cancun to Tulum. Once your application is accepted for the Mastermind I will share a private page with you, with more info about the lunch, and about your time in Tulum.

Q: I want to book a private 1:1 Empress Intensive in Tulum with Jillian, too. I read that as a Mastermind Client I can book an Empress Intensive at 50% off. Is that accurate? What are my next steps?

YES! My private clients and Mastermind clients can book a private day with me (Empress Intensive) with me at 50% off the regular Empress Intensive investment. I have just 3 spaces available in Tulum for Empress Intensives, so if you’re called to claim one, please apply for the Mastermind above, and make a note in your application that you’d like to apply for an Empress Intensive as well. The Empress Intensive details can be found here.


ready to join us?



Big Love,