Soul-Guided Creatives, Healers, and Entrepreneurs:

Do you Want to breakthrough your money-blocks and take your Soul work to the next-level?

  Photo By: In Her Image Photography

Photo By: In Her Image Photography

I know you have a unique contribution to make to this planet.

I know your sacred heart is committed to freedom and expansion.

And I know that you're ready to step into your personal power around attracting abundance and magnetizing money into your life. 

New Paradigm Prosperity is designed to help you make mind-set shifts around work and money, in addition to helping you dig deep into your ancestral patterns so you can make lasting shifts into your desired lifestyle.

This is for you if you:

+ want a loving relationship with money

+ want to make money based on being yourself in the world, by providing value + service to others

+ break ancestral patterns that block cash-flow 

+ refine your 'genius zone' and rediscover what it is you really love to do with your time


In New Paradigm Prosperity you will learn:

+ The most important factor to attracting abundance

+ The energy exercise you can use to manifest large amounts of money

+ why self-worth and sensual embodiment are central to successful money-making

+ how to align yourself with next-level prosperity in your own life


What You Receive:

Obsidian (2).png

When you purchase New Paradigm Prosperity, you receive:

The New Paradigm Prosperity Audio Transmission + The Guidebook ($49 Value)


Get access to my Cord Cutting Meditation that will allow you to cut cords with anything, and anyone that is no longer serving you in your business or life. ($9 Value)

All this goodness is valued at over $49

But today you get access to all of it for just  $29

What Women Are Saying:

I first learned about Jillian's work when I took Rachael Webb's #theenergeticsofinstagram class. At the time, I was in a totally different place in my life and not yet ready to absorb and integrate the medicine and teachings that she shares with the world. But, over course of the last several months, I've really embarked on a journey of healing my self-worth as it relates to prosperity, from multiple different angles. Jillian calls for a need of deep sacral chakra healing, to heal old traumas and our relationship with sex and pleasure as a pathway for achieving wealth, reclaiming power, and tapping into prosperity. Believe me when I say that I've done so much healing on prosperity, including through my own money healing course, and I've NEVER seen anyone else approach prosperity healing in quite this way.

— Sarah Petruno | @sarahpetruno

Get New Paradigm Prosperity for Just $29


Q: What if I'm really busy and don't have time for this?

A: The Audio Transmission + Guidebook will likely require 90 minutes of your time, depending on how deep you dive into the journal prompts + exercises provided. This is a bite sized offering that's going to open some doors for you. 

Q: How does it work? After I purchase, what happens?

A: After you purchase New Paradigm Prosperity you'll receive your purchases via email. You'll be prompted to confirm your email address, and immediately afterwards you'll receive a link to download your purchases. 

Q: I'm still working for someone else. Will this help me?

A: Yes! New Paradigm Prosperity can help you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in relationship to work and money. Whether you work for yourself, or not, this material is beneficial. 

Hi Beautiful, 

I'm Jillian, and I'm really passionate about watching women thrive in relationship to the gifts and skills they want to offer to the collective at this time. I believe that money is a sacred tool that allows you to accomplish your Soul-work in the world, and I love watching women grow into, and express their personal power, around work and money. 

Big Love,

Jillian Xx


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