FREE live workshop

the motherline + money workshop

for ambitious women and mothers

who want to create a Micro Universe that supports their cyclical nature


In this live workshop series we will cover:

  • where your work + money thermostat was originally programmed and what bold action steps to take to shift that thermostat (so you can work less, and earn more)

  • 3 practical strategies you can use to start increasing your impact and income from home, today

  • how to prepare for the self-sabotaging behavior that can derail you during or after a big leap in income

  • Live coaching opportunity! Run YOUR unique questions and challenges by Jillian and receive valuable insight + support

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  • are an entrepreneurial woman who knows who she serves, and why

  • are not meeting your creative edge because of perfectionism, fear of failure, and/or procrastination

  • are interested in understanding how your mother’s patterns around work + money are holding you back today

About Your Guide: 


I’m a writer, healer, and a transformational coach, who helps ambitious women and mothers rock their purpose-work online. I'm most known for my six-week group program, Permission to Prosper, where I help women transform their relationship with money, by accessing and harnessing the power of their sexual energy.

I have a background in bodywork + women’s reproductive wellness and I’ve proudly worked with over 250 clients across 53 countries to help them heal the patterns of their ancestry (and that’s not counting the thousands of clients I have worked on in-person).

Let's do this!