Want Freedom + Fulfillment from Your Soul-Guided Business?

strategy is only a slice of the equation.

It IS vital, but it’s secondary to the emotional + energetic work, that will move mountains for you in changing the way you work, and earn.

Because you can't put a band aid on your patterns and hope for change.

But you can go beneath the patterns, to shift them, and who you're being.


If you sometimes struggle with...

+ Self-doubt when you become more visible than you’re comfortable with

+ Feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks and to-dos your growing business requires

+ Creating the income you want, consistently, through the work you love the most

+ Self-sabotaging behavior like procrastination and/or perfectionism

+ Charging what you really want to charge

+ Creating offerings that sell really well


I want you to know that:

It would be deeply fulfilling to help you.


Hi, I’m Jillian Anderson.

I’m a writer and a transformational coach, who helps soulful women with pleasure, satisfaction, and money. I am most known for my six-week group program, Permission to Prosper, where I help women transform their relationship with money, by accessing and harnessing the power of their sexual energy.

I’ve worked with over 200 clients across 53 countries, and I’ve been told (by one of my clients) that I’m the kind of woman who goes for the cake, and eats it, too. Coming more deeply into my earning power has taken years.

It wasn't too long ago that I was scraping by on 2k a month, and scrounging for change to buy Kombucha, in my car, outside of the health food store. I was walking my path, and was committed to a life of service through my gifts, but I couldn't figure out how to create the consistent income I desired.

I wanted what I saw so many others creating: that freedom-based lifestyle that allowed flexibility, massive creativity, and unlimited income, but... I was living behind my computer, trying every strategy under the sun to make it work, while secretly fearing I’d have to go back into the ‘real’ world and get a job again. 

In my fourth year of business online, I stepped into an earning power I had only previously imagined. 

Successful group program launches and multiple five-figure months were something I toiled away at for years, until all the pieces came together. And now, I'd like to guide those pieces together for you — at an accelerated rate.

In looking back on those four years, I can see how powerful it would have been to invest in 1:1 support sooner. I could have saved myself A LOT of time, second guessing and self-doubt, and could have hit my income goals way faster.

While we work together to strategize your vision, I draw tools from my background in womb and pelvic healing to help you stay embodied as you make those big shifts. One of these tools is the Jade Egg practice, and it’s a practice designed to help you channel, and cultivate your sexual energy, so you can a) stay connected to your Truth b) use your orgasmic energy to create new neural pathways and new experiences for yourself.

I also use tools that prompt healing shifts in your nervous system. One of which is called EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique. No matter what the tool, I prefer to take a body-based approach with my clients, as I find that we as women, are exhausted from trying to get to, or create our goals, predominantly through the mind.


I work with women who:

+ Have healing or educational work to bring to the world, and have clarity around what that work is, and how that work helps others
+ Are ready to command higher rates for their products, skills, and services or are ready to launch an offering or program

+ Are ready to quit their side-gig but need some solid confidence and momentum before they leap, or

+ Have already quit their side-gig but recognize they need coaching + a major paradigm shift to take it to the next-level

+ Are lifelong learners and are looking for a guide / mentor for this next stretch of their business journey

+ Are really drained by things they have no interest in, and have endless amounts of energy for what they really really love

+ Already have an engaged email list, and a growing social media presence



the 1:1 (4 MONTH) business COACHING package with jillian


Are you ready to change the way you relate to work, and money, on visceral level? Are you ready to reach more of the right people with your work? Are you ready to charge rates that nourish you, so you can end the patterns of dissatisfaction, burn-out, and resentment that you sometimes feel? Are you ready to experience your life on a radically new level of abundance?

Together we will:

+ Uncover the limiting beliefs, and body-based patterns, that keep you overworking and under-earning

+ Design a custom plan to command nourishing rates for your products, skills, and services

+ Create source(s) of passive income for you, or maximize the sources you already have

+ Discover what your self-sabotaging behavior is really trying to tell you (so you can come into wholeness with the part of yourself that’s not on board with your success).

+ Strengthen your personal magnetic field, so you’re a) in alignment b) utilizing all of your power instead of operating at 40%

What You Receive in the Magnetic You / 4 Month 1:1 business Coaching Package:

Healing Package.jpg

1 (75 min) deep-dive intention setting call

8 (75 min) bi-monthly coaching calls

3 (60 min) EFT Video sessions (Emotional Freedom Technique)

1 (60 min) celebration call to celebrate your growth + success

10 minutes of Voxer support in between sessions (for the things that come up)

The Permission to Prosper Six Week Group Coaching Program ($997 value)

A custom welcome package with embodiment tools + flower essences ($497 value)


What Women Are Saying:

"Jillian’s training and mentor-ship has been worth every penny!” 

Untitled design (8).png

“Before working with Jillian, I was not getting paid enough for my services. I felt completely undervalued and I was trying to rationalize it all. I was overworking myself and not making enough for my hard work.

Jillian helped me dive in deep to see where those emotions were steaming from. She then taught me how to develop new strategies that would help me successfully create a profitable mindset and business. She also helped me understand ways to work smarter not harder. 

One of my biggest goals when I started working with Jillian was to book more speaking gigs/workshops and have more clients start reaching out to me. About half way through our time together I had literally 5 inquiries in one week! My business was finally gaining the momentum it deserved. 

After working with Jillian, I have successfully increased my rates with confidence and feel much more supported by my business. I hired a new bookkeeping service, almost doubled my email list, and have officially brought on my first intern. Woo!

Also, when we started working together, I didn't expect to be interested in creating a launch. I didn't know what type of program I would launch or how it would work. After a few months, I started to feel inspired to create my own launch and together during our 1:1 coaching intensive, we worked on a strategy to bring my program to life.

Jillian’s training and mentorship has been worth every penny!” 

— Missy Graff Ballone | www.wellnessformakers.com



"Before working with Jillian, I knew I had a lot of money blocks and baggage but I had no idea how to start to do the work of dealing with this obstacle. I felt lost in a life that felt untapped; having so much potential and motivational energy but uncertainty in how to execute it. One of my biggest struggles was to learn how to truly sit back and graciously receive.

Now, I am capable of trusting myself to go into the "scary" places of my psyche; to have discussions that frighten me and to state my Truth. I realized that I don't need anyone to like me because I like myself! I have cleaned up and am taking responsibility for a lot of my part in the previously shame triggering money stories that I had. I manifested the funds to participate in a dream-come-true training to be a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. I'm also able to really be in my body, enjoy receiving pleasure and enjoy co-creating it with a partner."

— Emily Jameson | emily-jameson.com



Untitled design (9).png

"Before working with Jillian, I was having issues around self worth, which resulted in not being able to ask for a suitable price for my offers.

I had a breakthrough around the way my family acted with money. I realized that I had exactly the same patterns working in me. I sort of knew this already, but this time it became as clear as never before.

After working with Jillian, I feel more confident. I’m writing my newsletter in a different and more personal way. I’m sharing my fears and vulnerability.  And I got such lovely feedback from my clients — they can relate to me a lot more easily now.

The same applies to my yoga teaching style, I’m a lot more brave to talk about personal experiences. And I sent an offer out for a yogic spring cleanse for a price I feel happy with, but would have never dared to ask for before.

I have more yoga students in my regular classes, now. And I booked 12 participants for my yoga retreat in Portugal this autumn!"

— BARBARA DOPFER | www.yogarten.de

My clients accomplish things like:

+ Booking their first official speaking gig

+ Doubling their email list

+ Commanding rates that actually feel nourishing (instead of draining + depleting).

+ Creating sources of passive income

+ Launching their first high-end package (and landing their first clients)

+ Orchestrating five-figure and multiple five-figure launches

+ Making their first hire



This package is offered at limited availability, by application only.

If this is you, please apply below:


First, I personally review your application to make sure we're a good fit.

Second, if we're an empowering match, I send out a personal email with a link to book a free 30 minute alignment call, within 48 hours of receiving your application. This is where we'll get clear on your biggest goals and desires, and also where I'll answer any Q's you might have about working together. If we’re not the best fit right now, my team will let you know via email within 7 days of receiving your application.



How do I know that this is for me?

You will know that this is for you by feeling seen, heard, and understood by my words here. You will feel a resounding yes in your body. I no longer accept clients who are on the fence about working together. I only work with women who are 150% ready to go ALL-IN for the next four months with me.

How do I know this will work for me?

I’m going to guide you outside of your comfort zone, consistently. In order to create different results in your life, you’ll need to operate from outside your current comfort zone AND current persona. I know that might sound scary but it’s actually really liberating! The transformation I am most interested in facilitating with you, is in helping you feel like your empowered, badass, and affluent future self, right now.

I feel the YES, but the investment brings up fear. What does this mean?

I would journal on this Q: “What do I stand to lose by not investing in support?” and “a year from now, will I regret NOT investing in this support?” See what comes up for you.  

What are your coaching calls like? What can I expect?

Here is what I am not going to do: I am not going to gloss over your emotions or your challenges, and try to cover them up with strategies. We are going to address what you come forward with. All of You is welcome here. Meaning, all of you is welcome on our calls. You can show up crying. You can show up elated. You can show up frustrated and angry. All of you is welcome. You can show up feeling clear and needing strategy, too. A call with me might be focused on emotional/energetic work one week, and results oriented strategy the next week. I show up ready to serve you in the best way possible, with the tools I have.

Tell me more about the Embodiment Tools!

I’d love to! Your custom welcome package will include: a rose quartz yoni egg (for self-compassion and self-forgiveness work), a black obsidian yoni egg (for womb clearing aka letting go of old stored memories from the pelvis), a nephrite jade egg (for sexual energy cultivation) and a pleasure wand (rose quartz or obsidian). Your welcome package also includes two books that I choose intuitively, and a set of flower essences from La Vie De La Rose, to help with the emotional changes and energetic shifts you’ll be making. All of these tools are for your use at home, and are wonderful compliments to the six-week Permission to Prosper coaching program, which you gain access to as soon as you’ve enrolled to work 1:1.