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It's time to do what you came here to do.

It's time to commit to your highest creativity. 

It's time to let money serve You.


Do you ever feel:

+ Like your dreams are just out of reach, if only you had more money...

+ Frustrated and even angry that you have to say NO to things you want and love because of money?

+ Stuck at a certain level of income and unsure how to breakthrough to the next-level?

+ Tired of the ‘hustle’ and ready to embrace a better, more sustainable way to live on purpose while making a profit?


 Do you Still have some money discord despite trying all the things?

Saying NO to something you deeply desire, whether it be a training, a coach you want to work with, a jar of gourmet almond butter, or moving to a place in the world that's been calling you, because you don't have enough money, straight up sucks!

It's easier to pretend that money isn't the problem, right?
It's easier to say something like, 'It wasn't meant to be' and move on.

But moving on is not something that actually happens until you change — not only in your mind, but on a cellular level.

And money, is like blood. It needs to move freely and circulate through your life in abundance in order to fulfill its purpose — which is to serve your purpose.

I know how hard it was to dish out the no's, because I lived in financial discord for the first twenty five years of my life.

From a young age, I separated money from spirituality.

I got the message that money would make me materialistic and manipulative, and another message that poverty was spiritual and holy.

I internalized that I was too good for money, and drew conclusions based on my upbringing that money was evil and money hurt people.

I spiritually bypassed money my whole life. And I was incredibly broke because of it.

Again and again, I found myself struggling with money. I’d make some, only to look up a week later with nothing to my name. The cycle repeated. There was never enough.

When i felt The urge to step into my creative calling, my limiting beliefs and emotional patterns around money, followed me. 

When I realized that the lack of money in my life was preventing me from living my Highest Creativity on this planet, and that it was preventing me from being the best me I could be, I woke up hard + fast. 

I've gone from scraping by on 2-3k a month and scavenging for change to buy my kombucha outside the health food store, to booking tens of thousands of dollars in sales at a time, doing work that I feel is a natural extension of who I am.
Just keeping it real: I used to feel like I was going to have to wait for an inheritance to bring my visions to life. That was dis-empowerment at it's darkest, for me. Now I know (and have experienced) that I CAN create money in ways that feel good to me.

I'm telling you this because, if I can do it, you can do it.

Stepping into a life of abundance, is a gift you bring to the planet. it starts with you. it starts right now. it starts when you give yourself permission to prosper.

You're meant to live and breathe freely on this physical plane.

You're meant to be RICH, in money, time, experiences, creativity, and JOY.

Can you see yourself, glowing and dressed the way you'd like to be dressed?

Confident and magnetic to life-changing opportunities?

Can you imagine serving others from a place of overflow — of time, energy, and resources?


Permission to Prosper

a six week digital Program with jillian anderson for healers, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs, who want to transform their relationship with money and step more fully into THEIR purpose.

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Permission to Prosper is for you IF YOU:


+ want to make an extra 1k, 5k, or 10k a month

+ need to breakthrough your current income ceiling

+ master your emotions related to money so you can finally make decisions based on resonance (and not on cost)

+ grow your income in a way that doesn't sacrifice your values or well-being

+ release the unconscious vows, and ancestral patterns, that may stand between you and the creative + financial results you crave


THE Permission to prosper CURRICULUM:


In permission to Prosper You Receive:

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+ 6 Weeks of Transformational digital contenT (video, Audio, and printable pdfs).


+ A Private SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY OF like-minded women


Permission to Prosper is Open for Enrollment!

you can get started, today.

When you enroll, you'll receive a link to your Permission to Prosper student portal, and an invitation to our private Permission to Prosper Facebook community.

Then, each week, for six weeks, you'll receive a new session in your email inbox.


What Women Are saying:

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“Permission to Prosper literally paid for itself within the first two weeks of starting the course!”

During Permission to Prosper I developed the confidence to charge prices for my services that are more in alignment with what I want, and it helped me launch a new type of juice cleansing program that I had been thinking about (but was afraid to promote because I was nervous that people would find it expensive). Not only have I introduced the program to my community, I have already raised the price!

In all honesty, Permission to Prosper literally paid for itself within the first two weeks of starting the course!  The value I received from the course is priceless... ALL of the components in the program have been such valuable keys to my healing process and the confidence I now feel.

— Liz Forrest


"I am now consciously welcoming money into my life!"

"Before working with Jillian, I didn’t even know that I had a relationship with money or know what I wanted it to look like. So many shifts happened and a'ha moments! I now know that I have powerful sexual energy and I need not be ashamed of it. I can channel my sexual energy in healthy ways that make me feel deeply fulfilled. After working with Jillian, money is flowing to me and I am now consciously welcoming money into my life! The foundation of my money relationship is now solid and from a place of love and confidence in myself."

— Kelly Cole


"I NOW have the skills and intuition to run my biz in a way that's appropriate for me!"

"Before working with Jillian, I was doubting the way in which I ran my business. After working with Jillian, I feel reassurance that I have the skills and intuition to run my biz in a way that's appropriate for me. My approach to my work has changed and while I have always loved my craft, I've come to respect and honor myself so much more. I also became so much more open to receiving abundance and I became more aware of the countless ways it was appearing in my life!"

— Jess Murray


"I continue to make the income goals I set!"

“Before working with Jillian, I was having trouble staying consistent. I was very disconnected from my yoni and unaware of how reconnecting with it would have impacts in all aspects of my life. After working with Jillian, I have less fear around being seen. I feel I have a much better understanding of my mind, body, soul connection. It’s amazing how a jade egg practice can make you more confident and productive! I found myself on 3 occasions asking for more money. In the past I would have been more likely to accept what was offered and live with it. Now I have more confidence and self-worth around asking for what I believe I deserve! I continue to make the income goals I set! Something I have never done before and it feels incredible. I keep setting them higher and higher!”

— Rachel Weinrich

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"I manifested a home, a lover, and financial stability (even though I wasn't working!)"

“During Permission to Prosper, I manifested so much! The exercises brought so many desires into my life within weeks of asking. I manifested a home, a lover, financial stability (even though I wasn't working), and support. All within the few weeks of the course!! I’m still working on launching my business but I now have so many incredible tools to use.” 

— Jill Pollard


"I've raised my rates with confidence!"

“Before Permission to Prosper one of my biggest challenges was understanding my blocks to abundance and fully owning my own worth. Learning where my money blocks originated was so, so powerful. I now have raised my rates with my current offerings with confidence. I am also creating new offerings that are in more alignment with my soul's purpose. I am bringing in financial abundance daily that I could not have previously imagined.”

— Becca Sarich

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"I learned how to graciously receive.”

Before working with Jillian, I knew I had a lot of money blocks and baggage but I had no idea how to start to do the work of dealing with this obstacle. I felt lost in a life that felt untapped; having so much potential and motivational energy but uncertainty in how to execute it. One of my biggest struggles was to learn how to truly sit back and graciously receive.

Now, I am capable of trusting myself to go into the "scary" places of my psyche; to have discussions that frighten me and to state my Truth. I realized that I don't need anyone to like me because I like myself! I have cleaned up and am taking responsibility for a lot of my part in the previously shame triggering money stories that I had. I manifested the funds to participate in a dream-come-true training to be a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. I'm also able to really be in my body, enjoy receiving pleasure and enjoy co-creating it with a partner.  

— Emily Jameson

what happens once you enroll?

Each week for six weeks, you'll receive access to a Permission to Prosper teaching session, in addition to the corresponding downloadable exercises/worksheets that are designed to prompt breakthroughs and discoveries so you can move more fully into a new way of being.

You'll get lifetime access to this program and it's incredible free community for as long as it runs. That means as Permission to Prosper gets juicier with each year, you'll have access to the upgrades and bonuses. Awesome, I know!

The Value:

Inside of Permission to Prosper you're going to get 6 weeks of pattern shifting instruction, and private FB community support, for just $697 (it's great, I know).

It’s my Knowing that Permission to Prosper will serve you as you create + align with your ideal lifestyle, your burning desire to contribute positively, and your heart's desire to receive more.


This is for you.

Photo By: In Her Image Photography

Photo By: In Her Image Photography



I help creative + spiritual women, just like you, step into new relationships with work and money by accessing + cultivating the power of their sacred sexual energy.

. You have self-imposed limitations that you're here to transcend. As you peel back the layers, and step more fully into the Truth of who you are, you liberate not only yourself, but all those whose lives you touch.

I can help you create true change in your life by helping you tap into the divine intelligence of your body. 

In learning to access more of your feminine essence you will naturally begin to attract those exhilarating opportunities, bigger pay days, more fulfilling Soul-aligned work, and the natural unfolding of your  creativity in this world.

You can't just change your thoughts to transform your relationship with money. You need to get your body on board, and I'd be honored to help you do that.

You may have seen my work Featured in:


Q: Do I have to have my own business to benefit from this program?
A: No, you don't. Money comes in unexpected ways from unexpected places, if you believe it to be so. If you haven't started a business yet, you'll still benefit in leaps and bounds from this six week coaching program. 

Q: Will the LIVE Q+A call be recorded in case I can't make it live?
A: Yes. It will be recorded for your convenience and accessibility. 

Q: What happens after I enroll?
A: You'll be redirected to a thank you page, and an email will automatically be sent to your email inbox with your student portal link + login information. You'll receive session I upon enrollment. Then, each week for the next five weeks you'll receive a session in your inbox.

Q: How is Permission to Prosper different from other money-mindset training's?
A: There are many money-mindset courses out there — Permission to Prosper is different because it's focus is to bring you visceral + full body change. It's not just your mind that needs to shift when it comes to making money. It's your entire body-mind. 

Q: What if I already have a jade egg but want to sign up?
A: If you already have a jade egg but want to sign up, I encourage you to sign up anyway! This is going to take your jade practice to the next-level! You'll have a new nephrite jade egg sent to you that's included with the course. 

Q: How is the content released?
A: Each week for six weeks, you'll receive access to a new session in your Permission to Prosper student portal. The content is sent out weekly via email to ensure you have time to integrate + implement what you've learned. 

Q: What if I'm really busy right now but still want to sign up?
A:  Do it! You can listen to the sessions at your convenience. The weekly session will require an hour, and each week there will be an assignment that will likely require anywhere from 30-90 min. There are likely things on your schedule that you can trim and prune back to make it happen. And, you'll have access to all the sessions + teachings forevs. 

Q: What if I'm pregnant and want to enroll? Will that affect my ability to participate in the jade practices? I've heard that you're not supposed to use a jade egg while pregnant?
A: What a gift to your child that you want to do this work NOW before he or she arrives. Even though I do not recommend or instruct women to use the jade egg while pregnant, there are modifications and other ways you can anchor this healing work into your body. So, yes, you're still very welcome and open to receiving incredible value from these teachings

Q: How Do I Know Permission to Prosper Will Work For Me?
A: Great Q! If you tune in deeply to every session, and take action on the assignments, you will see results quickly. Like any coaching program, your success is dependent on you showing up with yourSelf 100%, with the willingness to change.

It's Your Time.

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"Before working with Jillian my biggest challenge was believing that I could even make money from a service that I provide. When we began dissecting the thought and behavioral patterns when it comes to money, I realized I had been harboring such strong feelings of fear around money. I had to learn to trust myself and the flow of money through me. I had to TRUST THAT ABUNDANCE WAS MINE. After working with Jillian, I find myself less fearful of taking action towards building a business and I see myself teaching my yoga classes and being compensated for them."

— Jessica Cardenas | @gracefullyjess


"I've NEVER seen anyone else approach prosperity healing in quite this way."

"Over course of the last several months, I've really embarked on a journey of healing my self-worth as it relates to prosperity, from multiple different angles. Jillian calls for a need of deep sacral chakra healing, to heal old traumas and our relationship with sex and pleasure as a pathway for achieving wealth, reclaiming power, and tapping into prosperity. Believe me when I say that I've done so much healing on prosperity, including through my own money healing course, and I've NEVER seen anyone else approach prosperity healing in quite this way.

— Sarah Petruno | @sarahpetruno www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com


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"Wow. I knew in my head that everything was connected-- pleasure, prosperity, purpose, flow, meaning, abundance, well-being. I knew in my heart that I needed to RECEIVE again in all levels of my life. But I couldn't bring myself to do it! I somehow couldn't break myself free enough of old, brittle patterning to immerse myself in the juiciness of femininity again. Jillian, being in your presence and hearing the nectar of your truthful words was like a balm to my soul. I could feel myself blossoming with every sentence, and I oscillated between MIND BLOWN and HEART OPENED throughout the entire call. All of these things that I had forgotten! When did I forget what my body and womb have always known? When (and how, and why) did I abandon my body, my sexuality, my pleasure, my desires?  A million thank yous would not be enough to convey my deep, deep gratitude, but I offer them all to you now from the bottom of my heart. Thank you x 1 million."

— Dana Machachek | @danamachachek



"Before working with Jillian, I was having issues around self worth, which resulted in not being able to ask for a suitable price for my offers. I had a breakthrough around the way my family acted with money. I realized that I had exactly the same patterns working in me. I sort of knew this already, but this time it became as clear as never before. After working with Jillian, I feel more confident. I’m writing my newsletter in a different and more personal way. I’m sharing my fears and vulnerability.  And I got such lovely feedback from my clients — they can relate to me a lot more easily now. The same applies to my yoga teaching style, I’m a lot more brave to talk about personal experiences. And I sent an offer out for a yogic spring cleanse for a price I feel happy with, but would have never dared to ask for before. I have more yoga students in my regular classes, now. And I booked 12 participants for my yoga retreat in Portugal this autumn!"

— Barbara Dopfer | www.yogarten.de

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