1:1 Embodied Sexuality 4 Month Coaching Package

Hi Beautiful,

Are you a woman who wants to inhabit her pelvis more fully?

Have you had an experience, or experiences, that have caused you to disassociate from your pelvis, your female anatomy, and your sense of pleasure or desire? 

Do you want to feel that your body is not just on your team, but is your #1 ally and trusted compass, as you navigate living your best life?

Are you a woman who wants to understand the unique role your sexuality and sexual expression has in assisting you to live your most fulling life — creatively, financially, and in your closest relationships?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know:

You are not alone. So many women struggle with this. 

We live in a fractured world, in a culture that has taken sex and sexuality out of everything, and in doing so, has taken a vital part of your holistic psycho-spiritual landscape from you.

What would it be like for you, if you didn’t feel anxiety around your sexuality and desire, but instead felt a grounded sense of peace, and freedom?

What would it be like to feel good enough in your skin, and in your sexual expression?

What would it feel like for you to rediscover a beautiful, natural, and incredible part of yourself?

What’s so important about connecting with your sexuality is:

  + Your sexual expression and your spiritual path are not just parallel, they are deeply interwoven.

+ You’re meant to feel at home in your body. You’re designed for it.

+ Your body (yes, yours) is capable of incredible vitality, radiance, and pleasure.

+ You’re not meant to feel alone and inadequate, when it comes to connecting with the most important people in your life.

+ your sexual energy affects the way you carry yourself in the world, and has a direct impact on the levels of fulfillment, pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction you allow into your experience. 

Your sexuality is for you first. It can accurately guide your creative life, and assist you to cultivate the fulfillment of your deepest desires. 

Every single being has a unique sexual expression, and I believe that unique sexual expression is the most natural thing on earth. 

Introducing the 4 Month 1:1 Embodied Sexuality Coaching Package

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During our four months together, you’ll be guided to walk through various aspects of Womb Clearing, and cultivating your sexual energy, through personalized coaching, and through embodiment exercises with the tools included in your Welcome Package. 

The tools included in your welcome package: Obsidian (for clearing cellular trauma and old memories that live in your tissue), Rose Quartz (for self-compassion and forgiveness work), and Nephrite Jade (for sexual energy cultivation and increasing your sensation, desire, and libido naturally). 

The use of each one of these stones will be timed according to your unique needs.

I help women come home to the body.


Hi, I’m Jillian Anderson, a Pelvic Health Practitioner and Embodied Sexuality Coach, and I help women connect to their pelvis, female anatomy, and sexual energy, in safe and transformational ways, to help them feel more whole and integrated in their life, work, and relationships. 

One of my missions in life is to help women trust, and inhabit their bodies more fully. 

In a world that causes us to disassociate, to feel inadequate, and prompts us to shrink ourselves to be valued, I stand for a vision of deeply embodied women, everywhere, choosing for themselves, what they want, and how they want it. Women who are able to powerfully articulate their needs, while simultaneously knowing those needs are valid.

I was raised roman catholic, and was taught deeply, that my sexuality was for someone else (a man) and not for me. Because of this, I gave myself away. I gave my power away. I gave my radiance and my life force away. I didn’t know that my sexual energy and my sexual expression were for me, first. 

As a child, like many girls, I was conditioned to believe the natural cycle of the female body was dangerous, and could not be trusted. I spent my childhood wishing I was a boy, because I thought, if I was a boy, that I would receive the respect, that matched the power I felt inside. Then, in my teenage years, I suppressed my body and my emotions through the use of pharmacueticals, and other substances. 

Through a process of deep ancestral healing, womb/uterus clearing, healing bodywork that prompted emotional release, and embodiment practices, I was able to come further into connection with my own sexuality. 

That connection and trust that I built, helped me to enter more deeply into my body, over time.

It helped me to prepare for a non-medical pregnancy, and an unassisted childbirth, in which I was the primary care provider and birth professional. If you’re not familiar with unassisted childbirth, it means that my partner and I, birthed my son, undisturbed at home, without the presence of a physician or midwife. 

This might sound radical, but I believe it’s the kind of self-empowerment that those with female reproductive anatomy need the most — to understand your body first, is vital. Knowledge is power. Connection is power. 


While preparing for birth, I studied to become my own midwife. Birth was ecstatic and pleasure-able for me. But this story is not extraordinary. It’s my belief that every woman can access this kind of connection with her body, whether that trust will be put to the use in pregnancy, and childbirth, or in other areas of your life. 

The moment my son was born, I looked at him, overwhelmed with Love, and knew I needed to help other women connect to the power inherent in the body, in the pelvis, in their sexual essence and expression.

Over the course of a near decade in the healing arts, I have studied with thought leaders in the fields of anatomy and physiology, women’s reproductive health, and advanced spiritual healing, including Dr. Rosita Arvigo of the Arvigo Institute for Maya Abdominal massage, leading birth and postpartum professionals, abdominal massage specialists, and have also studied intensely, the art of coaching, in addition to the marketing and sales skill required to grow an online business. 

At the time of writing this, I am deepening my study in pelvic health, through a new knowledge and understanding of the way trauma lives in scar tissue, so that I can bring even more healing to women who need this work. 

Together, in the 4 Month Embodied Sexuality coaching package, I bridge the world of intuitive coaching with embodiment practices, to help you come home to your body in a new way. 

As we guide you into deeper connection with your body, I'll work to keep you accountable in making the changes you're ready to make, whether those changes be in your relationships, in your creative fulfillment, or both. 

Here’s What You’ll Receive Inside of the 1:1 Embodied Sexuality Coaching Package:

+ 1 (75 minute) Deep Dive Session.

+ 7 (75 minute) coaching sessions (biweekly).

+ Voxer Support: 20 minutes of voice messaging support in-between each session, for things that come up.

+ 1 (75 min) Completion + Celebration Call.

+ Up to 3 (90 min) hand’s on abdominal massage + pelvic bodywork sessions (must come to see me).

+ Custom welcome package with healing embodiment tools + resources. 

+ Access to my six week group coaching program Permission to Prosper (where Sacred Sexuality meets Money Magnetism).

+ Customized resources + downloads to assist you work through the material.

Your Investment:

The 1:1 Embodied Sexuality Coaching Package is $4,997 

Or 4 monthly payments of $1,297 

If you feel called to work with me, inside of the 1:1 Embodied Sexuality coaching package, please apply below.

I have a limited number of spaces through which I work with women in this in depth way. If you have any Q’s that have not been answered by the FAQ section, please email us directly at hello@jillian-anderson.com and we’ll be right with you.

How it works: after I receive your application, if I feel we’re a great fit for this work together, you'll receive an email within 48 hours, with a link to book an alignment call, where we'll explore what your unique needs are. 

There is nothing that your sexuality does not affect. 

During our time together, we’ll work on and through, the challenges you have that are unique to you. Together, through a blend of my coaching skills, and embodiment home-work / practices, you will actively work to release old experiences, to cultivate a new relationship to your body, to pleasure, and to living your most creatively fulfilling and connected life. 


Q: I want to do this work, but I'm afraid I won't see any changes in my life. How do I know this will work for me?

A: If you're not sure if the 1:1 Embodied Sexuality Package will work specifically for you, I invite you to apply, to see what comes up for you in the process. We can explore more in person, on an alignment call, to be sure that this work will help you see real changes, and make real shifts, in your life. 

Q: I am on birth control and that affects my libido. Can I still do this work to connect to my desire without changing up my birth control routine? 

A: This is something we can explore together, on an alignment call. Each client's process is unique to her.

Q: How is this work different from therapy? 

A: I am not a therapist, nor am I a medical practitioner. My approach is a blend of intuitive coaching with self-study embodiment practices. My approach is that deep healing can be accessed by getting into your tissues, and letting your body lead. Talk therapy is great, but working with your body, is an entirely different approach. I also believe that lasting change comes from doing this deep work. 

Q: I am afraid of the investment but I feel called to work with you. Is there another way we can work together to help me experience pelvic healing that is more in my price range? 

A: Yes! If you'd like to book hand's on bodywork sessions with me, you can do so here. You can book an initial consultation, and from there, a package of sessions. I'm currently working on creating new free resources for you, as well. Hand's on bodywork sessions do not include my coaching services. 

Q: What tools come in the welcome package? 

A: You'll receive an intuitively chosen kit of La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences, 1 Obsidian Egg, 1 Nephrite Jade Egg, 1 Rose Quartz Egg, and your choice of an Obsidian Shakti Wand, or Rose Quartz Shakti Wand, in addition to a selection of 1-2 books that I find applicable to our work together. 


Thank you so much for being you, and for being open and willing to the changes that are about to occur in your life. You deserve fulfillment, deep connection, and all the magic that this life has in store for You.

Holding your vision,

Big Love,