What to Do When You Have a Tipped Uterus


Women visit me because they experience painful periods, low back pain, and pelvic congestion. Others want to increase fertility, conceive naturally, and balance their hormones. While we review her health history sometimes a woman will say, “Oh yes, I was told I have a tipped uterus”.

If you are new to holistic medicine, one of the fundamentals is to find and address the root cause of your symptoms. If you experience painful menstruation, we work to discover why the pain exists rather than provide you temporary relief. Your symptoms are messengers that tell you something needs to be healed on a deeper level.

Before I studied the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT), I was unaware that your uterus could be manually relocated by gentle, non-invasive, abdominal massage techniques. Our amazing female reproductive organ is held in place by fourteen ligaments with various attachment points in the lower abdominal pelvic cavity. These ligaments are divinely designed to lengthen and shorten to accommodate the expansion of the uterus in its pregnant state. Because of this, it’s prone to wander.

The position of your uterus effects your entire reproductive system. Western medicine does not directly treat a tipped uterus. Typically, a woman is told that it is normal and is prescribed synthetic contraception for the ailments that arise. The position of the uterus (if less than optimal for an extended period of time) can lead to lymph, blood, and nerve blockages that later manifest as fertility challenges, difficult childbirth, and more.

If conception and birth are not your concern right now it is still important to know that when your uterus is off center your entire pelvic region is in a state of imbalance. For optimal health it should be central in the pelvic cavity. Your uterus correlates to your sacral chakra, the energy center where your creations (your life-art, brilliant ideas, book plan, all your yummy desires) are nurtured and born. Your sacral chakra channels the unique power you need to move forward in your life. So, what are you to do when you discover your uterus is tipped?

Be aware: This knowledge is empowering and will change the way you view your health forever.

Big Love,

Jillian Xx

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