They Are Getting Featured, Published, and Paid, but You're 'Still Not There Yet'

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I recently read a really terrible book. It truly sucked in all the ways it could have. 

Beneath the catchy title, it was dry and boring. I didn’t like the style or the tone. It had all these extra words it didn’t need, and it was super repetitive — NOT in a good way. 

The person who wrote this book? 

I have seen him featured on many a big podcast. I’ve seen his interviews all over YouTube. I haven’t watched a ton of them, but the title of his book caught my attention, so I bought it. 

Before I go on, full disclaimer: I’m one of the people online who is committed to promoting what she’s into/what she believes in, opposed to writing about what she doesn’t like, ESPECIALLY when it involves another person’s creative work and in this case, livelihood. 

So, I’m NOT going to tell you who the author of this book is because It really doesn’t matter, and it’s irrelevant to the message I want to deliver today.

What I need you to know is EXACTLY how I felt as I started reading chapter two of this not-so-good and poorly written book.

I felt…



A fiery feeling that spoke three little words: why not me?

Why. Not. Me?

If this man can write this shitty book, and publish it, and be all over the internet with it, and have people buying it, or at least buying into the idea of it, WHY NOT ME?

Why. Not. Me?

As someone who has been writing her whole life, and someone who has let multiple book projects die in the computer graveyard, and as someone who feels very deeply called, WHY NOT ME? 

Why = what’s the reason?

Not = I don’t have...

Me = what I feel called to do/be/have? 

I know you have moments of this, too. 

When you’re scrolling Instagram, and that person who is in your industry, who has a similar job description or calling as you, has epic amounts of followers and comments and maybe she’s getting a book deal now, etc etc and you pause, you examine, and before you scroll on, you think:

I’m talented. I’m skilled. I’m educated. I’m called.

And whether you realize it or not, a part of you is speaking, and she’s saying: WHY NOT ME? 

I’m going to now tell you WHY. NOT. YOU. 

As in, why it hasn’t been you. Why it hasn’t been you YET...

It hasn’t been you because you haven’t fully claimed it as yours. 

It hasn’t been you because you’ve been dancing on the edge of your work, instead of DEEP IN THE CENTER, IN THE FIRE OF IT, instead of just saying, THIS, this is what I want to do and thank you very much. 

It hasn’t been you because you haven’t reached out with both hands and TAKEN IT, maybe because you’ve been taught not to take, or maybe because you can’t imagine that you CAN HAVE IT.

It hasn’t been you because you’ve decided not to be ready.

It hasn’t been you because you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not there yet!

It hasn’t been you because you’ve been some-daying it. Some day this and some day that.

It hasn’t been you because you’ve made it this BIG IMPOSSIBLE HARD-TO-REACH THING when in fact it is the most natural extension of you, and the natural next progression of you...

It hasn’t been you…


You haven’t allowed it to be You.

That book I bought that sucked?

It wasn’t a waste of money (even though I barely made it through chapter two). It may have been the most valuable book I have ever purchased, because it prompted the moment I decided to claim it. 

It was the moment I decided — I AM following through. I WILL finish this current book project and I WILL publish it and I WILL be accountable to myself.

And if someone thinks it sucks that’s cool, it won’t matter, because I will go to sleep proud of myself while knowing I did what I was called to do.

Big Love,


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