3 Ways to Embrace Your Shadow & Why You Should


We all have demons we must face, patterns to break, and qualities that need transformation. This is the nature of your life. This is why you are here.

You came to progress, to grow, to transcend, and to unfold. Your dark side, also known as your shadow, is revealed to you through the unique dynamic of your relationships. It’s no accident that the ones you've chosen as your closest companions are also the ones that challenge you the most.

Naturally you’re with the man that draws your demons out of hiding. You birth the children that trigger you in the ways you need to be triggered. Instead of running from these relationships (and yourself) you can learn to work with your shadow. You can start to feel gratitude for those people in your life who hold up the mirror and challenge you to grow.

Here’s the thing: If you wait until you are perfect you will spend many days dissatisfied with yourself. True happiness lies in the acceptance of your whole self: the good and the bad.

To embrace your shadow means to cradle the parts of you that you find the most difficult to love. You can begin to welcome these parts of you that you might not want to accept.

There will always be someone in your life who brings your dark side bubbling to the surface until you see clearly what you need to release and rebuild. When you face and embrace your darkness you can understand yourself more deeply, love yourself more fully, and release pent up emotions that effect you more than you realize. 

Here are Three Ways to Embrace Your Shadow:

1. Draw or paint a picture of her. Access your subconscious mind by sitting down with a big blank piece of paper. Let go of any thoughts that block your flow such as ‘I’m not an artist’ or ‘I can’t draw’. Remember, your picture does not need to look like anything. This is a simple and powerful way for you to connect with the parts of you that need love the most. Once your shadow is on paper try telling her how you feel about her.

2. Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself directly in the eye. Hold your gaze. Say out loud ‘I love you. I accept you. I appreciate you.’ If you can’t manage an ‘I love you’ say ‘I see you’ instead. Repeat as many times as necessary. This practice is known as mirror work. It holds you accountable and it encourages you to be your biggest support system. It can bring you to emotional release, realization, and resolution. Mirror work is a powerful way to acknowledge the parts of you that need a little extra TLC.

3. Write a letter to your shadow. Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen. Just let the words flow. Don't worry about punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Ask your shadow why she makes an appearance. Ask her why she reacts. Ask her any question you'd like. Writing her a letter is an effective way to process and integrate your experiences. 

Understand yourself more deeply by accepting your shadow. When you can invoke compassion within yourself you will easily feel a deeper connection to all life. Here's to living your truth in wholeness and harmony.  

In Joy & Love,

Jillian Anjali




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