The Pleasure of Now: 3 Ways to Be More Sensually Embodied

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"Sensual Enlightenment" (2016) by Cat De Pillar 

"The feminine mystery lives in the Now. Its energies are concentrated on what is happening in the moment -- a forget-me-not sparkling with dew, the scent of wet pine, a hesitant hand -- all uniquely coming together Now. It relaxes into total concentration and is. The feminine does not save itself for some glorious moment in the future, nor grieve over some lost moment in the past. It holds nothing back. Now is all there ever is." -- Marion Woodman

I've needed this medicine my entire life.

My self-worth used to depend on the results I created, or the things I did. It took me years to realize that producing results all month long is not the natural rhythm of earth or woman.  

Most of us are burdened by an excess of doing, and in turn, are lacking the pleasure of being. In a rush to produce results, attain an outcome, and accomplish the next big thing on the list, we miss out on what's before us, here and now.

We've been denying ourselves the sweet nectar of Now. Whether our Now, is dark or light, we must enter it fully, or put life on hold until death.

The dictionary won't tell you the real definition of sensuality. It won't tell you that to enter life through the senses, to be attuned to what is, is your passport to heavenly bliss. 

We must stand unabashedly in our wildness -- in our sensuality, our cyclical nature, our intuition, compassion, and desire for inclusion. We must be still, and be here Now.

To live radically is essential. As western women, I'm convinced that we have no other choice. 

To say yes to Now, we must say no to over-doing and to validating ourselves through external accomplishments. We must say no when we need rest. We must say no to hiding behind the masks other's expect us to wear and chasing someone else's version of fulfillment. 

We must weave this new web, on our own terms. We must seek alignment over attainment. We must move swiftly to reclaim our bodies as sacred ground.

Sensuality has been shunned by the judeo-christian influence for thousands of years, perpetuating an inaccurate understanding of it's true essence as immoral. 

The west is heavily indoctrinated by teachings that perpetuate myths: sex is sinful, your body is less-than-holy and cursed, your blood is dirty, and desire is responsible for humanity's fall from grace. 

But we know better. We know our sensuality is not a curse. We know it's a blessing, a gateway to bliss and union. We know how to self-celebrate and shine so bright that other women (and men) will catch a glimpse of us and remember themselves, too.

We are testing the waters with our feminine power. We are doing the work. We are meeting our new growth edge, receding like the tide, and then meeting it again with the willingness to shed what no longer serves us. 

The old stories that have burrowed home in our psyche, must be eradicated if we are to reclaim our sexuality as ours to cultivate for life.

Let's be the sensual women that we are without fear of repercussion. Let's silence the voices that say we're drawing too much attention to ourselves, that we're taking up too much space, that we'll be abandoned for our radiance. 

Let's live how we would live anyway. Let's let our sweet desire guide us, to carry this planet forward in sustainability. 

Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Be More Sensually Embodied:

1. Take Your Shoes Off (or Your Clothes)

Feel the Earth beneath your body. Tap into her rhythmic pulse. Know that you are One with Her. Let her heal you, let her hold you, let her absorb anything that no longer serves you. 

2. Awaken Shakti through the Taoist Jade Egg Practice

Pleasure is potent medicine. Your ability to feel pleasure is your ability to receive life. Starting a jade egg practice often brings us face to face with our self-imposed limitations and the ways in which we have been blocking our own pleasure, abundance, love, and ultimately our highest good. 

3. Take a Dance Class (or Dance it Out at Home)

The medicine here is to shake it out, to move your body, and to enter this sacred moment. Don't worry about what you look like, just play an inspiring song, and let go. This never fails to help me when I'm lost in worry or unconsciously rushing. 

A little extra: This woman always inspire me to dance...

Halo Seronko of Shakti Temple Arts || @shaktitemplearts

I'd Love to hear from you: What most often keeps you from being present now? What were you taught about your sexuality or sensuality as a child (directly or indirectly)? What is your favorite way to drop back into the pleasure of your body in this moment? 

Love + Love,

Jillian Xx

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7 Signs You Enjoy an Evolved Sex Life


When it comes to sex and relationships you’ve likely been conditioned with unhealthy beliefs.

Then, you’re tasked with unlearning the misinformation so you can ditch the guilt, shame, and dependence and get straight to authentic connection again. Luckily, when you do, things start to look more like this...

Seven signs you enjoy an evolved sex life:

1. You’re comfortable with eye contact.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. When you can look directly into his eyes you're comfortable with being seen for who you are. Holding eye contact can be uncomfortable at first but it’s a practice that opens you up to a deeper level of trust and pleasure than before.

2. Orgasm is not the goal.
You don’t let the end determine the whole experience. You let it unfold. You aim to be present. If he comes too soon, or you don’t come at all, you’re not routinely disappointed. 

3. Crying is acceptable.

Crying is a sign of vulnerability. Sex can touch you so deeply that an emotional release is inevitable. When this release happens you surrender to it. It’s healthy to let emotions flow through you. It’s not healthy to hold onto them. 

4. You’re uninhibited. 

When you don’t worry what your partner thinks you can fully enjoy sex. You are present. You know how to get out of your own way and let yourself go

5. You go slow.

You understand that sometimes moving less means feeling more. You aim to take your time. Hollywood glorifies the fast paced sex scene but they’ve missed the mark and distorted our expectations in the process. 

6. Orgasm and Ejaculation can be Separate Events.
For the men: holding your seed (not coming) is not necessary 100% of the time but it’s sooo important to understand. Consistent ejaculation can negatively impact your energy levels and health. Semen is concentrated life-force energy. When you discover orgasm beyond ejaculation it's a game-changer that has benefits far beyond better sex.

7. You Communicate.

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You’re not afraid to speak up. You don’t expect your partner to just get you or your body. You are comfortable with letting your walls down and showing him how you like to be touched. This communication is reciprocated. 

Let us know in the comments below:

Which one of these changed your sex life the most?

For me #1 was huge. I had a boyfriend who I could n e v e r make eye contact with. I was self-conscious and afraid of being seen. I had a mega personal breakthrough when I was able to truly see myself and my partner without judgement or criticism. 


Jillian Xx


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