When I Periodically Stop Believing In Myself.


It's a sneaky thing that happens, this NOT believing in myself, that prevents me from showing up and doing my work consistently.

Not believing in myself? It often wears the mask of procrastination, perfectionism, or the mask of complete and utter confusion. And sometimes the mask looks more like overwhelm, or like a random idea I get in my mind.

The most recent form of not believing in myself showed up as this idea: "I can't possibly write blog posts right now, I need to work on the book."

When I explored that statement I knew for a fact that it wasn't true. It's EASY for me to write blog posts while working on bigger projects. Of course it is! Writing is what I do and what I Love, why wouldn't that be easy for me?!

I came to realize that the statement, "I can't possibly right blog posts right now. I need to work on the book" was actually just masking my fear of... not being good enough.

I came to realize that that statement was untrue because the energy and result was inaction — the same result I create when I let other false stories win!

The feeling underneath the inaction was a weird dissatisfaction — a knowing that I wasn't actually utilizing my gifts fully or consistently to the best of my ability.

When a few weeks have rolled by and I suddenly realize that I haven't been able to officially hit publish, I get curious about what's really going on.

So, my message for you today is this: what's really going on?

  • Are you allowing your work to flow through you?

  • Are you letting false stories prevent you from showing up?

  • Are you going to bed at night with a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction?

  • Or is something off that you need to examine and explore?

Check in with yourself and shift if you need to.

Big Love,


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