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Let's talk about your shift into receiving MORE — more income, more impact, more fulfillment — all of it. 

(If that triggers you, I understand, because statements about 'receiving MORE' still trigger me sometimes).

I know what it’s like to slowly and steadily build a community online, but not be making any money through my efforts. 

I know what it’s like to be focusing on all the things the experts say to focus on, but again, not be seeing any direct financial results.

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My first ‘launch’ was of a $9 digital product I created called ‘The VMAP’ and, you may or may not remember that. 

Actually if you do, respond to this and let me know who you are because that’s incredible and I want to say hi. 

What I was saying about not seeing the results yet: at some point, you need to give yourself ultimate permission to be the CREATRIX — the Creatrix of products and offerings you LOVE (products and offerings that solve immediate problems, mind you). 

Then, you need to get those products and offerings to people who’re READY FOR THEM NOW. 

What’s it take? Is it really that hard? What do you have to do? 

Here’s what you CAN’T do:

🔹You can’t continue to avoid the inspired nudges of your Soul. 

🔹You can’t continue to work around the big scary next step. 

🔹You can’t continue to dawdle. I don’t think I have used the word dawdle in one single post, ever. Here’s to firsts. 

🔹You can’t continue to let your perfectionism and procrastination WIN (it’s distracting you from your confidence and your self-worth, isn’t it)? 

At what point will you DECIDE that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH — that waiting is costing you years, money, opportunities, memories with your loved ones, and your growth?

At what point will you DECIDE that it matters less what your family / friends / colleagues think about you and MORE what you think about yourself when you wake up and feel the feelings of ‘holy sh*t I am doing it, I am going for this, I am in alignment with my heart and my life’. 

At what point will you decide that you’re DONE with your own excuses?


I mean, you know logically and conceptually, that you CAN do this — you CAN create a program that becomes a product that you can then sell repeatedly. A program that gets your students and clients results, without you needing to be physically present in real-time. 

And then, you can go on to create EVEN MORE. 

The sky is the limit. Oh wait, no, there is no limit. 

But there is only no limit when you’re not working against yourself anymore — and when all of you is on board. 

What’s it going to take? To get all of you ON BOARD?


The goal: to facilitate your first (or next) five-figure group program launch (work smart now, so you can have more time freedom and flexibility when you need it the most). 

The mission beneath the goal: to help you create a life that’s more supportive of your cyclical nature as a woman

 (you're not meant to *always* be working, you know?) 

You ready? 

You done with the fear and perfectionism and procrastination?

Get all the details and apply here:

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9 Lessons I Learned From My First 10k Group Program Launch

Photo by: In Her Image

Photo by: In Her Image

Hi Beautiful, 

This post has been brewing for a while.

I want to tell you everything.

Because I want you to launch your thing, sign your clients, and really go for it, before you’re ready — before you feel qualified. 

There are people out there who need your work, remember? 

It’s my intention that this post will do two things for you, a) give you permission b) light a fire under you to make sh*t happen. 

When I started my business three years ago, I had no idea how many micro steps I would take to take me to where I am today. 

From the outside looking in, business success might look like some kind of BIG LEAP. But from the inside, from where I stand, 98% of my growth has come from hearing the guidance, and taking the aligned micro actions. 

Are you doing both? 

Are you hearing the guidance of your Soul? Are you making space for it to come through daily? AND, are you acting upon the guidance? Or are you pushing it away with ‘no, not now, no I’m not ready yet, come back later.’ 

You only need to do two things: Hear the guidance, and act on the guidance. 

Here are 9 Lessons I Learned from my First 10k Launch: 

1. You don’t have to have your actual course/program/thing COMPLETE before you launch it and sell it. It’s true. For my first #PermissiontoProsper launch, I used what industry leader Jeff Walker calls a ‘seed launch’ and sold a LIVE group program, before I had even written the program. 

Note: I did have an outline and an clear idea what I’d be teaching because whatever you’re offering, it needs to be mapped out enough to write magnetic copy for your divine sales page. 

2. You’re going to freak out during the ‘open cart’ — especially if you haven’t launched before. Launching brought up all my fears and limiting beliefs. When you open up for enrollment, and are anxiously awaiting the first sign ups, breathe deeply and go for a walk. Your ego might go wild with thoughts like:

“No one wants to buy this!
I might be crazy!
What if I put this all together and no one signs up?! 
Is this good enough?!
I should have waited until the NEXT full moon!”

When this happens, stay on your mindset game powerfully. Meditate. Keep meditating. Try some EFT. Book a massage. Remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. Take yourself out of the equation and focus on the people you’re here to serve. Focus on service. 

3. You might not hit your goal, and that’s okay. Does anyone talk about this? For this particular launch my goal was to enroll 44 women in my #PermissiontoProsper program, which would generate 21k (before taxes and expenses). I did about half of that. And I was not disappointed! Don’t let the fear of not hitting your goal, stop you from setting your goal. 

4. Sending all the sales emails and reminders will only feel OKAY if you stay anchored in giving + service. The entire purpose of a launch is to provide FREE value to your people, while inviting some of those people who are ready, to go even deeper with you. And, of course, generate business growth. Again, focus on how you can serve.

Also, don’t be afraid to send reminder emails/multiple emails per day. You know… those emails and posts that say, ‘24 hours left to enroll.’ or ‘12 hours until the doors close’. 

5. Each launch will be easier. I can’t say it’s exactly like riding a bicycle, but once you get the system, structure, and flow down for ONE launch, the next launch will be easier and you will be more confident. Plus, you’ll already have all these sales emails and posts written up to re-purpose, or use exactly as they are, for next time. Leverage, much?

6.  Selling is spiritual practice. Okay, I know, you might not be able to wrap your mind around this one, but when you do, it will serve you, your business, your clients, and your bottom line.

Here’s the thing: If you KNOW that you have tremendous value to give and share in this world, and you don’t do your part (aka sell) to get your offerings into the hands of those people you can help the most — those people are missing out + you don’t have a growing business. 

You have to do your part to get your work into the people’s hands who need it. You’re going to have to energetically feel, within your body, that your work is valuable and NEEDED in order to sell successfully. Now, you can and should SELL in a way that feels aligned to you. But you do need to be fully anchored in the value that you offer, and the belief that other people need that value. 

7. You are not in control. I resisted teaching the #PermissiontoProsper content for many weeks (and actually months if you count me waiting around forever to publish my new FREE e-book on magnetizing money).

I kept saying, ‘Who me? Teach about this? Really?’ 

Meanwhile I was channeling these teachings, lessons, and content, and being guided to put them together into a program…

Surrender to the flow. Make space for the mystery to lead you. You don’t have to know why you’re being guided to do this thing, you just have to trust that these are ideas are coming to the right person (you) for the right reasons, to share with the right people.  

Do your part, show up, and then surrender. Repeat: Spirit/Source/God, if I should have nothing I should have everything in You. I have set my intention, released my arrow, and the rest is up to you. 

8. Do NOT add more work onto your plate, immediately following a launch (or big leap in income), UNLESS you’ve really sat with it, and it feels FULLY aligned. 

We each have a financial operating system like a thermostat.

It looks like this: I’m [insert name here] and I normally expend ‘X amount of energy’ for ‘Y amount of money.’

When you’re reprogramming that thermostat (please do), and more money is coming in than usual, you will try to subconsciously maintain your old thermostat. 

This means, you might get all sorts of requests and opportunities during or immediately after your launch/influx of income, looking for you to contribute/work etc. Don’t take on any projects until you’ve integrated your launch. I don’t want you to have to work harder, in order to experience the new influx of money. 

9. Don’t believe that the month following a launch will be a slow month (money wise). If you believe it to be, it will be so. Instead, be open to maintaining the sense of expansion you’ve created with your launch.

Thanks for reading +  sharing with other women who're ready to launch their program/offerings/things into the world in way that feels Divinely Feminine. 

Big Love,



Go From Overwhelmed to On-Point with Your Purpose Work with the Deeply Supported Mother Workbook


If you want to:

  • identify what needs to come off your plate NOW

  • map (and start to magnetize) your ideal support system with one of my favorite exercises (SO YOU CAN SHIFT INTO TRULY THRIVING)

  • get instant insight on doing work and motherhood on your own terms 

  • take the next-level action steps you’ve been avoiding

Then, this is for you. Download it below for instant access.