Money Makes Me a Better Mommy. Here's How.


It’s all related. Money and motherhood. Stress and triggers.

How you mother, is affected by how you money. There’s no way around it. So it’s probably a good idea to heal it — with just as much determination, motivation, and drive as a person determined to heal the triggers that stem from their childhood trauma.

How are YOU doing money right now? Really, how are you feeling about money right now? Do you feel free? Or constricted?

I know mothers who’ve stayed (or are staying) in so-so and even abusive relationships because of… money. They don’t have enough income to live as a single parent right now and to support their children to their standards.

I know a mother who lives on the Jersey shore who’d much rather be living in Vermont, but she stays in Jersey, because her husband loves it, and he has... the money.

I know a woman who is not getting the midwife she actually wants because the CNM is covered by insurance but the laid back and hand’s off CPM she vibes better with, is not covered, and she doesn’t have the extra money to pay out of pocket, on top of the cost of her unpaid maternity leave.

I myself have made hundreds of decisions based on what I felt was available to me, and what was not, and like every woman in that place, I’ve wondered: how do I blow the lid off of this thing and CREATE + HAVE an unlimited way of living?

I’ll be the first to say (if it hasn’t already been said) that money makes me a better mommy.

Money and the incoming flow of more than enough money allows me to be more present, and grounded with my child (soon to be children). From that place, I think creatively. There exists expansion and possibility. It allows me to serve better, and to make better choices.

But when income dips or expenses increase, or both at the same time (we could talk about the energetics of this in another post) mommy might be pulled under by feelings of stress, worry, or fear...

And that’s when the triggers are easily triggered. That’s when the cortisol is high and the energy is frantic and she burns the toast and drops the avocado. That’s when her trigger buttons are bigger, and her focus is scattered.

Let’s dial this in even more because it’s not just the money that makes you a better mommy, it’s your relationship with the money that makes you a better mommy.

Because there are people who’re triggered at EVERY LEVEL.

There are people who start to worry when their account drops below 10k, just as there are people who start to worry when their account drops below 100k, just as there are people who start to fear when their account goes below $50 or into overdraft, and everything in between and beyond.

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So is it more accurate to say that HAVING MORE THAN ENOUGH makes you a better mommy?

Yes. It’s that energy — that abundant, expansive energy — that changes everything.

And how do you get there and sustain that energy? How do you live from a place of freedom and expansion and trust? How do you create MORE THAN ENOUGH? More than enough FOR YOUR SOUL TO DECIDE?

You do the WORK — the self-worth work. 

You do the WORK — the mind-set work. 

You release blame, and shame, and not-enoughness. 

You take the next inspired step. 
You get clear. 

You ALLOW more, into YOUR BODY and life. 

You see HER (your future self) and you lean into HER, everyday. 

You forgive people and release people. 

You surround yourself with people who GET IT and SEE YOU. 

You show up and CREATE what you feel called to create — not because it’s logical, but because it fuels you and lights you up and guides you forward. 

You make daily decisions that feel hard/scary/uncomfortable. 

You CLAIM it for yourself. 

And you don't stop.

Big Love,
Jillian Xx

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7 Must-Read Money Books for Rising Feminine Leaders

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Hi Beautiful, 
If you’re interested in exploring money-work, and discovering how it can serve you on your path of growth and expansion, I’d recommend any of the following seven books as a great place to start.
What’s really fun + exciting, is soon my own book (on the intersection between sacred sexuality + money magnetism) will be joining the list of books that serve women who’re interested in designing their lives so that they can truly thrive, emotionally, physically, energetically, and financially. Yeeee! 
Enjoy these books, and, if you purchase one, and glean some great insight in the process (you will), feel free to snap an Instagram photo, share your story, and use the hashtag #PermissiontoProsper. Bonus points if you tag both me (@jillianaanderson) and the author. 
I Love Love Love seeing what you’re up to, and watching you step into your power around work + money. You thriving = medicine for the planet/collective. 
Without further delay, here are my top 7 Money Books for Rising Female Leaders (and why I so strongly recommend them):
1. The Art of Money, by Barri Tessler
If you’re interested in infusing your day-to-day money relationship with peace, mindfulness, and well-being, Barri Tessler has got you covered. Her book, The Art of Money, was published by the same company that publishes world renowned mindfulness teacher, Thich Nhat Hahn.

Unlike most books about money, The Art of Money, is not just about how to increase your earning potential. It’s about how to lovingly navigate your financial landscape with mindfulness, and awareness. Bari Tessler, suggests regular ‘Body Check-Ins’ and teaches a powerful framework that I am still implementing in my own life today.  
2. Creating Money, Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer
This particular book is not for you, if you’re not into connecting with your Higher Self, and the energetic realms. In other words, it’s about a 7.5 on the woo-scale. If you’re interested in stepping more fully into your purpose, and learning more of the metaphysical aspects of attracting money, this book is your guide. 
3. Get Rich Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield- Thomas
Denise is so unapologetic about making, having, and spending money, and is an inspiring example of a wealthy + conscious woman in the world. This particular book feels like getting coached 1:1, plus, Denise delivers highly actionable advice + ideas to help you make changes in your money reality, right now. Love her. 
4. You Are a Badass at Making Money, Jen Sincero
I couldn’t put this book down. I read it in two sittings. Reading You Are a Badass at Making Money was like showing up to a VIP coaching weekend, while on cordyceps, polyrachis ant, and reishi (ask my partner Aaron). Jen Sincero will not only kick your ass into your full money making potential, she’ll also make you laugh out loud the entire way there. 
5. Sacred Success, Barbara Stanny
Barbara Stanny cleared up so much for me. Deep bow, Barbara, for paving the way for so many women to step into their financial power. If you’ve ever fantasized about someone (like prince charming, a lottery win, or an inheritance) swooping in to save you from your own financial picture, this book is for you. If you’ve ever wondered what to actually do to make money, this book is for you. If you’ve ever wondered how to really get on the wealth-building road, this is for you. 
6. The Trick to Money is Having Some, Stuart Wilde
Okay, so Stuart can be a little wild, but I Love this book. I love this book specifically, because I was one of those people who rejected society and materialism (from a young age) thinking that the mundane day-to-day stuff didn’t matter in the grand cosmic scheme of things. 

It only took a series of painful + embarrassing wake up calls, and desperate AF experiences for me to realize that my idea of spirituality not including money, was totally distorted and not serving my Highest good. This book is really powerful for those women who may find themselves on the edge of a broken society, wondering how they can be the change, without playing a game that will harm the planet. 
7. Tapping Into Wealth, Margaret Lynch
This book. This book. This book. Holy Wow, did I ever need to read this book. We each have our own nervous system patterning around money: earning it, spending it, saving it, managing it, and more. It’s really important to get underneath the hood of your money-patterns, and Margaret Lynch is a total expert at this. 

I recommend this particular book to everyone. Really, if you want to change your money-patterns, and experience a flood of positive emotions around money, instead of shame, guilt, fear, and limitation, this book will walk you through some deep transformation. 
Enjoy these + let me know which one you’re ordering in the comments below! Also, what are your favorite money books for rising female leaders? I'd love for you to add to the list, too! Let us know in the comments below!
Big Love,


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