What It's Like to Be in One Chapter of Your Life While Wishing for the Next


I remember the beige house on the edge of the cane field. I remember the way the grass swallowed it when he went offshore for two weeks at a time.

I remember the neighbor's flood lights out back, the lights they'd leave on all night long, the lights that would wake me sometimes, and had me thinking the moon was full when it wasn't.

I remember running the muddy tractor paths through the cane. I chose the cane, mud kicking up the back of my shirt, because running on the road meant the trucks would stop and the men would talk — ask me if I needed a ride.

No. I don't need a ride.

I wanted a ride though. Not down the street. Not into town, but into the next chapter of our lives. Fast. Take me. To that life I saw in my mind. That house, that town — it wasn't what I wanted.

I didn't know it then the way I know it know, but there's this process called loving it to leave it.

Try as you may to criticize your way there and you will surely find yourself in the same energy of dissatisfaction — not liking, not loving, and constantly critiquing your life.

Down there in the cane? In the town I couldn't stand?

I got to work appreciating — appreciating every little detail of my life.
I got to work falling in Love.

I got to work cleansing the lens of my perception, and from there, reality began to bend with my energy and mind.

The mud on my shirt.
The flood lights.
The unkept house.
The dull town.
The hungry men.

I got busy loving it all. I ignored every inch of everything I didn't like. I CHOOSE MY INNER WORLD.

And suddenly my outer world was a match.

Within weeks of feeling the sustained emotional state of deep contentment and incredible satisfaction, we were packing up and hitching that ride into our next chapter.

If you're not satisfied in an area of your life: your work, your business, your body, your relationships — any of it, this is your message and your reminder today...

You have to Love it to leave it.

Big love,



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