What to Do When Someone Else is Already Doing What You Want to Do (and They're Doing It Well).

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You can’t avoid it. You can’t hide from it. There she is again, writing those words you meant to write yesterday — saying those things you felt called to say. 

She’s organized. She’s got the blog post/video/platform thing down. She shares her work consistently, and she’s got the following, the readership, and the community to prove it. 

She’s been published in places you want to be published, and she’s prolific in the way you know you could be.

It’s disheartening. It’s debilitating. Because what’s been brewing inside of you is the same work. You want to speak on the same subjects. You want to share the same topics/realizations with the world. 

How can you begin to navigate this? Is there a way through? Or do you need to scrap your ideas and start over?

The questions that plague you as you’re falling asleep can sound like this:

What’s the point of saying what I want to say if she is already saying it?
What if it looks like I am just copying her? And people feel that?
Why should I bother, when people can just go read her stuff, and work with her instead?
Maybe I should learn/study/prepare more before I get started and share what I want to share.

Okay, you magnificent Soul, let’s break this all down so you can do what you came here to do.

Here is what I want you to know the most:

1. The feeling of envy you feel when you see her rockin’ it (if you feel it) is a sign that you need to get to work, in OWNING your desires, and bringing those desires to life. What does she really have that you want? Repeat after me (outloud), "My name is [your name here] and I want ______."

2. There are thousands of people with things to say about money / creativity / emotional mastery / sexuality / self-worth / womb healing / mindfulness / you name it. OWN your area of expertise. Just. own. it. Your whole life has led you to this. 

What if Deepak Chopra decided to stop writing books on spiritual development because there were already thousands of those books already on the shelf? What if Liz Gilbert decided all the things about creativity had already been said? What if Danielle LaPorte decided there were enough day planners already in existence? 

Bring one of your favorite mentors to your mind right now, and think about how many other others are out there, teaching about the exact same thing, that your mentor teaches about. Has comparison stopped them in their tracks?

No, if it had, they would not be one of your mentors. 

3. Your avoidance is obvious. It’s easier to stay on the sidelines and watch other people create things (and then talk about it with your friends) than it is to put yourself out there. It’s easier, and it’s far more comfortable. There’s far less risk in being the critic. 

You’re avoiding your Soul's work, by watching her — by consuming, instead of getting your hands dirty, and putting your heart on the line, with your own creativity.

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Here’s a gentle, but firm reminder: If you don’t put yourself out there, if you don’t honor your ideas, something important/healing/powerful will be lost, and it will be lost from not only your experience, but from those who are ready to receive from You.

Can you get comfortable with the fact that people are waiting for you to RISE? Can you get invested in the fact that there are people out there waiting to be positively impacted by your creativity/knowing/knowledge/wisdom/perspective? 

Unfollow her. Don’t read books by people in your industry if you need to. Be with yourself, and the blank page, or the blank canvas, or the empty recording room.

Get to work. Get going. Trust yourself + your Divine mind. 

Your ideas wouldn’t be coming to you, or rising from within you, if they weren’t asking for you to breathe life into them. 

Go. Breathe. That. Life. 

Now, I'd love to hear from you: Does comparison stop you in your tracks? Are you afraid to work on a project because other people have already created similar projects? What are some of the ways you move through your resistance? Let us know in the comments below — your share might be what someone else needs to hear the most. 

Big Love,

Jillian Xx


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