3 Reasons to Make Friends with Solitude

If you are not already enjoying your precious moments alone, it’s time to make fast friends with the experience of solitude for greater clarity, intuition, and energy. Get ready to get down with some sweet alone time so that you can:

·         get clear

·         be intuitive

·         feel energized

Solitude gives you the opportunity to get clear. Without the distraction of external stimuli you have no choice but to face your inner environment. There’s no better way to see your situation for what it really is than to be quiet, be still, and be alone.

Solitude provides the possibility for you to develop your natural state of heightened intuition. Important messages are always coming to us from Source in various ways. If we are not accustomed to cultivating an open ear, eye, and body for messages we often miss them until they are loud, abrupt, and often involve physical pain. When we spend frequent time alone we are more likely to receive messages before they become too urgent.

Solitude blesses us with an increase in energy. Time spent alone offers a recharge, a renewal, and a refreshed perspective. This new influx of energy is very powerful because it is directed in the way that serves our highest good. This is because we took the time alone to get clear, to listen, and open up to the energy that is always ready to work through us.

Pick a day and plan a few hours to spend alone with yourself. If you’re not new friends with solitude run off for a weekend (or more) alone. Go for a hike, take a relaxing salt bath, or find a creative way to become your own sanctuary. Everything that you need to know is already within you. Enjoy your divine self and the realizations that await!


Jillian Anjali

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