[New Feature] Rock Your Purpose + Write Like a Badass with Jillian Anderson


Hi Beautiful,

I recently had the total pleasure of being featured on the Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast with Stephanie Bellinger and it was such a great conversation. In this episode we talked about:

  • childbirth catalyzing the birth of my business (and the need to be creatively expressed).

  • breaking the rules in business and publishing

  • preparing financially and energetically for life as a creative and ambitious mother

  • how to get over yourself and be prolific AF online

Go listen to episode 104 right here: http://spiritualbossbabe.com/podcast/

You can also find it directly via iTunes right here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-104-rock-your-purpose-write-like-badass-jillian/id1401673317?i=1000448689674

And afterwards, drop me a comment either here, or over on IG, to let me know what part of the conversation sparked movement or motivation for You.

Big Love,


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How long are you going to watch other people get KNOWN, get PUBLISHED, get PAID, and get their words and work to new people, while you sit on the sidelines and wonder what you’re NOT doing right?

How long are you going to rinse and repeat the thought:


I know you have big work to do.

I know you can’t stand to not be on track with this big work.

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They Are Getting Featured, Published, and Paid, but You're 'Still Not There Yet'

Jillian at Dining Room table Writing 2018 .png

I recently read a really terrible book. It truly sucked in all the ways it could have. 

Beneath the catchy title, it was dry and boring. I didn’t like the style or the tone. It had all these extra words it didn’t need, and it was super repetitive — NOT in a good way. 

The person who wrote this book? 

I have seen him featured on many a big podcast. I’ve seen his interviews all over YouTube. I haven’t watched a ton of them, but the title of his book caught my attention, so I bought it. 

Before I go on, full disclaimer: I’m one of the people online who is committed to promoting what she’s into/what she believes in, opposed to writing about what she doesn’t like, ESPECIALLY when it involves another person’s creative work and in this case, livelihood. 

So, I’m NOT going to tell you who the author of this book is because It really doesn’t matter, and it’s irrelevant to the message I want to deliver today.

What I need you to know is EXACTLY how I felt as I started reading chapter two of this not-so-good and poorly written book.

I felt…



A fiery feeling that spoke three little words: why not me?

Why. Not. Me?

If this man can write this shitty book, and publish it, and be all over the internet with it, and have people buying it, or at least buying into the idea of it, WHY NOT ME?

Why. Not. Me?

As someone who has been writing her whole life, and someone who has let multiple book projects die in the computer graveyard, and as someone who feels very deeply called, WHY NOT ME? 

Why = what’s the reason?

Not = I don’t have...

Me = what I feel called to do/be/have? 

I know you have moments of this, too. 

When you’re scrolling Instagram, and that person who is in your industry, who has a similar job description or calling as you, has epic amounts of followers and comments and maybe she’s getting a book deal now, etc etc and you pause, you examine, and before you scroll on, you think:

I’m talented. I’m skilled. I’m educated. I’m called.

And whether you realize it or not, a part of you is speaking, and she’s saying: WHY NOT ME? 

I’m going to now tell you WHY. NOT. YOU. 

As in, why it hasn’t been you. Why it hasn’t been you YET...

It hasn’t been you because you haven’t fully claimed it as yours. 

It hasn’t been you because you’ve been dancing on the edge of your work, instead of DEEP IN THE CENTER, IN THE FIRE OF IT, instead of just saying, THIS, this is what I want to do and thank you very much. 

It hasn’t been you because you haven’t reached out with both hands and TAKEN IT, maybe because you’ve been taught not to take, or maybe because you can’t imagine that you CAN HAVE IT.

It hasn’t been you because you’ve decided not to be ready.

It hasn’t been you because you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not there yet!

It hasn’t been you because you’ve been some-daying it. Some day this and some day that.

It hasn’t been you because you’ve made it this BIG IMPOSSIBLE HARD-TO-REACH THING when in fact it is the most natural extension of you, and the natural next progression of you...

It hasn’t been you…


You haven’t allowed it to be You.

That book I bought that sucked?

It wasn’t a waste of money (even though I barely made it through chapter two). It may have been the most valuable book I have ever purchased, because it prompted the moment I decided to claim it. 

It was the moment I decided — I AM following through. I WILL finish this current book project and I WILL publish it and I WILL be accountable to myself.

And if someone thinks it sucks that’s cool, it won’t matter, because I will go to sleep proud of myself while knowing I did what I was called to do.

Big Love,


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Basically, I’m interviewing new writer and messenger BFFS, and we’re going to hang out, connect deeply, and make the next 9 months EPIC in terms of how we show up, where we show up, and what we show up for FIRST!

I’m SO excited I can hardly stand it! Did I mention that an exclusive 2 day event in Tulum is included? Get alllll the details right here: http://www.jillian-anderson.com/theauthorcircle



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Can Self-Love Bring You the Dream Life, the Abundance, the [Insert Whatever You Want Here] ?


Self-Love: it’s kinda vague, is it not?

When you think of SELF-LOVE, what immediately comes to mind? Do you imagine giving yourself a big hug? Do you imagine looking into the eyes of your inner child and affirming her Spirit? What do you imagine? Just think about it for a sec before we move on.

Now that that’s done, I want you to call to your mind an area of your life you’re looking to experience transformation in. Go ahead, bring it forward.

Maybe it’s your business. Maybe your money. Maybe it’s relationship. Who knows, maybe you’re looking to transform the state of your kitchen sink in the mornings, like I am. Whatever it is, bring it to the front of your mind. Got it?

Okay… Now…


What would shift, if you stopped trying to self-love your way there, and instead, you just started RESPECTING YOURSELF DEEPLY NOW?

Really, what would shift if you saw yourself head held high, shoulders back, heart open and in the area of your life where you’re looking to experience transformation you felt a deep sense of unwavering RESPECT?

The kind of self-respect that only comes from needing zero external validation, not from a person, or a result, or an achievement — nothing. The kind of self-respect that commands incredible and immeasurable shifts.

Years ago, when I was studying for my 200 hour yoga teacher certification, I came across the quote, “Respect is love in plain clothes.” I still don’t know who said that, but what I do know is that it has stuck with me, and has changed everything for me.

In an instant, I realized a) that I didn’t have deep respect for someone I claimed to Love and b) I didn’t have deep respect for myself in SO many areas of my life. Instead, I had deep shame, and a consistent practice of self-criticism.

So, I decided to try it on.

Where in my life, could I start to deeply respect myself? And what would that change?

Then the other day, I was thinking about money stuff, and how about I can get into a loop of ‘not there yet’ or ‘not enough yet’ if I am not conscious of it. You know, NOT self-respect.

But the habit of shaming myself for not being ‘there yet’ or ‘good enough yet’ is a habit that developed long before I had any relationship with money, or making money, or business even.

The habit of shaming myself for not being ‘there yet’ goes all the way back through high school, middle school, elementary school, and back back back, all the way back to… life as a small child, you know?

I get hints of where it stemmed from now that I am a parent, too.

In the moments when I expect my son (who is five at the time of writing this one) not to pee his pants anymore, once and for all, for good, and I carry the energy of, “you should be farther along now.” or “you should have this down by now” what I am ultimately saying to him is… you are not there yet, and you don’t deserve love and respect in this area of your life, yet.

Even though I would NEVER say those words to him, my ENERGY communicates. Everyone’s energy does. And of course, my parents, and your parents, and society in general has no doubt communicated all kinds of shame into you.

Back to self-love, and the vagueness that doesn’t prompt an automatic awareness of where you need to shift...

Try instead, turning to self-respect, and asking yourself:

  • where I am I not respecting myself right now?

  • where could I respect myself more right now?

  • what area of my life am I ready to transform? Is there a lack of self-respect going on there?

And then commit to shifting it, moment by moment, day by day, until you’re in that place of self-respect, and your world, your Universe, is organizing around you and around that.

Big Love,



You + Me. 12 Months. $7.

I just announced The Author Circle, a 9 month high-level mentorship experience for badass women who’re building their dream writing career (email me at hellol@jillian-anderson.com or DM me on Instagram for details). 

It includes an exclusive Author Circle event in Tulum and it’s going to be so. much. fun. that I can’t even contain myself. 

Visualize hanging with a tight knit circle of women who’re getting featured left and right and writing their BEST content (whether it’s for social, the blog, or a book), for 9 whole months! 

Now, the Author Circle is not $7, ‘cause that’d be unbelievable and even absurd... 

But here’s what IS $7...

I knew in my heart, as I was writing out the Author Circle, that if I was going to run and lead this group of badass women, that I would need to level up NOW. THIS VERY MOMENT. 

Basically, I needed to claim AUTHOR and claim it for real! 

You may not know this about me (or maybe you do), but I’ve been writing books and pushing them to the back of the drawer (aka the book graveyard of my computer) for YEARS. 

It’s not the talent, skill, or devotion that I lack, it’s the accountability. 

Apparently, being accountable to myself is not worth as much as being accountable to YOU! I don't exactly know WHY this is, but it's proven itself true for me again and again. 

So, I decided to set up a fool-proof way for me to not only finish this current book project, but to publish it, for you first, and then for everyone else out there in the world I can get it to.

Before I tell you more, I’ll tell you that this book is for women who’re ready to THRIVE in their closest relationship(s) AND their financial lives. #itsbothand

What’s inside this book? 

Well, the working title is The Vital Mother, and so far there are insights and stories I wish I would have heard/read/known BEFORE a) getting married and b) becoming a mother 

I was truly delusional about:

+ what marriage actually was
+ what motherhood would be
+ what changes motherhood would make to my financial life

And these things affected, well, everything.

I want to help women thrive creatively, and financially, while being the women and mothers they want to be. That's the mission.

So, here’s how it works: 

Each month, for the next 12 months, I’m going to deliver to YOU a completely finished and edited chapter of my book. Alongside each chapter, you'll find some really LIT journal prompts to help you powerfully integrate the insights and material.

For just $7 a month, you get to be the first to read my book. 

Because you will receive just one chapter per month, you’ll get to go super deep with the material. AND, as an early supporter you'll get the forthcoming accompanying transformational program for FREE when it goes LIVE (it'll be priced between $197-$997).

YES, You heard that right!

Now, I know you care less about the details and more about what this book and offering can do for you, so let me tell you about that part:

I TRULY HAVE NO CLUE ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT I KNOW IT'LL OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW INSIGHTS AND REALIZATIONS around relationships, motherhood, creative fulfillment, and money. 

I can’t 100% know where this is going and where this material is going to take you (or me)! Even if I knew, I would be hesitant to tell you, because the writing usually reveals where IT wants to go, and my job is to allow THAT!

I CAN say that this book will help you:

1. take responsibility
2. become aware of things you were not aware of
3. take inspired action
4. create your personal micro Universe of SUPPORT + next-level abundance 
5. and get you going on living your best life ('cause that's what I'm all about all the time) 

More than anything, this offering is a sacred and mysterious exchange...

If you feel excited in your body, and expansion in your heart, and any kinda YES that indicates this writing is going to SERVE YOU and NOURISH YOU and SHIFT YOU (or if you just love me and want to support me), then by all means, click this button right here and get yourself signed right up: https://sowl.co/AvdOt

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How it works:

🔹The subscription runs for 12 months (If you stay on for the whole book)
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Have a Q for me? Just wanna cheer me on? Leave me a comment below + I'll be right with You, wooo!

Big Love,



Go From Overwhelmed to On-Point with Your Purpose Work with the Deeply Supported Mother Workbook


If you want to:

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  • map (and start to magnetize) your ideal support system with one of my favorite exercises (SO YOU CAN SHIFT INTO TRULY THRIVING)

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