Your Fraudy Feelings Have a Message For You. And It’s Not What You Think It Is.


Make no mistake — when you DO get out of your comfort zone and start to take actions that are different, bigger, more direct, and will lead you to the results you want, you might start to feel the feelings that come from thoughts like:

  • “Who am I to do this?”

  • “Who am I to say this?”

  • “Who am I to speak on this / teach on this/ facilitate around this.”

  • “Who am I to charge X for this?”

  • “After all, my life isn’t perfect and I don’t have it all figured out…”

When you go to sleep with anxiety in your chest that says, “what if they knew the truth? What if they knew what I was really going through right now? What if they ALL knew?” — do you realize that you’re putting a HUGE energetic wall between you and the people you can serve?

A. Huge. Impenetrable. Wall.

Do you realize that you’re putting everyone else’s opinion of you, before the ONLY one that matters — your own?

Really, how does it feel to honor the opinions of people who very likely have minimal to NO CREATIVE OUTPUT to show for their lives? People who devote more time to slinging their opinions all over the internet than they do to making something of true value?

Nobody else has lived your life. Nobody (not your mom, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cat, or friend from Canada) understands everything that’s brought you to this moment, where you’re being guided to DO YOUR WORK IN THE WORLD, IN YOUR UNIQUE WAY.

Using your gifts, skills, and talents shouldn’t feel like waiting to be found out and hauled off by the fraud police! I mean, didn’t you start this thing to express more of yourself, and create more freedom?

Just a quick bucket of water to your face: if you’re making other people’s opinions matter MORE than your own, you can quit your dream now before you get demolished, because the current internet landscape is one in which people have been engineered to REACT.

The more people you reach, the more reactions you’re going to get. The more people are going to be triggered by you, and what you say, and your story — all of it!

When you rise up and somebody, somewhere DOESN’T like it (or you) and thinks you’re full of it, and you can’t hold your own (stand in the truth and power and beauty of WHO YOU ARE) — you’re on the slow train of building the life and business you want.

The slow train!


I digress. I get the whole Impostor thing to the core.

For years feeling like a fraud was one of my primary vibes. I felt fraudy ALL the time. I felt fraudy on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then again on Friday, no matter how much positive feedback I received, externally.

I especially felt fraudy when I launched something new, raised my rates, or wrote something I was called to write that I was clearly STILL working on myself.

But that’s the heart of it, isn’t it?  

YOU THINK you have to be at a certain level of mastery in your field / with your work, before you get started / introduce the new project / raise your rates / etc. and it’s (in my OPINION) the antithesis of entrepreneurship.

HOW IS MASTERY OBTAINED? Through action — consistent action. Through taking big scary steps all the time that feel hard, and OUT OF YOUR ZONE, and make you wobble as you find your ground again.

I am here to tell you that you don’t need to wait and wait and wait and wait. I am here to say: CROWN YOURSELF QUEEN OF YOUR OWN THING AND SUPPORT YOURSELF NOW. Right now! This moment!

Practically, make a list of all the reasons why you ARE qualified! Sit in a meditative state today and remember how you came to understand ALL THE TOOLS you have and how they work. THINK about the people who NEED YOU — the people who are not as informed as you about X.

Yes, do the work and live the work. Of course!

If you’re facilitating Breathwork  — powerfully guide your clients to their own results. But when you’re navigating a lesson or a challenge in your life, don’t let your own healing process stop you from showing up for others, or for your business activities (like sales!).

If you’re helping others write their books, you better know how to write a book from start to finish. Know what comes up at the beginning, middle, and end, for someone in that process.

But don’t let the fact that you sometimes get STUCK with your own writing, stop you from serving others.  Get out there and market yourself EVEN when you’re not feeling so good about yourself (or have a business and life that’s as up and down as your emotional state)!

If you’re helping people navigate their relationship challenges, you don’t need to have a perfect relationship in order to feel aligned and comfortable in that work. No!

You just need to have empathy, compassion, counseling/coaching skills, and helpful tools to teach your clients. Don’t let your current relationship status/story stop you from hitting publish, or pitching the podcast — just. don’t.

You are not the model of perfection that your clients aspire to be! Take that in. Read it again. You are not the model of perfection that your readers, clients, customers, and/or students aspire to be.

That outdated model of learning and mentorship is perpetuated inside of your own mind first. If you don’t put others on a pedestal, you won’t hold yourself as if you were on one, too!

You are an individual with incredible gifts to share! And you are also a human being — who will never have it ‘all together’ and who will always be navigating some kind of growth edge. That’s just WHO YOU ARE!  

Remember: nothing great is ever built on ALWAYS getting it right, and ALWAYS having the answers. GREAT SKILL and GREATNESS in general is built on the mistakes you’ve made, the failures you’ve navigated, and on your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and learn.

And learning is messy, cyclical, and challenging. Get INTO it. Get MESSY.

Make a decision today to believe in yourself, your gifts, your ideas, and in what you’re feeling called to live, teach, and share.

Big Love,


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