Power Money: Align Your Income with Your Values


A recent book, the Soul of Money, transformed my relationship with money tremendously. Where once existed the socially programmed drive for the accumulation of money for my own needs and desires now exists the soul-driven desire to allocate the resources that I do have to projects, causes, and the hands of people who are doing the work that I value most. I often fall asleep at night asking God how I can be of greater service to women. Silly me to think I have to produce 100% of the content and action that fulfills my dream to empower women worldwide. Soul of Money has me inspired and I am taking my work into my wallet in a brand new way. I now commit to giving a portion of my earnings to a cause that is in direct alignment with my values each month for one year.

Each month I will choose a cause, organization, or product that is in alignment with self-sufficiency, sustainability, fair-trade practices, earth-honoring, women-empowering, progressive awesomeness and I will give a portion of my income with the intention of love, support, and collaboration. Although I am only committing to this practice every month for one year, I foresee this as an opportunity for partnership and change that will last a lifetime. You see, money is simply an exchange for what we value most and I am ready to align my spending habits with my values on an entirely new level.

I value freedom. I value the Planet we live on. I value the Earth body and the female body. I value clean water. I value bio-diversity. I value the bounty of the Earth’s medicine. I value the human spirit. I value community and commitment to an abundant life for future generations. I value opportunity. I value passion and creativity. I value healthcare that empowers women. I value the preservation of traditional medicine. I value our collective resources. I value the resources that I have discovered in my own heart.

Aligning your money with your values does not have to take the path of donating to a cause. I am simply choosing one of many paths to consciously spend what I earn. Your birth into a conscious consumer can begin with buying locally. It can begin by supporting friend and family owned businesses. It can begin with researching the companies you purchase from regularly. We can make a big difference by assuming the role of conscious consumers not only in the world we create but in our own sense of purpose. Our dollars can be blindly spent on products and services that are in contradiction to our core values OR our dollars can be given away with precision and powerful intention. I invite you to share with me your highest values. Does your spending align with your beliefs? Does the direction of your money flow serve the highest good? What are your recent money realizations and how have they changed your world? If you know of a non-profit organization that supports and empowers women globally or perhaps a cause that is related to the health of the Earth do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to suggestions and will be sharing the causes I choose to support as I go!  

In-Joy and Realization,

Jillian Anjali


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