Anger + Rage: Go Beyond Bypassing + Reactivity to Access Your Pleasure [Part 3/3 of the Liver/Gallbladder/Enema Series]


Have you ever struggled with anger and rage?

Have you ever felt irritable and frustrated for extended periods of time, but felt totally unsure of how to shift these emotions in healthy and constructive ways, without by-passing them or getting reactive?

Have you ever feared the depths or intensity of some of your emotions?

Today, I’m here to share part III of the Coffee Enema / Liver-Gallbladder Series which features another special video interview with Healing Arts Practitioner and Transformational Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Christina Louise.

Before you watch the video (it’s super insightful) I just want to thank you so much for your comments, insights, feedback, and questions! The amount of interest expressed about the topics we’ve been sharing is SO refreshing.

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Okay, so...

In this video interview Christina and I covered:

  • The connection between the liver/gallbladder and the female reproductive system

  • How to embrace and welcome anger and rage as ‘energy in motion’

  • Healthy expressions of anger vs unhealthy expressions

  • The common trauma-coping tendency to bypass anger with laughter or sadness (and insight into why this happens)

  • Personal experiences that navigate the terrain of why it can be so hard to express the full range of our anger and rage in front of others

  • The importance of having a safe container to express yourself honestly

  • What a containment exercise is, and why it’s so important to work with tools for full-expression and permission (especially now!)

  • And more…..we go really deep in this one!

Watch the video interview here:

After you’ve tuned in, let us know in the comments below what your insights, a-ha’s, and realizations were. Has this interview helped you piece together a part of your personal healing journey? How so? Were you raised with a healthy expression of anger? Or were you raised in a family or culture that shamed and suppressed anger? Let us know in the comments below!

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Big Love,

Jillian + Christina Xx

You can find Christina Louise here:


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Get Good at Receiving: How to Tap Into Your Feminine Essence for More Ease, Abundance, and Pleasure


I'll never forget the sex advice my mother gave me when I was fifteen. As she sped up the road toward our driveway she said through a mischievous half-smile: "Whatever you do, don't just lay there." 

I didn't realize it then, but that advice was not about me, it was about her. 

It was a combination of her passing on the patriarchy's conditioning that girls should appeal to the opposite sex, and of her own lack of self-worth. I was already having sex at that time, but I didn't dare tell her.

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And you know what? I remembered what she said. I didn't just lay there. I made it good.

I pleased my partners, sure. But I never showed my heart. It never occurred to me that pleasure was for me too. I rarely had an orgasm. I was never cracked open at the core. I never cried during sex either, not then. 

Had that sex advice been about me, and not about how desirable my mom wanted to project that she was, it could have gone something like this: "Your body is sacred, and sex is something beautiful that's shared between two people in love. Sex without love isn't worth it. And sex is not just for your partner, it's for you too. Also, be safe, because sex is the energy that creates life, and if you're not ready to be a mother, you need to understand your cycle and other ways to prevent pregnancy."

But that's not the advice I got. And that's not the advice most of us receive in our youth.

I needed to 'prove my worth' and be 'good enough' in bed to keep a man content and pleased with me. Sex was about making him happy and making him want me, despite the feeling that this was all a trick, and that deep down I felt something was inherently wrong with me. I was flawed and faking. 

Flash forward to now: I have created space for my true feminine essence. I am more myself than I have ever been. On the way, I was required to take a mask off, and then another, and then another. 

I can now embody the feminine. She is with me, she is me. I let myself open. I allow myself pleasure without guilt or shame attached. I know that I am lovable because I exist and I don't usually get caught in proving myself. I feel spiritually wealthy, abundant.

The feminine art of receptivity and the ease that comes with it, is always available to you.

We all want more ease, grace, and pleasure. It's the natural receptive state that is so powerful for women (and men too). It's the essence the brings dreams to your door. It's the essence of b e i n g in the here and now. It allows you to inhabit your body more fully, and to restore vital energy that may have been lost early on in your life. 

All humans have feminine energy and the more we connect with both the masculine + feminine energies within us the more creative we can become as a channel for life. (I am speaking about this outside of gender or sexual orientation).

One of my favorite things to teach is that this balance of masculine and feminine energies (polarity) can be directly experienced within the musculature of the pelvis.

When I started practicing Yoni massage to release trapped energy, I discovered that my feminine side (the left) was weak, numb, and under functioning. My masculine side (the right) was tense with painful trigger points.

Through consistent self-care from both the Yoni massage and through my jade egg practice I have developed a beautiful awareness of my own needs that allows me to grow spiritually, cultivate creative energy, and enjoy my life more than I ever have before. 

What I discovered from my hyper-masculine tendencies:

  • two flexed masculine energies in bed doesn't make for ecstatic union, yin and yang matters.

  • magnetism is much more productive than 'making it happen' by force.

  • floating downstream with ease is always better than swimming up stream

  • women are worthy of attentiveness and pleasure in relationship too

  • there is no receiving without some sort of stillness and non-action

How to tap into your feminine essence:

  • surround yourself with the beauty you love

  • make ritual time to be still every month (I like to do this during ovulation and menstruation).

  • connect your womb to your heart through meditation or self-cultivation

  • try a self-guided Yoni massage to release trapped energy

  • start a jade egg practice and bring loving attention to your pelvis

I'd LOVE to learn from you: Leave a comment below and let us know...

  • What is your favorite way to tap into your feminine essence?

  • What makes you feel open and ready to receive?

  • What softens your heart and moves you from hyper activity to stillness and ease?

Big Love,

Jillian Xx

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4 Enlightening Facts I Wish I Knew About My Cervix Sooner


I met a woman once who said she couldn't put her fingers inside of herself because it made her want to vomit. I met another woman, who in a conversation about fertility signs, said she didn't know how to touch her cervix. She didn't really know where it was.

Intrigued, I started to gather more information about the cervix. I talked to women and listened to their stories. I read books, articles, and listened to interviews. After all, I had been estranged from my own cervix for the first two decades of my life. 

I wanted to know why. Why weren't we taught about our cervix as girls and what else didn't we know about it?

I'm sharing this list with you because:

1. The more you know about your body, the better decisions you can make. Especially in relationship to gynecology, prenatal care, and childbirth.

2. An awakened cervix = more pleasure for you.

3. You'll teach your (now or future) children this information, so  body-unawareness can collectively stop, and instead, the conscious connection that is required for full-potential living will be passed down.

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So, what's the cervix, anyway?

The cervix is the round, soft, donut-shaped barrier between the vaginal canal and the womb. (If you've heard me say 'you can't lose your jade egg inside of you' the cervix is why). The cervix is the part of the uterus that dilates during childbirth, and opens to allow a child's head to pass into the vaginal canal. Whenever I see a photo of a cervix I'm always awe-struck at how identical it is to the tip of the penis.

Here's a photo: (the blue diamond represents where a jade egg is 'worn' and the cervix is the sideways half moon directly above the diamond).


4 things I wish I had known about my cervix sooner:

1. It moves. 

The cervix feels lower, harder, and slightly closes during the luteal phase (ovulation ---> period). This is why sex can feel painful during this time of the month. This is the time of the month you likely feel more introverted and introspective. 

During the follicular phase (period --> ovulation), the cervix rises, softens, and opens. Nature's magic. Here, your body is preparing for potential fertilization. This is also the time where your usually feeling turned on, sociable, and your creative energy is blooming. 

3. It orgasms.

I should say: it lets you to become an orgasm.

The cervix has three direct nerve pathways to the brain. It's orgasm is much deeper + longer lasting than a quickie clit orgasm and is often described as a full body orgasm.

Cervical orgasms alter brain plasticity. What that means: they help your brain reorganize, make new connections, and essentially 're-wire' itself.

If you're interested in 'changing your thoughts to change your life' and the principles of manifestation this is great news. 

3. It's a G a t e w a y. 

Think about it. This is the very door you stepped through to arrive on Earth. This is the door that your children (if you have them) stepped through to arrive here, too. It sounds obvious, but it's ordinarily extraordinary. 

Think about this, too: during intercourse, the tip of the penis desires to meet the cervix, or the gate of the womb. The giver (the masculine) then becomes the receiver (the feminine) and vise versa. Both partners forget whether they are the male or the female and experience a transcendental state of Divine Union.

"This state of oneness is what is sought in each sexual meeting, whether the lovers know it or not." - Mahasattvaa Sarita 

4. It can be locked.  

The cervix, just like any other area of the physical body, can hold tension from trauma, emotional or physical, and shut down. Many women take this unconscious disconnection from childhood straight into their adult lives. 

In this case, it's pleasure potential is just on hold, waiting to be massaged, awakened, and reactivated. The jade egg practice is a powerful way to reconnect + awaken your cervix and I've got a free e-book for you on that. 

I don't know who said 'your issues are in your tissues' but a career in massage and bodywork has proved to me, time and time again, that making conscious physical contact with the body is invaluable to emotional and energetic healing. 

If you can't touch your cervix without feelings of nausea, guilt, or shame, there are ways for you to reconnect and heal. If you have never touched it, it's time, because knowing yourself first is true power (read as: your gynecologist and partner shouldn't be the only ones up there).

For the first twenty two years of my life I didn't know a n y of this.

It's astounding how women have been sheltered from the power (and pleasure) of the female body. Often, the women that came before us were taught things that perpetuated sexual shame and guilt. Blessed be, because that time in history is rapidly coming to an end. 

You can now reclaim the energy that allows you to feel pleasure with no guilt attached. You are safe. You are worthy.

Do you know something about your beautiful cervix that we don't? Enlighten us in the comments below! As always, if you have any questions, ask away.

Big Love,

Jillian Xx

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