7 Effective Ways to Nourish Your Pineal Gland for Increased Feminine Intuition, Connection, and Insight


Deep within the center of your brain just above the thalamus lives your pineal gland. It produces the hormone melatonin and uses the intake of light (solar and lunar) to regulate your sleep and wake cycles.

The pineal gland also secretes DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a natural substance that is released during experiences of birth, death, dreaming, vision, meditation, and more.

As a woman you’re a creature of intuition, vision, and insight. It's natural for you to access realms of the subconscious through the ebb and flow of your biological cycle.

Today many women are cut off from their intuitive power by the toxic lifestyles that we’ve come to view as normal. Substances like synthetic birth control, pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals all create a barrier between you and the woman you could be

By nourishing your mind-body you can open the gateway between heaven and earth. You can tap into heightened intuition, clarity, creativity, and the deeper connection with the earth and the cosmos that you long for. 

These seven tips can help you to unlock your intuition and connection to nature's rhythms. If you’ve been traveling this path already they will help you further refine your ability to access your most intuitive self. 

1. Sleep with your shades up. 

I know, you don’t want someone watching you sleep. Really though, how often are folks outside your window at night? Chances are it’s rare.

When you sleep with your shades up you connect your body to the rhythmic light of the moon. Syncing with the lunar phase will regulate your circadian rhythm and reconnect you to the cycles of nature.

When the pineal gland detects light it produces less melatonin.  This is why some women have trouble sleeping around the full moon. If there is a lot of artificial light outside your window syncing with the moon will be less effective.  

2. Avoid sodium fluoride.

I know your dentist says it’s safe for consumption but it’s not. It disconnects you from spiritual insight and keeps you complacent. If it’s in your drinking water, go find a spring. If it’s in your toothpaste go get some that’s fluoride free and organic like this one

3. Get more chlorophyll.

Greens, baby. Get those greens. Drink ‘em. Eat ‘em. Chlorophyll is highly alkalizing to the body and will help you to gently flush out heavy metals (like mercury) that bog your system down and calcify your pineal gland. Some excellent sources of chlorophyll are wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella. 

4. Meditate.

Don’t worry about trying to levitate just set aside 15-30 minutes of your day to sit very still. Once you are comfortable, breathe deeply. When you get lost in thought bring your awareness back to your breath.

You can’t do this wrong. This practice will calm your central nervous system, reduce stress hormone production, and repair the adrenal glands which in turn will assist the pineal gland in it’s functions.  

5. Turn off your phone/computer at least an hour before bed.

The bright electric light is disrupting your sleep/wake cycle (circadian rhythm) and the pineal gland’s function. 

As the darkness of night increases so do the pineal gland's secretions of melatonin. This increased flow is disrupted by staring at electronic screens when it's dark.

Does your partner use his phone in bed? Declare a no phone/no tech space and be strict about it. Not only will this help your pineal gland but it'll set you up for more intimacy and rest. 

6. Get down with Chaga tea.

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that can be taken as tea. Chaga is the richest source of melanin that we know of thus far.

Melanin feeds and nourishes the pineal gland directly. Not sure where to get some? Check out this wildcrafted chaga that we loooove. Really, we swoon just over the jar.

7. Rest while menstruating.

Your period is a time of introspection, release, and rest. Your body will often signal you to slow down through cramps, bleeding, and fatigue.

If you don’t listen the messages will become louder. When you allow yourself rest (especially from all things logical) you create the ideal space for vision, dream-work, and inner knowing. 

The more consistent you are with these tips the better results you will have. 

You’ll begin to make tough decisions quickly from a place of deep inner knowing. Your intuition will speak louder and you’ll listen more readily. You'll get hunches. You'll see signs. Your creativity will flourish and expand. 

Here’s to your inner wisdom you goddess, you. 

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With so much Love,

Jillian Xx


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