6 Ways You're Exactly Like the Earth + a Mantra for You


We breathe her air, drink her life-giving water, explore her terrain, and call her body our home. It took billions of years for your planet to be lush, teeming with life, and inhabitable by you. 

Recently, I’ve been reading Thich Nhat Hanh again. In his book, Love Letter to the Earth, he delivers really practical wisdom that can help us reconnect to our generous planet. 

6 Ways the Earth is Just Like You:

1. She responds to touch.

She’s sensual. She’s alive. She responds to touch. When your feet kiss the ground she feels your presence. There is an invisible force that carries your words, thoughts, and intentions in the direction that you send them. When you let her know that you appreciate her she does hear you and she will respond. 

2. She’s abundant because she’s wild.

She’s abundant with life because she’s unhindered. She’s free to follow her own rhythm. She doesn’t tolerate restriction or regulation. She rebels at the attempt to control her and as a result she's is labeled erratic and unstable. When she follows her own rhythm she breathes life into everything.

3. She travels. 

She likes to keep things moving. Her journey never stops. She travels 18.5 miles a second and averages 1.6 million miles per day. The planets of our solar system move together around the sun like one big family. She has great traveling companions to travel with. She has different encounters, relationships, and events that change the course of her trip. 

4. She’s connected.

She’s complex and intricate. You cannot separate the trees from the ocean and the wolves from the rain. When one part of her body is challenged all other body systems are affected. Her body is a web of connected systems that are interdependent. 

5. She destroys. 

She’s continuously improving on old systems. She destroys what’s failing so there is energy for what thrives. She prunes away the old and changes the patterns of growth. Species are pushed to evolve or they die off. Seasons come and go. There is death and then… 

6. She creates. 

She is highly creative and produces breathtaking treasures. She is a channel for life to take form. She gives birth again and again. She remains open as the invisible creative energy moves through her.  She is the strongest when she surrenders.

Your Earth Day Mantra:

Inhale deeply through the nose, and exhale fully through the nose. Repeat. The Earth is my body. I feel Oneness and the separation dissolves. The Earth is my body.  Close your eyes and repeat seven times or until you feel connected. 

Now, I'd just Love to hear from You! : Leave a comment below that shares your favorite ways to honor, thank, and celebrate Mother Earth. 

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Sending You So Much Love,
Jillian Xx


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