21 Reasons to Start a Yoni Egg Practice

There's a fantastic way for you to experience hotter sex, enhanced creativity, maintain your vitality and it involves inserting crystal eggs into your vagina. I know what you're thinking: Wait, you can put what in where?

A Yoni egg practice is the use of one (or more) crystal eggsinserted into the vagina to facilitate various healing effects.

Yoni, in sanskrit, means source, origin, womb, and is an all encompassing name for the vulva. Women in Asia have been using Yoni eggs of various sizes for centuries to increase sexual pleasure, assist in postpartum healing, and nourish the reproductive system.  

So, why would you want to have an egg shaped crystal inside of your Yoni?

Here’s the list of benefits I've gathered for you. It speaks for itself. Afterwards you can tell me why you wouldn't want to have a Yoni egg in your life. 

21 Reasons to Start a Yoni Egg Practice--> 

1. tone, strengthen, and balance the pelvic floor muscles
2. increase cervical fluid
3. increase fertility naturally
4. alleviate pelvic floor pain
5. balance left and right quadrants of pelvic floor (feminine and masculine)
6. reconnect to your sexuality
7. increase libido
8. increase pleasure + sensation
9. stop partner from ejaculation or bring him to climax, your call. 
10. enhance creativity and power
11. heal past sexual trauma
12. release stagnant energy from pelvis
13. reduce/eliminate PMS
14. reduce/eliminate painful menstruation
15. promote hormonal balance and harmony
16. increase power, frequency, and duration of orgasms
17. encourage deeper awareness and articulation of vaginal muscles
18. encourage healing dreams
19. assist postpartum healing/recovery
20. assist birth trauma healing
21. prevent/remedy incontinence 

My Story: 

I began my Yoni egg practice after my first son was born. In a very short time I experienced complete relief of residual pelvic pain.  My last post, What My Vagina Taught Me about Becoming a Mom explains how childbirth can create pelvic floor imbalance.  

If you've never worked with crystals before here's the skinny: every substance on earth vibrates at a different frequency and therefore has a unique effect on its surroundings. The stones of the earth are no exception and have incredible healing properties when used with the power of your intention. 

Common (and safe) Yoni egg crystal options:

Black Obsidian: this yin essence stone made of cooled molten lava is what I like to consider a 'womb sponge.' It's potent energy provides insight into the underlying causes of emotional so the root causes can rise to surface and be released. This stone is used to dispel negativity, increase self-control, and facilitate ancestral healing. Learn More.

Jade: is the traditional stone for this practice according to the Taoist perspective. It connect the womb to the Heart, assisting in directing our desires  to their point of manifestation. Jade releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind, calms the nervous system, stimulates ideas and simplifies tasks, excellent stone for the kidneys and adrenal glands. Learn More. 

A word of caution: not all jade (or yoni eggs) are created equal. In fact, most of the jade on the market is serpentine that's been melted down and chemically dyed. The jade (and all the stones) that we retail are authentic jade, GIA certified, and free of toxic treatments.

Your vagina is highly absorbent. Treat yourself like the Queen you are by investing in high quality healing tools.

I'd love to hear from you:

Do you have a Yoni egg practice? Can you or someone you know benefit from beginning your own practice?  Let us know in the comments below + if you want to discover how jade is used + what this goodness is all about snag my free e-book below.

Big Love, 

Jillian Xx


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