Trust and Relax Into the Cosmic Order of Things


If you haven't been feeling on-point and on fire with your business and career growth and goals at this time, if you feel like you're slacking, or not making enough progress, if you feel like you've dropped the ball (or two), and it doesn't feel good, I'm writing you today to let you know that's all okay, and that it's safe to let yourself off the hook.

You're motivated and driven, I get it. You have a list of your top priorities and you want to feel on top of 'em. I know what it's like because I'm right there with you.

There are times in life when the relationships in your life need extra attention, where you need extra time to process and feel, where the 'work' is largely interpersonal, and it's important to recognize that, even in business and career, it ALL comes back to relationships.

All of it.

I know on some level you know this, but that maybe you just need a reminder. When you're preparing to die (if you have time to reflect) are you going to ask yourself "did I hit my business goals for 2019?" or are you going to ask, "did I love as much as I could? Did I express that Love to the people in my life? Did I transcend the karma I was given to transcend? Did I fulfill my soul contracts?"

Soul contracts.

That's what business and career growth always boil down to anyway, for everyone, whether they realize it or not. If you're here reading this with me, you get that this thing we're called to create is deeper than goals and metrics.

You get that you're contracted to prompt transformation in the lives of others. That there are certain people out there WAITING to be stopped and struck by what you have to say. That your words, experiences, lives, and the art you make of it all is meant to reach others, shift others, show others.

It's as if you shook hands on it before incarnating, you know?

"Hey, on July 17, 2019, I agree to write this blog post, and you agree to read it" and BOOM — I give, you receive, and we're both shifted from that place, from that work.

Contract fulfilled.

It's easy to forget that relationships are what it's all about when you're thinking about what you can do to up your Instagram Stories game, double your email subscribers, write that next salespage, promote that thing, and serve the people inside your offerings!

It's easy to forget that this is true. It's easy to forget in the midst of all your inspired ideas, I know. But today, I'm here to remind you, that tending your relationships is important business, it IS business, and nothing is separate.

If you're feeling behind, you're not.
If you're feeling like a slacker, you're not.
If you're wondering when you'll feel 'on-top' again, decide to feel on-top right now by shifting your perspective, and allowing 'the work' that you've been doing, to be enough.

There is a cosmic order of things, and it's safe to trust and relax into that order now.

Big Love,


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