Why Charging For Your Gifts is Scary + What to Do About It Now


It can be scary to put a price on your spiritual gifts.

Just recently, as I started opening up space in my calendar to take on hand's on 1:1 appointments for maya abdominal work, I have come back around to this lesson.

It seems like there is a line in the sand between charging for certain things, and charging for others, and for me, charging (more than I used to) for bodywork, is an edge, but one that I am being asked to explore and examine.

Here's what I think about charging for your gifts (and what I hope serves you):

It's scary to charge for your gifts because they are so natural to you, and they are a joy to give. Sometimes, they are so natural to you, that they feel like a part of who you are. Because they are an extension of who you are, it can feel scary to put a price on that.

Also: because they are natural to you, and a joy to give, that presents a challenge to everything you've been programmed to understand about what work actually is.

I believe the concept of work is evolving, and that each and every one of us, is a part of that evolution. There are decisions you get to make today, that your mother and grandmother did not have access to.

These thoughts might come up when you go to price your offerings/services:

+ Who am I to charge that?

+ Who do I think I am charging for that?

+ Nobody is going to pay that.

+ Shouldn't my healing work be accessible to everyone?

Charging for your gifts requires that you understand and acknowledge your very own uniqueness. There is no one else who is You. No one. Not one. There is no one with the same childhood, who has traversed the same challenges and lessons, in the unique way that you have.

I feel it's revolutionary to charge what feels right to you, for your gifts.

I think it's changing the economy, the world, and our creative lives. I think it's starting to eliminate the martyrdom that's still so pervasive in our society. And I think it requires a constant coming home to yourself, as good enough, exactly as you are.

Big Love,



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