Musings on Orgasm + Upper Limits (Your Body Knows + An Exercise for You to Try Today).


If you’ve been in my circle for a while, you know that I believe your body is a powerful initiator, and that it’s always communicating to and through You.

Here’s a relevant story: The other night, despite being turned-on, and approaching ovulation, I could not experience an orgasm. It’s not that I need to be at that point in my cycle to have one. It’s not that I couldn’t relax enough. It’s not that I experience trouble like this frequently (I’ve had other chapters, though).

It’s that, orgasm just doesn’t happen for me, when a part of me is resisting good things that are happening in my world, and when good things are trying to enter my life.

My body knows. Whenever I am ‘in line’ to receive something I’ve been working toward, or intending, or envisioning, my body tells me where I need to get my mind on board.

In this case, I needed to ‘let myself have it’ (the good things trying to enter my life). But, I needed to have an inner conversation with the part of me that felt ashamed, guilty, and not good enough, first.

I’m going to bet, that if you’re here reading, that you experience a similar version of this yourself (not letting yourself have it) especially if you struggle with feeling not good / smart / intelligent / beautiful / worthy enough, sometimes.

One of my missions, is to help you cultivate a deep connection, with this kind of relationship to your body, and to your sexual energy. I want you to know that you can trust your body, as your wise guide, and as the mostaccurate compass you’ll ever know.

While you’re walking the path of allowing your Heart-centered desires to come to fruition, it’s vital that you make a regular practice of declaring your worthiness, to yourself. One of my favorite ways to help women access their worthiness is by prompting them to, c h a r g e themselves up with their sexual energy.

And more often than not, on the way to learning to consistently charge ourselves up, we meet parts of ourselves that need our attention and Love.

So here is an exercise for you to try, at home (if you want to):

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  1. Go to a sacred and safe space/room where you can be alone, and undisturbed. Light a candle. Burn something, maybe a candle, that smells wonderful.

  2. Identify something that you really really want (but that you sometimes judge yourself for wanting) and bring it to your mind’s eye. See it, and feel it, in your heart.

  3. Pleasure yourself (if you’re not sure where to start, begin with a gentle breast massage).

  4. Visualize yourself receiving your Heart-desire, while you self-pleasure.

It doesn’t matter if you orgasm or not. It doesn’t matter if this feels easy, or awkward at first. It doesn’t matter if you actually believe you’re going to receive what you want. What matters most is that you’re inviting ALL of You on board. Your entire mind-heart-body -- your Divine physiology.

If this exercise is bringing up resistance, or fear, feel free to email me about it (just hit reply to this email). I would love to learn more about exactly where you are, and how I can help you live your most authentic and aligned life, by working with your body.

Big Love,




"Before working with Jillian, I knew I had a lot of money blocks and baggage but I had no idea how to start to do the work of dealing with this obstacle. I felt lost in a life that felt untapped; having so much potential and motivational energy but uncertainty in how to execute it. One of my biggest struggles was to learn how to truly sit back and graciously receive.

Now, I am capable of trusting myself to go into the "scary" places of my psyche; to have discussions that frighten me and to state my Truth. I realized that I don't need anyone to like me because I like myself! I have cleaned up and am taking responsibility for a lot of my part in the previously shame triggering money stories that I had. I manifested the funds to participate in a dream-come-true training to be a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. I'm also able to really be in my body, enjoy receiving pleasure and enjoy co-creating it with a partner."

— Emily Jameson |


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