How to Stop Buying Courses to Be Better, So You Can Start Teaching, Leading, and Making Money, Right Away, Instead


If you’ve ever had a big breakthrough with your income/career, and soon after found yourself clicking the ‘buy now’ button of a new program or signing up for a new offering/training/certification, this post is for you.

Let me start by stating: there is nothing wrong with investing in yourself. Very often the right program/training/certification, at the right time, will elevate you/help you expand into new territory.

Yet for some of you (you know who you are)... 

Continual learning, study, tool gathering, certification attaining, and program-buying is what’s keeping you from that next level of deep fulfillment (and from making more money in your life). 

Learning more because you don’t feel _____ enough is a mechanism/process you’re using to stay safe. It’s a way you stay small and in your comfort zone. It’s a form of procrastination, and an extension of deep feelings of ‘not-enoughness.’

I know this cycle because I’ve lived it myself. For years I was the woman on the cushion at the retreat, pen in hand, writing myself new. I was the one getting certified in this, that, and the other thing, all the while wondering why I wasn’t yet living the life (or making the money) I knew I was meant for. 

In retrospect I can see that I was addicted to preparation (read as: safety). I was always ‘getting ready’ for what I wanted, and never actually assuming the position of the powerful woman who could actually receive what she wanted. 

In January I broke an income goal, and for the first time in years, I did not buy a program or training in the midst of the increase.

It was extremely uncomfortable, and the urge to buy surfaced, but I held the energy of “I am good enough to have this right now, as I am.”

During every other leap in income, prior to this particular breakthrough, I felt deeply UNWORTHY of the new level of money, which led me to buy things to make me feel more deserving of it. Depleting cycle, right?

Have you ever used education as a way to avoid your next-level? Have you ever used a program to help you feel good enough to have what you’ve already created? Have you ever let the pursuit of tools / certifications prevent you from taking a big scary step into the position of teacher / facilitator / leader?

Think about this: In the world we’re in right now, teachers don’t pay their students. Leaders are paid. Teachers are paid. Mentors are paid. Creatives who put themselves out there, are paid. 

But it’s scary to step into the role you’re ready for.

If you were the woman leading the room, you could fail.

If you were the one hosting the workshop, everyone could point their finger and laugh about how foolish/not qualified enough you are.

If you were the one launching the group program, people could stand up and object, while recounting all the reasons why you're not ____ enough yet to do/say/share that. 

Basically, [insert your worst fear here]. 

What if you chose to feel worthy right now?

What if you said enough is enough to the constant better-ing, and decided right now, to stop adding tools/certifications/knowledge and just got out there on the playing field (where you get to charge, or charge more, for your work) instead?

You don’t need another course or program to be worthy of the money or career you’d like to have.

What you do need is courage, and the willingness to fall on your face and look like a fool.

What you do need is the willingness to move forward, to try new things, and experiment with your life with a light-heartedness. 

What you do need is to face the parts of yourself that are deeply afraid, and to have a real-time conversation with them. What you do need is to step into the role of teacher / mentor / leader before you feel ready, before you feel ____ enough. 

I believe that we can heal deep inner wounds, and self-sabotaging behavior (which is really just us trying to protect us) by making different choices.

My theory (and experience) is this: when we make a different choice, all of our ‘stuff’ comes up in our body and our nervous system, and we get to clear it from our energy field through awareness, understanding, and through physiological responses.

Here are some of the ways you can be aware of this pattern (and transcend it):

The next time you’re purchasing something for your education or business ask yourself...

+ if you can make progress by taking a direct income related action step. Is learning more a way that you’re avoiding the scary thing?

+ PAUSE DEEPLY and step away from the FOMO (fear of missing out) hype, especially if you’ve just hit a new level of income. Let the money fill your energy field, so you can adjust to its presence in your life, before you direct it to someone or something else.

+ Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re buying to feel more worthy, or if you already feel worthy, and just want to expand from there. This is a Love or Fear moment. Take your time. 

I believe in education. I believe in investing in yourself. I believe in aligning with mentors who elevate you. I believe the right program at the right time can catalyze your growth. It’s what’s underneath the investment that matters the most. It’s the WHY behind the action/impulse, that determines you experience.

Here’s to you, stepping forward in a big way. You’re more ready than you know. Get going. 

Was this helpful for you today? Let me know what resonates the most in the comment below, and let me know what you’re ready to step into, right now. 

Big Love,



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