The Healing Power of Coffee Enemas for Liver + Gallbladder Vitality [Part 1/3]


Today I want to talk about coffee enemas: what they are, how they work, why you’d want to invest in doing them yourself, how to use affirmative prayer in combination with your enema, and also, to share my own healing journey (I’ve shared slices of over on IG stories

During part II of this series, you’ll find a special guest interview with a womxn and healer I Love and admire, Christina Louise, who was initiated onto her healing path through Liver / Gallbladder healing, and I’m super excited for you to hear what we have to say. We go deep!

But read this whole blog first, for context.

This blog post series is for you if you want to…

  • feel superhuman + super energized in your body and life

  • if you’re interested in understanding the energetics of the liver/gallbladder meridian and how they affect decision making, creativity, and more...

  • if you want to understand the connection between your female reproductive anatomy and your liver/gallbladder function

  • If you’re looking for a healthy way to process anger, resentment, and some of those emotions that can get stuck in the system

  • If you sometimes have trouble making sound and solid decisions, or if you ever struggle with feeling deeply confused during decision making

  • if you’re interested in learning THE most healing thing I’ve ever done for myself (hint hint: it involves taking a special kinda coffee up the bum).

  • If you’re curious about parasites and how they can affect your health and wellbeing

My First Gallbladder Attack (That I Thought Was a Panic Attack or Muscle Spasm):

In 2014 a week or so after my son was born, I had my first ever gallbladder attack, although I had no idea what it was. I remember reaching out to my Arvigo sisters (practitioners of Maya Abdominal Massage) for advice about stretching my diaphragm. I thought the intense pain was from my body shifting structurally during the birth. It hurt like hell, and lasted 10 minutes or so.

These short episodes continued on and off for many months and, again, I had zero idea they were related to a little lovely organ called the gallbladder that’s located under the right lobe of the liver, whose job it is to store bile, which is then used to emulsify fats in the digestion process.

Two years later, in early 2016, I got the download: this is your gallbladder speaking. These are gallbladder attacks. It’s time to heal this. I soon after, wrote this article on forgiveness, healing the mother wound, gallbladder dysfunction, and promptly began seeing a local acupuncturist.

The forgiveness work led me to seek out a liver/gallbladder cleanse. I got the nudge to read, ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’ by Andreas Mortiz. Now, there are a lot of people with mixed reviews on this man’s methods, but after having facilitated 6-7 of those, I say to you: it is somewhat effective.

After reading his book, I embarked on a series of Liver Gallbladder flushes. I recommend reading his whole book (if you’re called) because googling this particular cleanse is not enough. But this blog post isn’t about guiding you to try THAT flush anyway. I’m telling you about this flush because it led me to my gnarly discovery...

The Gnarly Discovery:

On my first series of Liver Gallbladder flushes I noticed these very interesting red ‘rods’ in the toilet. They were suspicious to me because they were so uniform, as in, they were all the same size and shape. This was the immediate indicator for me that they were some kind of parasite.

I scoured the internet of parasite photos, and was able to identify the beasts: LIVER FLUKES.

These beasts eat your bile, party and nest in your bile ducts, eat your liver tissue, and can live inside of you for 20-30 years without producing ANY symptoms. They can lead to toxic bile, bile sludge, and the formation of gallstones, in addition to causing liver damage.

Interesting right? The physician I saw for a brief moment in time, referred me to a gallbladder surgeon, to have my gallbladder removed. Of which I obviously declined even making an appointment, because: what’s the root cause here? Removing organs doesn’t just remove root problems!

3 x 367-25.png

Enters the Coffee Enema:

I had heard and read about the power of coffee enemas before, and decided IT’S TIME. I’m taking healing matters into my own hands. I’m going to restore my liver and gallbladder. I can do this.

I ordered this kit (I highly recommend going for the stainless steel bucket over the bag as it’s easier to keep clean):

I ordered this coffee:

And, I went for it.

Wait, so what exactly is a Coffee Enema?

An enema is simply the process of inserting a liquid into your rectum, for healing purposes.

A coffee enema is when you make a special kind of coffee, insert the coffee into your rectum, let it fill your colon, and hold it in for 15-20 minutes, before releasing it into the toilet.

In short, it’s amazing. And it’s assisting my ascension process, providing me with epic mental clarity, and truly restoring function to my liver and gallbladder (and in turn, my entire body-mind system).

It’s also helping to restore my ability to make good decisions, and we’ll get more into the energetics of the Liver and Gallbladder in part II of this series.

Why Coffee, Though?

So, constituents in the coffee, specifically the caffeine and the palmitic acid, are absorbed through the colon, and make their way up to the liver and gallbladder through the hepatic portal vein. The caffeine and the palmitic acid cause the bile ducts to open, and throw off toxins and obstructions.

The liver is an incredibly vital organ, and when it’s not functioning properly, every other organ you have is at risk. With the toxins in our environment (think xenoestrogens, heavy metals, etc.) your liver is already hard at work — even if you’re eating whole foods that aren’t highly processed and chemical-laden.

Benefits of the Coffee Enema:

  • Boosts the liver’s ability to detoxify

  • Purifies blood

  • enhances tissue repair

  • clears parasites and invaders from bile ducts and liver

  • cleanses the colon, removing old wastes — including bacteria and parasites

  • reduces brain fog and increases mental clarity

  • improves ability to make sound decisions

  • reduces pain in the body

  • strengthens immune system

  • helps to clear up skin issues like acne, and eczema

Clearing Hundreds of Adult Flukes (and Their Eggs):

My first coffee enema did not yield an epic amount of parasites, but on the 3rd or 4th I had an epic release, and the pattern continued. I kept going. Every 3rd or 4th enema, I’d stand over the toilet in total shock about the amount of bugs I had just passed! Not just flukes either — but other bugs, too!

The best part? The feeling of elation and euphoria that is RECLAIMING YOUR BODY from entities that do not belong! The other best part? The deep emotional healing that I’ve been able to facilitate through this simple ritual.

Now, there is a lot more to parasite clearing than just coffee enemas, however, the coffee enemas are an incredible place to start, because with parasites, the goal is to make your body inhospitable by the invaders, and coffee enemas can help to not only clear invaders, but strengthen your liver, detoxify your body, cleanse your colon, open your bile ducts, and thereby strengthen your entire immune system.

*Side note: If you don’t think you have parasites, and you’ve never actually done any parasite clearing — it is highly likely that you will also be shocked at your own results. Studies suggest that over 85% of Americans have parasites. And no, you don’t have to be a world traveler to pick the bugs up — they’re everywhere.


I don’t tell you this to create fear, just to educate. In part II of this series, in conversation with Christina Louise, you’ll hear us talk more in depth about ‘entities’ and how they enter the body, as a match for an already existing energy or wound.

Getting Started with Coffee Enemas

The first step is to make your coffee for the enema. The kit I referenced above has instructions on how to make your coffee, so I won’t get into that here. In short, it’s super easy and takes 15-20 minutes. The most important thing about this step is to make sure a) you use pure water b) you let the coffee cool to the proper temperature (again, the kit comes with these instructions).

You’ll need:

  • The bathroom to yourself for 30-45 minutes

  • A pot to boil your water

  • Pure water (I use fresh spring water): you do not want to use water that has any chemicals, chlorine, or flouride inside!

  • The organic enema coffee

  • Your enema kit

  • Coconut oil (to use as a lubricant).

  • Old towels to lay on (the coffee does stain so you don’t want to use your best towels for this especially on your first few enemas).

  • A book

  • Your phone or some kind of timer (I put on ‘healing jungle sounds’ and use this as my timer).

How to Set Up Your Space:

Lay down some old towels (that don’t matter), lay down your book (I bring a book of prayers), and your timer (I use my phone), place your coconut oil within reach. Roll up a towel to place under your head and neck. Make sure you’re not going to be cold by either turning up the heat, or wearing a thick sweater. I always burn some resin or copal in the bathroom to clear the energy and create a safe space.

How to Use Affirmative Prayer During Your Enema:

This is my favorite part of my enema ritual. It’s the prayer. It’s the prayer that amplifies your healing. It’s the prayer that helps you receive so much grace.

Here is an example of one of my prayers:

In the name of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Spirit, surround this body with your healing love and light. Enter the liver and gallbladder of this body, and cast out any entities that do not belong here. Cast out any entities that do not belong here, from every crack and crevice. This body is perfect health. This body is restored. This body is whole. I am supported in making my next ascension step. I am supported in upgrading my mind-body. I am supported in healing, and releasing the past. I forgive and release everyone, and I am free.

Now, the prayers seem to change with each enema. Sometimes, I am praying for support and surrounding myself in different colors of Light, other times I am calling on my ancestors. Sometimes, I am asking to know more, or to understand better, and other times, I am too tired to pray, so I pray silently.

Okay beautiful, this is all for part I, and I’ll see you inside of part II, where Christina Louise and I will be sharing more about:

  • the importance of intentionality in the enema process

  • the connection between anger, rage, resentment, bitterness, frustration, and liver-gallbladder functionality

  • how the liver and gallbladder relates to having healthy boundaries

  • more on entities, and their affects on our body-system

Thanks so much for reading + for being You. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts + Q’s! Have you ever had trouble with your liver and/or gallbladder? Have you ever tried a coffee enema?

Do you know someone who this information might benefit? Send them the link via email!

Big Love,


Disclaimer: I am not a physician nor do I claim to be. Consult with your primary healthcare provider before beginning your own coffee enema routine, and research contraindications.

FYI: The links in the above article are affiliate links, meaning, I receive a small commission for recommending the products that I recommended. I use the products I referenced, and would only recommend something I love + have benefited from. Xx


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