Is Your Flowery Feminine Language Preventing You from Making More Sales in Your Soul-Guided Business?


Hi Beautiful,

In good marketing and promotion, there's a vital element, known as 'the Call to Action.'

At the end of a story, promotional piece, advertisement, blog post etc., there needs to be a clear and direct, call to action.

Here are a few examples:

"Download Your Free E-Book Today."

"Click Here to Apply Today."

"Enter Your Name + Email to Be the First to Know When ___ Opens for Enrollment Again."

"Buy Now for just $497."

What I've noticed with Heart-Centered entrepreneurs (especially those in the women's empowerment, goddess-oriented businesses) is this:

Flowery language isn't effective for ending your promotions and posts, or getting your readers to take the next step. Your readers need to be powerfully directed, as if riding an arrow to the destination you intend for them.

I know, I know. Exercising your masculine energy can be a challenge, after all, you're 100% committed to dismantling the patriarchy, and the last thing you want to do is improperly employ the masculine, and… be a part of the problem.

You stand for fully embodying your Divine Feminine essence. Sacred. Sovereign. In your life, your business, and your leadership.

And yet, your feminine essence can only take you 50% of the way there in your business. If you can't employ masculine energy, in the proper places; in this case, in your marketing and promotional language, you will not create the results you seek.

Sales. Service. Conversions. Clicks.

These are the currencies of an online business, and if you'd like to increase the level of currency moving through You (I know you do), you'll need to channel your inner masculine in a powerful and intentional way.

Before we go deeper, I'd like to remind you, not to fear, but revere, your inner masculine. The masculine energy is here to serve, support, and direct. It's the structure, forward direction, and foundation that every Priestess needs to bring her work (and best self) forth.

Here are some tips for you if you have trouble writing in a clear, powerful, and direct way, i.e. getting a reader or potential client, to DO something specific, like click, apply, or purchase:

1. At the end of your next post or promotion, practice speaking with authority.

Direct your reader to one clear and obvious place. Exercise an authoritative voice that's loving, wise, and knows what would be most helpful to the reader. A pre-requisite for using a voice of authority is fully believing in yourself, and the power of your work.

2. Eliminate confusion.

As I said above, you want to make sure that your call to action is clear and direct, as if the reader is literally riding a one-way arrow to the destination you choose. Don't send her to two places. Never. Not ever. Examine some of your recent promotional posts, or emails, to see if you've been directing people to more than one place at once. Confusion = Non-Action.

3. Get Comfortable with Feeling Inauthentic.

This might strike you as odd, because authenticity is what you value most, but not every word on your website, or your Instagram feed, needs to be a singing shiny declaration of who you are.

It might not feel like you, to write in this way. You might feel strange, inauthentic, and maybe even salesy at first, but I promise, it will get easier and you'll work through all those 'what will people think about me' fears, in the process.

One more thing: this blog post is not valuable unless you implement what was shared today. Set aside the time to take action. Bonus points if you snap a photo and tag me on Instagram (@jillianaanderson) as you practice channeling that masculine energy.

Here's to You, reaching the people you're meant to Serve, and opening to the fulfillment and financial resources, that that service brings.

Big Love,

Jillian Xx


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