One Sure-Fire Way to Move Through Your Creative Blocks (+ a Behind the Scenes Look at my Book Writing Process).

I want to share with you a sure-fire way to move through any creative block you might be experiencing, whether it be with your art, an offering your creating for your tribe, writing engaging posts for social media, or anything else you could stuck with. But first, the context:

In 2016 I wrote the 'shitty' first draft of my very first book.
Then, I let it sit, while intending to finish up the book proposal (which is basically a 30-50 page document that you send to a literary agent, after querying said agent, so they can, if they believe in you + your book, sell it to a traditional publishing house).
The proposal consists of:  a) the premise of your book, b) the market for your book/your promotion strategy and, c) why you're qualified to write said book.
After leaving the first draft 'on the shelf' and letting the proposal take me a decade (because I was creating and launching and creating and launching) I FINALLY came back to the project and realized...
It was dead.

The original first draft wasn't going to cut it. I have to write an entirely different book. I'm a different person than I was, and it just doesn't feel ALIVE or present to me, anymore. Plus, I have SO much more to share and give today than I did when I wrote it.
So, that hurt my heart (realizing I let my project die and spent months waking at 5:00 a.m. without much to hold onto) but, I knew letting it be was the right thing to do. They say there’s no wasted time, when you’re logging hours at your craft.

Flash forward to the last 8 weeks: I found myself stuck again. I've been working on a new book proposal for an entirely new book (about the connection between sacred sexual energy and money magnetism) and despite creating the space + time, no clear direction was emerging.  
I started to wonder... "Is this really happening? Am I really doing this? Can I really do this?"
So a few days ago (here's the sure-fire solution you've been waiting for): I intuitively decided to make an herbal tea of Chaga + Astragalus, to eat a heaping spoonful of this amazing herbal magical substance called Prash (from SunPotion), and to run a HOT bath for myself. I brought my Peonies. I brought my citrine. And then, at the last minute I decided to bring my Obsidian Shakti Wand.

Can you guess where this is going?

A good soak, some magic tea, and a few orgasms later I came downstairs a COMPLETELY NEW PERSON. 

As I stood at the kitchen sink, while washing a few of my dishes, I looked out the window and thought, 'God, my mind is more clear than it's been in a long time.'


I saw exactly where to start, what stories to tell, and how they relate to the premise I've been crafting. I also saw that these particular stories are going to allow me to be artistic with my writing in a way that I couldn't see happening clearly before.

OH. MY. GODDESS. Direct. Download.

These are the moments that feed me. 

If you're stuck, some good brew, and an orgasm or two, may just do the trick. 

Big Big Love,



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