I Had My First 12K Month, and then THIS Happened (Soul-Guided Entrepreneurs, This is for You).

In January of this year, I had my first 12K month.

You would think I would’ve been ecstatic and elated, dancing my pants off, and doing something that felt like my equivalent of drinking champagne (I don’t drink). 

Yes, a part of me was elated, but another part of me that was more interested in maintaining my energetic status quo, was incredibly suspicious. 

That month was not only my first 12K month, it was my first month (in business for myself) that hit the 5 figure mark.

And not only did I have my best month financially since starting my business, I did it by creating + teaching a program (my signature program Permission to Prosper) that felt natural, easy, and fun for me to facilitate. 

Now, if you’re not new to the entrepreneurial path, you know that experiences like this are important to approach from a highly vigilant state of consciousness.

You see, you have an energetic allowance on how much GOOD FEELING ENERGY you will let into your body and life.

You have an invisible glass ceiling that determines how much abundance you allow yourself to experience, another one for how much Love you let enter your heart + body, and another one for how much overall success you allow. 

(Side note: I define success as living your dharma i.e. doing what you came here to do, and becoming who you came to become.)

Each one of us, has many invisible glass ceilings in current operation.

When you shatter a ceiling, you have one of two choices:

1. You can stabilize at your new next-level.
2. You can self-sabotage and return to your previous level of energy.

After I launched Permission to Prosper, enrolled a circle of my dream students, and made money easily in the process, what happened? 

I bet you can guess: I crashed. I burned. I manifested a wicked sinus infection. 

It lasted for close to ten days, and then you know what happened? It turned into an ear infection — not just any old ear infection, but a double ear infection.

The whole ordeal (including the original sinus infection) lasted for over 3 weeks. That’s 21 + days of feeling total misery. 

So what gives? Why did I manifest this after the best month in my business, ever? 

It’s called Upper Level Limiting, and I’ll tell you what it is, so you can see it coming, and save yourself a fall. 

First, an Upper Level Limit, is a phrase and concept coined by coach + author Gay Hendricks.

Gay is amazing, and I highly recommend reading his book, The Big Leap, immediately, if you haven’t already. 

“Each one of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.” — Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap

Basically, when things are going really well (and tipping beyond your belief), you might (without knowing or understanding) do something to disrupt it all, because the new good feelings are out of your normal range of experience.

Your energy-body literally can’t sustain them. 

Your positive feelings or next-level experience, might feel like a total fluke, or they might feel ‘too good to be true.’ You might try to resist the expansion in many different ways, in an attempt to stay energetically comfortable. 

You might manifest an illness (like me), or start a fight with your partner. You might manifest an injury, or receive unexpected expenses in the mail. You mind might race into worrying thoughts. The list goes on...

Can you think of a time in your life when you were SO HIGH, only to turn a corner and walk into a brick wall? That’s an upper level limit problem, in action.

It felt so expansive to make such beautiful money, doing what was easy and natural to me (full disclosure: it took me three years in business to clarify, refine, + build my work into this position).

Something in my energy-body said, 'NO, you can’t enjoy this!' and I manifested the initial sinus infection. The power of the subconscious mind-body is fascinating! 

My challenge to you (and my future self): 

Next time you’re about to experience something amazing and new for you, be aware of any thought patterns that make you feel negative, bad, etc. Be vigilant. Come back to your breath and your meditation cushion and consciously extend your feelings of abundance, joy, love, and [insert relevant good feeling here]. 

Most important, be compassionate with yourself as you make changes in your life. And know that when you revert to your comfort zone, everything's a-okay, and you’re right on track. You’ll learn how to stabilize more love, abundance, well-being, and success, as you walk your path.

What was the last Upper Level Limit Problem you had? Was this post helpful to you? What tools or practices have helped you to stabilize at your new energy level?

P.S. If you haven’t already, go read The Big Leap. It’ll change your life. 

Big Love,



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