What to Do When Your Partner's Money Blocks are Holding You Back

  Photo By: In Her Image

Photo By: In Her Image

It can be frustrating to share energetic space with someone who isn’t interested in up-leveling his or her money mindset.

You might be like, “hello, just follow my lead, and we’ll be drinking from coconuts on the beach next week.”

Meanwhile your partner is wasting time on the internet cross comparing the prices of discount socks and talking about how he doesn’t have enough.

For the love of all beings, up-level yourself anyway:

1. Be willing to have a courageous conversation.

Put it all out there for your partner. Do this in a really vulnerable and non-threatening way. In other words, make this conversation about you, NOT about them.

Explain where you’re at with money, and describe where you want to go, and why.  Describe your vision in vivid detail. Hopefully your partner is listening intently because he or she adores you.

2. Explain how his/her negative beliefs or language about money make you feel.

Again, make this about you. As you lay it all out there, be sure to have a solution mindset. You’re not having this conversation, for just any reason.

You want to be understood, heard, felt, and then create some kind of positive change or solution.

Maybe your partner will be willing to change something simple, like his/her language around money (Queen tip: don't get attached to him/her changing). Chances are that he wants a lifestyle with more choices + freedom, too.

3. Become who you’re becoming anyway.

This is big. As you step more fully into your next incarnation of wealth and prosperity, some people are no longer going to be an energetic match to you. This may be friends, family, collaborators, or a partner.

Wealth consciousness is much more than having a positive relationship to money.

Wealth consciousness encompasses having an incredible relationship to having enough of everything; enough time, enough money, enough fun, enough magic, enough love, enough connection, enough travel, enough everything.

4. Trust that what you see in your partner is what you need to see in yourself.

If you’re seeing a money pattern in your partner, I want you to take this as an invitation to look even more deeply into your own beliefs and patterns around money. Because he or she is such a big part of your life, you have some kind of energetic + vibrational match to one another. Continue to fearlessly shift yourself and watch the magic unfold.

Mantra: It’s safe for me to change by beliefs + patterns around money.

5. Watch your language.

This one is simple, but powerful. If you’re living with a partner who has negative beliefs around money, or money blocks that he isn’t willing to address, you’re likely swimming in his (or her) negative money phrases and comments. Take this as an opportunity to clean up your own money language.

Do you say things like:

  • I can’t afford that. 
  • That’s expensive. 
  • Must be nice. 
  • I don’t have enough, etc?

Change the phrases that you use. Instead of saying, I can’t afford that, you can say, "that’s beautiful, it’s possible for me to have that soon.” Or “I’m choosing to do X with money right now.” These subtle shifts in language will alter your reality tremendously.

You can also pin some positive money affirmations around the house, so that on a subconscious level you’re both taking in empowering phrases + thoughts.

And, when your partner says something negative about money, about the price of something, or about those cheap socks, be happy and pleased that you’re cultivating your own wealth consciousness, so that you can live your fullest potential and enjoy all the goodness that this beautiful life has to offer you.

Have you gracefully handled a partner, friend, or co-worker with negative money beliefs?

Let me know in the comments below: What was/is your biggest challenge in handling those situations, and working on wealth consciousness together? What helped you shift into wealth consciousness despite someone's resistance? I'd love to know!

Big Love,


P.S. As you do this work, expect new people to enter your life who have powerful and positive relationships to money + wealth. When that starts to happen, celebrate your up-leveling in a way that feels good to you!

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