Permission to Prosper: Cultivate Your Sexual Energy to Manifest Like a Queen


I'm fascinated by conscious women who don't have the money to afford the things they want to have or experience. These women have so much to offer, and yet, because they themselves haven't reached a level of energetic + financial mastery, they feel limited.

They often secretly crave next-level abundance, not only for themselves, but to fuel their soul's purpose. I'm fascinated by these women, because I was one.

If we're going to have a conscious conversation around money, sexual energy, and manifestation we need to lay out a solid foundation before we walk through. We also need to ditch the shame + secrecy around wanting more, because there's nothing wrong with creating freedom in your life.

Money is a neutral form of energetic exchange. And energy is spirit in motion. Money is spiritual. Because money is neutral, it becomes a vehicle for what you value.

You might value travel, art, and adventure. Or maybe your top priority is re-investing in your business and personal growth. Whatever is on your list know this: Money in your hands is a force for good.

Money in your hands is different than in anyone else's hands on the planet. Why? Because there is only one Y-O-U.

You'll need money to traverse this physical plane and wandering without it isn't conducive to self-actualization. The Universe wants you to have it all and it's time for you to get out of your own way.

If money is neutral and just an exchange for what you value, why is there so much baggage + wounding in relationship to it? Why are some of us struggling while others are staying at the Ritz? Why are there big-hearted consciousness-raisin' people who can't afford the experiences they desire?

Here are 9 opportunities to explore your psyche:

  • Did your parents argue about money?
  • Did you have enough?
  • What was your mother's relationship to money?
  • If you had plenty of it, were other kids jealous?
  • Did someone tell you that the 'meek will inherit the earth'?
  • Were you conditioned to buy the cheapest things?
  • Or were you sent off to a prestigious college without a financial care?
  • Was any of your early education dedicated to teaching you how to build wealth?

Answer these questions to get a glimpse into your current mind-body-money-relationship. They'll help you make some deep + fundamental changes in your beliefs and emotional patterns.

Now that we've done some unearthing I want you to know that you have extraordinary power. Exercising that power is not wrong or bad. When sex, money, and power are heart-guided they become beautiful expressions of your unique essence.

Sexual energy can be cultivated and directed to energize your manifesting power i.e. stoke your ultimate creative potential.

Imagine if you were very quiet, and the cosmos couldn't hear you when you spoke. Now, imagine your heart-body-mind beaming powerfully in all directions. Which would you prefer?

Sexual energy is the juice of all life, it's the creative energy of the cosmos, it's the river beneath the river, it's what creates all things epic, every painting, poem, gold metal, and fulfilled pursuit is the result of desire and the willingness to let it rise within.

Yet sexual energy has been demonized in the same way that money has. And because of this, we're still working to heal centuries of deep sexual suppression. We've been so strongly influenced to believe that a sexual woman is a temptress, out to manipulate and distract man from the God-force. 

It's the opposite. Your sexuality is your bridge to the Divine. Dare to awaken it's potential to heal, restore, and guide you on your path. Put it off and continue to carry your humanity and divinity in two different baskets.

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to experience ecstasy, bliss, and pleasure whether on your meditation cushion or in your bed? What would happen if you relaxed, opened, and expanded your capacity to receive? What would happen if you decided that you were worthy of total integration?

You'd be ready and in alignment for your highest good, and you'd be less likely to reject all the magic when it showed up on your doorstep. That's what.

In a culture that has conditioned you to believe that giving is a more holy event than receiving it's important work to expand your capacity to receive. 

If you haven't yet given yourself permission to enjoy prosperity and mind-bending pleasure, this is your big invitation. The Universe knows no lack. You were born to be fulfilled.

Join me for my six week group coaching program, Permission to Prosper, where Sacred Sexuality meets Money Magnetism. 

Big Love,

Jillian Xx

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