9 Ways to Align With Wealth Consciousness Now

I separated money from spirituality at a very young age.

My mom was the working woman with the money mindset, and my dad was the blue collar guy with the generous heart. They both made good money, but they each handled it very differently.

When I watched my mom manipulate and hurt others with her financial power, I decided that money was bad. When I watched my dad give freely, often to his own detriment, I learned that poverty was humble.

To reinforce my early impressions about money, I was also raised Roman Catholic. I learned about Jesus; his perceived lifestyle, his sandals, and his humility. 'We are called to be like Jesus', my father said.

I did what any conflicted child might do: I told myself a story to protect myself from believing I was bad. One of them was this: money doesn't matter.

It didn't take much else for me to lift myself high above money. That spiritual elitism stuck with me long enough to cause many painful and difficult times in my life. On more than one occasion, I found myself completely stranded, with not a dime to my name. Why couldn't I get this money thing right?

There was more. I was a strong child, and I knew my power. My mom saw this, and would remark, 'You better marry a rich man, because you always get what you want.' I felt extreme guilt anytime someone showed me attention, or gave me money, or gifts, or compliments.

It never occurred to me then, that I could take care of my own financial needs, and that, supporting myself (and my big dreams) would be incredibly fulfilling. Instead, I was conditioned to believe that handling money would corrupt me, destroy my virtue, and lead me down a path that wasn't the sunlit spiritual path I was taught to revere.

I'm laughing as I write this, because money (and sex) are not separate from my God-realization equation any longer. In fact, my relationship to money, and wealth, is an indicator of how spiritually connected I am.

I love money and I want you to love money too.

The truth is, money is neutral. It's a sacred tool. It's a system of exchange. It's not good, or bad. And it deeply serves your highest good. No, money can't fix your problems and heal your patterns, but it can serve you with many more options in life.

I'm inviting you to take a close look at your relationship to money, through the lens of Spirit. If there's anyone I want to see directing wealth in this world on a much bigger scale, it's you...

The one who is connected to her sacred heart.
The one who is a warrior for the people and the planet.
The one who cares about what's happening at Standing Rock.
The one whose life is her art.
The grid-layer, the change-maker, the visionary...

This is an invitation for you to make the experience of wealth a priority in your life. No one is going to sweep into your life to clean this up. It's you. It's now.

The spiritual community has been intentionally separated from material wealth, just as we have been intentionally separated from the power of our sexuality. Both of these wounds, are one in the same.

You're meant to have the resources you need, to do what you came here to do. Even Jesus (I like to call him Yeshua) was supported by the wealth of Mary Magdalene's family as he carried their work across the land. But they didn't tell you that, did they?

If you want the Universe to support you on a higher level you must begin to support yourself on a higher level.

Here are 9 Ways to Align With Your Wealth Consciousness:

  • Stop buying lottery tickets and entering giveaways to win free sh*t, all the time. Know that you're worthy of paying REAL money for the things + experiences you want and begin to command that money into your life. Trying to win (all the time) sends the signal to the Universe that you don't believe you're worthy of actual money.


  • NO bartering. You deserve to receive real money for your services and soul-gifts. Become uninterested in trading and bartering of any kind. Receiving a service from someone does not translate into the money you could be using towards 1,000+ things that are of interest to you and benefit to your soul-work.


  • Raise your rates. You should raise your rates at least 1-2 times per year for your good work. As you continue on your path, you gain more wisdom and more experience. It's time you factor that (as well as inflation) into your own compensation plan. If you don't work for yourself, you could negotiate a raise.


  • More Orgasms. Allowing your body to relax, soften, and open, can guide you into a better relationship with receptivity + magnetism. Spiritual practice naturally strengthens your energy body, which strengthens your ability to draw to you what you desire. Half of making money, is opening up to let it in.


  • When someone offers to help you, just say, "yes, thank you!" and receive the help (or the compliment, or the money, or whatever it is that's coming to you). Take a moment and a deep breath, and envision your heart opening up to take in what's being offered. You're worthy!


  • Be generous now. Don't wait until someday in the future to start being generous. Identify projects and people that you align with. Is there a reforestation project you want to contribute to, or maybe a water conservation project? Is there a kick-starter campaign that you'd love to support? Start now, even if you start by sending $5. Be sure that you're not doing this out of a sense of obligation, it's important that you really feel aligned with investing in the cause from your generous heart.


  • Set up an automatic savings system. You need to pay yourself first, and you need to make it automatic. It doesn't matter if it's $11 a week or if it's $222 a week. Make it happen. Be sure to have specific uses and rules for each one of your savings accounts. Knowing what they're for, and when they're to be used, is what will allow them to build over time.


  • Get comfortable with excess. Do you eat all the food on your plate just because it's there, or do you stop when you're full? Do you spend all the money in your account, or stop before then? It's okay to have more than you need, even though it may feel uncomfortable at first. Excess is natural. Cue image of fruiting pear tree.


  • Set a new '0' amount for your checking account. If you're always approaching overdraft, you're not going to feel like a Goddess. There's an easy solution to this that requires your diligence and will-power. Instead of letting your account get close to zero, decide that your new zero will be $100, or $300, and work your way up to $1,000 +.

I'm ready to see heart-centered women, living in wild abundance, and creating lasting change on this planet by their own thriving. You've got this.

To your world changing wildest dreams,

Love + Love,

Jillian Xx





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