How to Restore Balance to Your Creative Process through the Intelligence of Your Female Body


Birthing your creations into the world requires balance. You live within the dance of duality, where there exists opposing forces: dark and light, water and fire, stillness and action. These inter-playing forces operate, on the deepest level, within you. 

Your body, down to the core, contains the intelligence to both give and receive energy. Your masculine and feminine sides must work in harmony to bring your creations into this world. 

The masculine energy is structured, disciplined, action-oriented, and correlates to right side of your body. The feminine is the energy of receptivity, fluidity, stillness, and correlates to the left side of your body.

These energetic forces exist within your core, specifically your pelvis, which is the seat of your creativity, individuality, and sexuality.

To restore the balance to your creative flow you must first become aware of the interplay of these energies within your body during your day-to-day experience.

Example: pushing forward on a project when you feel depleted means you’re in hyper-masculine mode and would benefit from a day of lounging with no agenda what-so-ever. 

Another example: Having dreams and ideas while not creating the structure, discipline, and action plan, means your feminine side is outweighing your masculine. 

The first step to discovering what you need is developing awareness. Observe yourself for twenty one days. Is it hard for you to sit still? Is it hard for you to make a plan and act? Observe your patterns and record them.

Then, make adjustments. If you need to get structured, break out a piece of paper and write the plan. If you need time to do nothing, schedule it.

If you want to go really deep with this, go visceral.

By visceral, I mean re-establish balance by getting deep into the tissue of your body through activities like sensual movement and dance, starting a jade egg practice, or yoga specifically for this hips and pelvis. 

This is not an intellectual undertaking. It is an emotional and physical practice. 

The keys to creative balance are within the divine-design of your female body. 

Love & Balance to You,

Jillian Xx

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