7 Signs You Enjoy an Evolved Sex Life


When it comes to sex and relationships you’ve likely been conditioned with unhealthy beliefs.

Then, you’re tasked with unlearning the misinformation so you can ditch the guilt, shame, and dependence and get straight to authentic connection again. Luckily, when you do, things start to look more like this...

Seven signs you enjoy an evolved sex life:

1. You’re comfortable with eye contact.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. When you can look directly into his eyes you're comfortable with being seen for who you are. Holding eye contact can be uncomfortable at first but it’s a practice that opens you up to a deeper level of trust and pleasure than before.

2. Orgasm is not the goal.
You don’t let the end determine the whole experience. You let it unfold. You aim to be present. If he comes too soon, or you don’t come at all, you’re not routinely disappointed. 

3. Crying is acceptable.

Crying is a sign of vulnerability. Sex can touch you so deeply that an emotional release is inevitable. When this release happens you surrender to it. It’s healthy to let emotions flow through you. It’s not healthy to hold onto them. 

4. You’re uninhibited. 

When you don’t worry what your partner thinks you can fully enjoy sex. You are present. You know how to get out of your own way and let yourself go

5. You go slow.

You understand that sometimes moving less means feeling more. You aim to take your time. Hollywood glorifies the fast paced sex scene but they’ve missed the mark and distorted our expectations in the process. 

6. Orgasm and Ejaculation can be Separate Events.
For the men: holding your seed (not coming) is not necessary 100% of the time but it’s sooo important to understand. Consistent ejaculation can negatively impact your energy levels and health. Semen is concentrated life-force energy. When you discover orgasm beyond ejaculation it's a game-changer that has benefits far beyond better sex.

7. You Communicate.

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You’re not afraid to speak up. You don’t expect your partner to just get you or your body. You are comfortable with letting your walls down and showing him how you like to be touched. This communication is reciprocated. 

Let us know in the comments below:

Which one of these changed your sex life the most?

For me #1 was huge. I had a boyfriend who I could n e v e r make eye contact with. I was self-conscious and afraid of being seen. I had a mega personal breakthrough when I was able to truly see myself and my partner without judgement or criticism. 


Jillian Xx



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